A List of Our Articles

The Basics of Sikhism vis-a-vis Other Religions:

  1. Introduction to Sikhism
  2. Status of the Soul
  3. Creation and its purpose
  4. Concept of God
  5. Equality of All
  6. Salvation
  7. Prosciptions
  8. God Alone is the Giver
  9. Reliance on God
  10. The Basic Disease in all Humans
  11. Sovereignty
  12. The Aim of the Sikh Teachings
  13. The Basics of Sikhism

Articles on the Sikh Teachings:

  1. Japji Sahib (English Translation)
  2. The Great Illusion - Maya
  3. Disciplined Life
  4. Character Formation – Jaisa sevai, taiso hoey (Gauri M.1, p.223)
  5. A False and a True Sannyassi
  6. Gurmat vis-a-vis Yoga Schools of Thought
  7. God is not far off to seek, He is within - live with Him
  8. Sehaj - The Eternal Peace of Mind
  9. Truth is High, yet Higher is Truthful Living
  10. Manifestation of God's Light (Jot), called Sat Guru, in all
  11. Complete Effacement of Self to aspire Union with God - Examples set by Gurus
  12. Union with God in This Life
  13. Our Redemption in This Life - God Alone gives Naam, none else
  14. God everywhere and in all equally
  15. Real Freedom - Freedom from All Prejudices
  16. Maya, The Illusionary Unconconquerable Force - God Alone is the Savior
  17. Sikh Approach to Human Problems vis-a-vis other Religions
  18. Obedience of the Divine Authority - a Necessity for the Establishment of Peace and Harmony in every society
  19. In Praise of Saints - The Guru uses Symbolic Language
  20. Union with God is by living Disciplined Life in Love of Him, not in Rituals
  21. Compassion - Forgiveness is Divine
  22. Union with God
  23. All Human Race is One (Children of God)
  24. Symbol Sword (Kirpan)
  25. Clarification of the words "Ramdas Pur", and "Ramdas Sar"

Articles on the Sri Dasam Granth Sahib:

  1. All Pervading Guru JOT (God) - as defined in Sri Akal Ustat
  2. Jaap Sahib (English translation)
  3. Tav Parsad Sawayye (English translation)
  4. Summary of Jaap Sahib and Sawayye
  5. Kabio Vach Bainti Chaupai (English translation)
  6. 33 Swiyyas (English translation)
  7. Sabad Hazare (English translation)
  8. Chaubis Avtar - 38 Clarificatory Points on Avtars by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee
  9. Var Sri Bhagauti Ji Ki (English translation)
  10. Chandi Chittras - Its Significance
  11. Gian Parbodh
  12. Zafarnama
  13. Chritropakhyaan

Articles on Sikh History

  1. How Sikhs ruined themselves in their Brahmanic Leanings   - Partition 1947
  2. Most Shameful and Humiliating Treatment meted out to Sikhs in India - After Partition of India
  3. A Peep into our sordid history
Response from Dalip Singh to the Prof. of Sikhism; Gurtej Singh, IOSS:
  1. The Dassam Granth and Sikh Consciousness
Response from Dalip Singh to G. S. Kala-Afghana(Bipran ki Reet Ton Sach da Marag (Part X) – Bichitar Natak):
  1. The Physical Form of Waheguru (God)
  2. Waheguru (Akaal or Kaal)
  3. Creation of the Universe
  4. God: Imperfect, Helpless, Jealous and Furious
  5. The Previous Incarnation of the Tenth Master
  6. Who are the Enemies to Fight with and Kill
  7. The Battle of Bhangani, and Events Thereafter
  8. The Bedi and the Sodhi Dynasties
  9. G. S. Kala-Afghana's Comments on Bachitar Natak
  10. 9: Battle of Nadaun
  11. 10, 11, 12: G.S. Kala-Afghana's Criticism on Chapters 10, 11 and 12
  12. 13: G.S. Kala-Afghana's Criticism on Chapter 13
  13. 14: G.S. Kala-Afghana's Criticism on Chapter 14
for more reading: The Great Deception, article by Randhir Singh
Response from Dalip Singh to the late Principal Harbhajan Singh, Sikh Misssionary College, Amritsar:
  1. The God of Bachittar Natak!
  2. Did Guru Gobind Singh Really Meditate at the Hemkunt?
Response from Dalip Singh to the late Sardar Tharam Singh, IOSS:
  1. Chandi Charitter