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Chritar or Tale Three Hundred and Twenty Five (325)

Chritar 325

Raja Sultan Sain had a daughter, who was very beautiful as well as passionate. She sent her maid servant to ask a handsome prince to come to her. On meeting the Prince, both sexually indulged to the extreme, then got married. As a result of the extreme sensual indulgence, the Prince got totally exhauted. The Princess then began looking for another man to satisfy her lust. She thus developed adulterous relations with other men. Again she developed relations with a man, who would use intoxicants like opium and wine, and indulged in sexual spree in excess. Her husband came there and saw his wife was adulterous. The wife tactfully killed her husband. Then she got her friend to hide himself in a room. She then began crying that some one had killed her husband. The King, her father, came there. The king was told that her husband had died without cause. She posed herself a faithful wife. She said that she would pray to Shiva for restoring life to him, failing which she would burn herself with him. She then tactfully buried her dead husband in a pit, and took all people to another house where her friend was hid. She deceived all, and appeared before all from the room, where her friend was hiding, stating that as a result of her prayers, Shiva revived her husband in a better form, who was with her alive.


The immoral indulgence of the youth, both sons and daughters, without a formal marriage, is a sin. It is stated that this relationship was regularized and both got married. Then they indulged in sexual practices in excess to the extreme, thus husband got exhausted, and the wife rejected him. She chose another man to satisfy her lust, and killed her husband, deceived every one that her husband got revived to life by Shiva, who was actually her new lover. It is parental duty to keep a watch over the activities of their children and give proper religious guidance to them. Both men and women stoop to lowest level of character to satisfy their lust.

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