Character Formation - Jaisa sevai, taiso hoey (Gauri M.1, p.223)

Man's Character is formed on the following three factors -

(a) Natural tendencies in us that we inherit.
(b) The habits we acquire by our repeated particular actions, keeping in view our self interests.
(c) The environments in which we prefer to live or love to associate.

The Divine Light (Gur Jot) is the Cause of all the creation, and one takes birth in the family God chooses him to put. Human body constitutes the Divine Light (Soul or Gur Jot), which creates the body organs, instincts, passions and emotions, as a result of the reactions of the varied body organs, the cumulative formation of such feelings is called MIND, which has the Material Base; while the Gur Jot or Soul in us is Divine.

The human body is like the Motor Car, in which MIND occupies the Diver's Seat; while the Gur Jot is the Perfect Guide to the Driver (Mind), teaches how to drive the Car rationally and safely. Those Drivers, who neglect, disrespect the Guide and consider themselves to be wise and are led by their instincts and and passions, destroy themselves in mishaps.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee in Rag Gauri, p223 SGGS) addressing a Yogi teaches him -

"To practice forgiveness is the true fast, good conduct and contentment. Disease does not afflict such a Yogi, nor does the pain of death. The person is liberated, and absorbed into God, Who has no form or feature. || 1 ||
What fear does the Yogi have? The Lord is among the trees and the plants, within the household and outside as well. || 1 || Pause ||
O Yogis, meditate on the Fearless, Immaculate Lord. Night and day, remain awake and aware, embracing love for the True Lord. Those Yogis are pleasing to my mind. || 2 ||
The trap of death is burnt by the Fire of God. Old age, death and pride are conquered. They swim across, and save their ancestors as well. || 3 ||
Those who serve the True Guru (Gur Jot or God present in them) are the Yogis. Those who remain immersed in the Fear of God become fearless. They become just like the One they serve. || 4 || "

The Guru's emphasis is to live in an healthy association, where one can ever be in tune with the All Wise Creator, then one will develop an ideal character. No external or internal inimical forces can ever harm us. So let us be free of all fears and worries of all kinds and live with Him and love all alike.

Sri Guru Arjan Dev in the following stanza also teaches us the same thing giving beautiful examples of our repeated perversions -

"SAARANG, FIFTH MEHL: The corrupt person passes his days and nights uselessly. He does not vibrate and meditate on the Lord of the Universe; he is intoxicated with egotistical intellect. He loses his life in the gamble. || 1 || Pause ||
The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is priceless, but he is not in love with it. He loves only to slander others. Weaving the grass, he builds his house of straw. At the door, he builds a fire. || 1 ||
He carries a load of sulfur on his head, and drives the Ambrosial Nectar out of his mind. Wearing his good clothes, the mortal falls into the coal-pit; again and again, he tries to shake it off. || 2 ||
Standing on the branch, eating and eating and smiling, he cuts down the tree. He falls down head-first and is shattered into bits and pieces. || 3 ||
He bears vengeance against the Lord who is free of vengeance. The fool is not up to the task. Says Nanak, the Saving Grace of the Saints is the Formless, Supreme Lord God. || 4 || 10 "

Sri Guru Ram Das Jee lays still stronger emphasis on this part of human perversions and living with God within us is the panecea for all human ills and bickerings. The Guru states -

"Evil-minded, unfortunate and shallow-minded are those who feel anger in their minds, when they hear the Naam, the Name of the Lord. You may place ambrosial nectar before crows and ravens, but they will be satisfied only by eating manure and dung with their mouths. || 3 ||
The True Guru (God present in us), the Speaker of Truth, is the pool of Ambrosial Nectar; bathing within it, the crow (Mind) becomes a swan. O Nanak, blessed, blessed and very fortunate are those who, through the Guru's Teachings, with the Naam, wash away the filth of their hearts. || 4 || 2 || "

Now, Sri Guru Arjan Dev Jee, states the state of Mind of those who harken to the Wisdom of Gurbani and live with God within themselves -

"SAARANG, FIFTH MEHL: Who can I tell, and with whom can I speak, about this state of peace and bliss? I am in ecstasy and delight, gazing upon the Blessed Vision of God's Darshan. My mind sings His Songs of Joy and His Glories. || 1 || Pause ||
I am wonderstruck, gazing upon the Wondrous Lord. The Merciful Lord is All-pervading everywhere. I drink in the Invaluable Nectar of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. Like the mute, I can only smile - I cannot speak of its flavor. || 1 ||
As the breath is held in bondage, no one can understand its coming in and going out. So is that person, whose heart is enlightened by the Lord - his story cannot be told. || 2 ||
As many other efforts as you can think of - I have seen them and studied them all. My Beloved, Carefree Lord has revealed Himself within the home of my own heart; thus I have realized the Inaccessible Lord. || 3 ||
The Absolute, Formless, Eternally Unchanging, Immeasurable Lord cannot be masured. Says Nanak, whoever endures the unendurable - this state belongs to him alone. || 4 || 9 || "