The Sikh Concept of Sovereignty

Both violent and passive campaigns against authorities, which are self motivated and aggressive in intent, to enforce our will for achievement of our objective, were discouraged. To assume the role of self righteousness is egoistic and harmful. The evil cannot be eradicated by coercion, but by creating more of good (Truth) only. The government constitutes a very small group of people only, who are the reflex of the people at large. No government has ever evolved or reformed the character of the people. It is the people who are to be reformed and elevated to the highest standard of character. The government will automatically be reformed and there will be peace and prosperity every where. Good people are governed by good government, and bad people by bad and corrupt government. This is how the Gurus practiced Truth and preached it. It is said, "the noblest revenge is to make your enemy your friend". If any one were to rise above his prejudices and read the genuine life events of Sri Guru Hargobind and Sri Guru Gobind Singh of their Divine Qualities of Compassion and Forgiveness observing the Creator Lord equally abiding in all, who in their unique way befriended Emperors Jehangir, Shah Jehan, Auranggzeb and Bahadur Shah, despite Emperors Jehangir and Aurangzeb swayed by their selfish political interests perpetrated excesses against the Gurus.

There is the important Dictum of Sri Guru Amar Das, The Third Nanak in this respect -

"Just as an elephant offers his head to the goad, and as the anvil offers itself to the hammer, similarly offer your mind and body in love to God (Sat Guru), and ever lovingly obey His Commands. In this way having totally effaced your egoism, you assume the Sovereignty of the Whole World. Nanak says: when the Lord casts His Gracious Glance, then alone, the devotee understands the Reality."
"hasti sir jio aunkas hai ahrun jio sir deh. mun tun aagai rakh kai oobh saiv karai. eion gurmukh aap nivariai subh raj sirast ka lai. nanak gurmukh bujhiai ja aapai nadar karai."
(Sorath ki Var M.4, p 647-48 SGGS)
When character is evolved in the people, God automatically blesses them with not only political Sovereignty, but also Sovereignty in all other spheres of their life. Believe it to be so. Whenever any Society has fallen from power, it has fallen due to the lack of character of the people.

The Sikh Concept of Sovereignty is Equality of All, no domination, no submission -

"Do not cause fear to any one, nor accept fear from any quarter."
"bhai kaon ko dait neh, na bhai manat aun"
Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur