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Chritar or Tale Four Hundred and Two (402)

Chritar 402

It tells us that the daughter of rich man is extremely sexy, and she wanted to have relationship with the Raja. She managed to receive the Raja at her place. The Raja had some moral sense, and he did not agree to copulate with her. After trying to allure the Raja to be intimate with her, she failed. She then resorted to getting the Raja beaten by shoes. After being greatly hurt, the Raja succumbed to the temptation to save his life. Having yielded morally, the Raja indulged in using all types of intoxicants, and thereafter intimate relationship with her. We find such types characters in our day to day life. Once the Raja had the taste of such sensual pleasures in the queer way, instead of reforming himself, he rather wanted to have more of such pleasures and got married to the same perverted woman. The character of the Raja appears odd to us, but if we study human Mind deeply, we come across such characters. The main point it drives at was that without living with the All Wise Creator Lord, we cannot overcome such Temptations, nor can we stand four square to the moral stand of our determination without the Divine, who created us and our fickel mind. Only God who is the cause of all causes and the doer, fights with such Immoral Temptation and Man comes out Victorious. We do not find that the Raja, at any stage, sought the Divine help.

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