Complete Effacement of Self to aspire Union with God - Examples set by Gurus

Hereunder are extremely beautiful Compositions of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee; the Great Guru as a Bride to Him, makes supplication for union with Him. It is hard fact, that when we get separated from Him, how painful is the time we pass in worldly troubles.

The Composition in Thukhari Rag also is full of impassioned and burning desire for re-union with Him of the bride who had gone astray. These are extremely touching and moving Compositions of the Great Guru's loving attachment to the Creator. These Compositions in Tukhari Rag are said to have been composed by him shortly before his Final Departure from the Earth. These Compositions encourage every one to make supplications to the Lord for his re-union with Him.

I now consider that the recent quotatons I have been sending, should be properly arranged subject wise, and published as a small book or tract, explaining in detail that due to the ignorance of these facts of Gurbani, haoc has been created during the past three centuries by Sikhs themselves against Sikh Faith. The words SABDA, Sat Guru, and Sant, and Who gives Naam and how, especially have been misinterpreted, resulting in various antagonist sects, rising of numerous fake Gurus, Mesiahs, Sants, each claiming to be the sole agent of God. It has generally been asserted by Sikhs and others alike that Sikhism is similar to Bramanism, in that Guru has been idolized to the extent of God, like in Brahminism. The charge of alleged self adulaton against the Gurus, more than Christ saying that he was the Light of God, and no one could reach God except through him; in the views of Trumpp, the notorious Christian bigoted missionary has been made by the Sikhs and others alike in complete ignorance.

Also little care has been taken to correctly interpret Sri Dasam Granth, in the light of use of various attributes which other religious systems give to their gods and goddesses, are given in Sikh Scriptures (equally both in Sri Guru Granth and Sri Dasam Granth) to God alone and much more, as in all only One God's Potential works, Who is the Creator of All, and except Him none else exists. All Excellences in any one anywhere is God's Excellence only, of none others. No other except God exists everywhere in all forms. Therefore we find equally in Sri Guru Granth Sahib and in Sri Dasam Granth, God is called in various Hindu and other names of their gods and goddesses. This has led to disowning of Sri Dasam Granth by Sikhs in their utter ignorance. For the existing troubles, the blame wholly lies with Sikhs, none else. Our leaders, priests, and professionals have hardly proved to be true to their profession! It is extremely a sad story - We Sikhs have not proved ourselves to be worthy of our salt, and should hang our heads in shame!! Learned Editor of the Sikh Review, Sdr. Saran Singh stated in an editorial "Punjab: The siege within", "Thoughtless controversy surrounding Dasam Granth is being allowed to fester by dithering. The list is chillingly long." A massive Radha Soami Bhandara in Solan was thronged by truckloads of turbaned Sikhs from Punjab's hinterland, even as Hindutva proponents - propped by the Tribune trust - exulted at the burgeoning controversy among the Sikhs scholars. --- I fully understand the implications of my above mentioned assertions, and am fully prepared to receive criticism.

"Hear me, O my Dear Husband Lord - I am all alone in the wilderness. How can I find comfort without You, O my Carefree Husband Lord? I Your bride cannot live without her Husband; the night is so painful for her. Sleep does not come. I am in love with my Beloved. Please, listen to my prayer! Other than my Beloved Lord, no one cares for me; I cry all alone in the wilderness. O Nanak, the bride meets Him when He causes her to meet Him; without her Beloved, she suffers in pain. 1 .
She has been discarded by her Husband Lord - who can unite her with Him? Tasting His Love, she meets Him, through the Beautiful SABDA. By loving SABDA, she obtains her Husband, and her body is illuminated with the lamp of spiritual wisdom. Listen, O my friends and companions - she who is at peace dwells upon the True Lord and His True Praises. Meeting the Lord abiding in us all, Guru, she is ravished and enjoyed by her Husband Lord; she blossoms forth with the Ambrosial Word of His Bani. O Nanak, the Husband Lord enjoys His bride when she is pleasing to His Mind. 2.
Fascination with Maya made her homeless; the false are cheated by falsehood. How can the noose around her neck be untied, without the Most Beloved (Guru) in us? One who loves the Beloved Lord, and reflects upon the SABDA, belongs to Him. How can giving donations to charities and countless cleansing baths wash off the filth within the heart? Without the Naam, no one attains salvation. Stubborn self-discipline and living in the wilderness are of no use at all. O Nanak, the home of Truth is attained by loving SABDA in us. How can the Mansion of His Presence be realized in double mindedness of Duality? 3 .
True is Your Name, O Dear Lord; True is contemplation of Your SABDA. True is the Mansion of Your Presence, O Dear Lord, and True is trade in Your Name. Trade in Your Name is very sweet; the devotees earn this profit night and day. Other than this, I can think of no other merchandise. So chant the Naam each and every moment. By His Grace and good fortune the deal is examined and decided; the Perfect Lord is obtained. O Nanak, the Nectar of the Name is so sweet. Through the Perfect Guru, the Lord in us, He is obtained. 4 . 2"
(Gauri Chhand M,1, p.243)

TUKHARI MEHLA 1 (Guru Nanak Dev Ji) -

The bride is misled by the most powerful distracting forces of temptations, thus goes astray from her Husband Lord, repeatedly commits sins, more sins and still more sins, and at the end repents. She totally forgets about her Husband Lord; having totally lost herself in indulgence of sinful acts. Having totally forgotten about her Lord, she is constantly deceived by the false pleasure of the sins she commits. Surely, the life ahead for such a bride will be most painful. She is destroyed by Lust, Wrath and Egoism and is ever seen burning herself in Self-conceit. When His Life-Giving Light departs from her under the Lord's Command, her dust mingles with dust. Nanak says: BEREFT OF HIS TRUE NAME, THE BRIDE REPEATEDLY STRAYS FROM THE RIGHTEOUS PATH AND REPENTS. (1)
O my Beloved Spouse, hear my one supplication, says the Bride. Lord, You Abide in my 'self', It is Your Home. I am still separated from You and am pushed from pillar to post like the lump of dust Without You, none likes me now, what should I say and what should I do? The Lord's Nectar Name (remembrance) is the only the Life Giving Superb Nectar. Drink this Nectar through the Guru's Word, SABDA (His Word ringing through His Light in us). Without His Name, there is no one to befriend us, though myriad of beings come and go. Nanak says: Eternal is the Lord's Word, SABDA. Bless me that I may carry the Profit (my sole possession) of His Remembrance (Name) to my home (within me) to ward off entrance of any evil thought in me. (2)
Bride's Beloved Husband is far away from her (the separation is due to the selfish desires). She sends Message of Love to Him (when one is inflicted with pain, he prays). With her eyes full of tears, she heartily remembers Him (to be relieved of the pain). With eyes full of tears she utters His Praises, saying how can she meet with her Love. She does not know the way and the Arduous Path (laid with all kinds of obstructions caused by temptations). How can she reach her Husband on the other end of the land? By loving the SABDA, Lord abiding in us (she comes to know the way); the separated Bride meets with Him by her total devotion of surrendering body and mind to Him. Nanak says: the Ambrosial Tree thus fructifies and bears delicious fruits of Nectar. By meeting with the Beloved she enjoys the Nectar. (3)
O Bride, do not delay a bit, when your Lord calls you into His Presence. You, who are day and night imbued with His Love, shall easily meet with Him. By totally annihilating wrath and egoism you shall obtain Bliss and merge yourself in Him. She, who is imbued with True One, meets with Him; while the egocentric comes and goes (involved in the cycle of taking repeated births and deaths). Just as, when a woman takes to dancing, she does not veil her face. (similarly those who are imbued with Love of the Lord, they no longer remain attached to their material body). Break the pitcher of attachment and be Detached. Nanak says: by understanding oneself, by His Grace, reflect your mind on the Quintessence. (4)
(p. 1111, SGGS)