Reliance on God

To hurt any one is to displease God. Normally one should be tolerant to resist others excesses, and never to use force on any count, even in revenge. Have reliance on God, Who preserves His devotees in mysterious ways. No tyrant can escape the wrath of God, who meets with his ignoble end; while the sacrifice of Saints is glorified. Use force, when the circumstances permit and God helps to resist uncalled for aggression for self preservation only. None of our actions should be selfish or self motivated, either individually or collectively. Egoism is the Most Insidious Chronic Disease in Humans, the root cause of Maya or Illusion. Egoism ruins the personality of Man. Hindu religious books teach good and bad only, which increases Egoism - Says Guru Amar Das in Anand Sahib- "simrat sastar pap pun bichardai, tatai sar na jani." The Disease of Egoism can only be removed, when we submit to Sat Guru - Immanent God within us, teaches the Sikh Scriptures. No one can face Infinite God with any pride in him; he will humbly submit to Him and sheds off his egocentricity and fears.