A Peep into our sordid history

After Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the community has not been blessed with any leader of understanding of GURMAT and integrity, till this day. As already stated that Banda Bairagi, who had come from southern India to Punjab, finding that the Emperor was still in southern India, started his terrorists activities in robbing the government treasuries, looting and plundering of the Muslim people. He would distribute the spoils of his loots amongst his followers, and in this way the Sikhs were attracted by him to joins his ranks. The things went on this way for about four decades, when the Sikhs started gaining power and could conquer the whole of Punjab, which they divided into Misals or Confederacies, thus attained a formidable power, if they could unite together under one flag to create one FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. BUT THE SIKHS HAD NEITHER THE FAR SIGHT NOR THE FERVOR FOR THEIR CREED AND LOVE FOR THEIR FELLOW SIKHS.

Sir John Malcolm in his sketch of the Sikhs says -

"Intoxicated with the success, they have given way to all those passions, which assail the minds of man in the possession of power. The desire, which every petty chief entertained, of increasing his territories, of building strong forts, and adding to the number of troops, involved them in internal wars, and there, however, commenced, soon communicated to members who engaged in this dispute as passion or interest dictated. Though such feuds have, no doubt, as passion or interest indicated. Though such feuds have, no doubt, helped to maintain their military spirit, yet their extent and virulence have completely broken down that union, their legislator, Gobind labored to establish."

Imam-ud-din, the author of Husain Shahi, who traveled through Punjab states -

"In the country of Punjab from the Indus to the banks of Jumna, there are thousands of chiefs in the Sikh community. NONE OBEYS THE OTHER. If a person owns two or three horses, he boasts of being the chief, and gets ready to fight against thousands. When village os besieged by the Sikhs to realize tribute, which the Zamindar cannot afford, they intrigue with other Sikhs; and the Sikhs begin to fight between themselves. Whosoever wins, receives money according to the capacity of the villagers."

An example to illustrate our contention. In 1774 CE, Cherat Singh Shukerchakia and Jai Singh Kanniya together were arrayed against Jhada Singh Bhangi at Jammu, the former helping the son, and the latter the father, in their dispute over succession to the rulership of Jammu. Cherat Singh was killed by the bursting of his own gun. This was too much for the allies to bear, for Cherat Singh's son, Maha Singh, was too young to be a match for for Jhanda Singh Bhangi, who had by now become a sworn enemy of the Shukerchakyas. A conspiracy was hatched to get rid of the Bhangi chief. A servant in the latter's camp was hired to shoot him down, while he was walking unattended, in his own camp.

It was about the same period, that the thirteen American colonies on the eastern coast of North America, comprising lesser area than the Sikhs could conquer in Punjab, could unite together under the able leadership of George Washington and his comrades, were able to overthrow the colonial rule and coalesced to set up a Federation of self rule. The leadership of this Federation could wisely able to take other areas and could create the world's biggest powerful democratic State, with ideal constitution, that power is not monopolized in one hand.

The areas conquered in Punjab by Sikhs provided ample material for the formation of a mighty republic, which might have been the pride of the East - perhaps no less than the one, which was founded about this time in the United States of America. In the west, there was the leader George Washington and equally able comrades, who were inspired by the feelings law, liberty and love of their countrymen. The Sikhs on the other hand (Sikh Misal chiefs) were impelled by motives of of self assertion, self conceit and self aggrendizement. None of the Sikhs of worth anything, who even had any vision, much less any spirit for higher thinking. The Principle of Equality taught by the Gurus, was abused in their self assertion, self conceit and disobedience of the Community norms. They degraded the noble Sikh Teachings in mis-interpreting and flouting them, instead of merging their personality in the community in the greater service of the people as a whole. Each one considered himself to be the supreme, and that community existed to serve their selfish ends.

Each Sikh Misal chief became a center of rivalry, jealousy and controversy and a home of contention, conflict and collision. Thus the Sikh democracy resulted in a proverbial anarchy, which let loose the forces of disruption and dissolution.

This is what is happening in our contemporary life. We Sikhs are divided into various sects, each basically opposed the Sikh Teachings, and are daggers drawn to each other. To add to our miseries, there has been the emergence of another group of people under GS Kala Afghana and Gurteja of vicious IOSS Chandigarh, who are stated to be wedded to revolutionary ideology of creating armed revolution to cease political power anyhow. Apparently, they have not learnt any lesson from our sordid history of such stupidities. They have raised the slogan that Dasam Granth is all dirt, trash and hoax, and be totally discarded. They stress on idolizing of Aad Granth Ji as the only Guru, a non living entity, forbidden in Gurbani to be ritually worshipped as an IDOL. They do not know anything of either of the Two Granths, and are bent on destroying GURMAT. They also totally deny the All Pervading Guru abiding in all as the REAL GURU, taught in Gurbani.

This writer has not read more degraded history of any people as that of we Sikhs created during 1709 - till this day.

This writer's earnest heartiest prayers to the Creator Lord is, to be Merciful to end our sordid period of history, and bless us to be worthy of Him with better life. GREATNESS OF GURMAT IS DIRECTLY LINKED WITH THE TYPE OF LIFE WE THE FOLLOWERS OF GURMAT LEAD.