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Chritar or Tale Two Hundred Fourty Five (245)

Chritar 245

The above mentioned Tale is a very deep meaning Tale, and requires skill to understand its meanings and the Morals to be drawn. It is such a misunderstanding amongst us Sikhs, which has led to the question whether or not the Section Chritro Pakhyan was actually written by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee. This should be an eye opener to us all, about the depth of knowledge imparted by the Guru in such Writings.

There once existed in Eastern part of India, the important town of Khambhavati, which was ruled by Raja Roop Sain, who had vanquished all his adversaries. He had the wife, named Madan Manjri, who was extremely beautiful and sweet tempered. The Raja, however, was a great drug addict, and was a great debauch and adulterator. He used to take opium and hemp to the extent of 50 cups a day, and would copulate with numerous women each day.

There was a woman, named Ras Tilak Manjri, who was married to a very rich merchant, who would never use any drug or intoxicant. The merchant was a self centered man. The merchant would hate all those person, who were drug addicts. He was of the view that the drug addicts were on the path to ruin themselves. He was an extremely miser person and would never part with money to help any one. But his wife Ras Tilak Manjri used to call him an accursed man, who did not use intoxicant drugs. She further stated that those who did not use drug, they could not enjoy with women; not become the great warriors to fight on the battlefield unless they use drugs; and similarly yogis meditate on God with the help of drugs.

The miser merchant then spoke about the evil effects of drug addiction, which ruins the person. His wife then reiterated the merits of being active,and successful persons in life with the help of the drugs, who become the great doners and help the needy. Those misers who do not use drugs, what useful work they can do.

The drug user becomes the great warrior, keeps his mustaches in a curved position, which can even hold a lemon. She further told her husband that his worth was of an animal, who is always engaged in minting money, in weighing things in a balance, and has never used sword. On hearing this the merchant was outraged and beat his wife.

The merchant�s wife then took liberty to state that she considered giving donations to Brahmins, wielding sword against evil persons and helping the poor, are the meritorious acts. Also, it was the duty of a husband to take care of his wife and to satisfy her fully. All this was not possible without taking the help of the drugs. Only those person do not use drugs, who have no Giving Capacity, and are of no worth and ultimately die of the dog�s death. The merchant then said that the poor ones create money, while the drug addicts cause total destruction.

The Merchant�s wife again started praising use of drugs. Those who use drugs they ever remain vigilant and are not cheated, rather cheat others. They win the hearts of women and fully satisfy them, while others are good for nothing in relation to their wives. Such brave men who use drugs exhibit their bravery on the battlefield, marry the nymphs of heaven and make heaven their abode. Such men are honored in the world. Those men who do not use drugs, do not go for a game in jungles, never help any poor or needy one, never applied perfumes to the body, nor have the taste for music and do not enjoy to their hearts contents in sex relations with women, for what purpose did they come to this world.

The merchant�s wife in various ways giving her signals to her husband to satisfy her sex hunger, but the stupid husband did not understand. He beat her with a whip so much that she in turn played the trick with him. She fell posed to be unconscious and fell on the ground. Then her husband picked her up and embraced her. The merchant then told his wife, that he was very happy that she had been saved. He then asked her as to what he should do for her. The wife then said that invite all including the Raja, and give a feast. The merchant then got prepared many types of dishes and invited every one including the Raja.

All the invitees sat together and the merchant�s wife developed friendship with the Raja there. The merchant�s wife put hemp in Raja�s food. Thereafter she made Raja sleep with her husband. By eating hemp leaves, the Raja became active, while her husband fell asleep. The Raja became intimate friend to the merchant�s wife. When the feast was over, the merchant�s wife said that the whole day the Raja would remain in her house. In the evening the Raja would go to his house, he would then be available to his people there. The merchant�s wife had sex with the Raja, while the merchant laid unconscious.

The merchant was then tied underneath a cart, and the merchant�s wife put all the merchant�s wealth in the cart and herself also jumped into it. The Raja thus took the cart with merchant�s wife and wealth in it, and merchant tied to the cart beneath, to his house. The Raja then ordered to take the empty cart with merchant tied beneath, back to the merchant�s house.

When night passed, in the morning the merchant woke up and with great humiliation wondered who had tied him beneath the cart. He then realized that whatever he had said harsh words to his wife, she had felt grieviously hurt and she had left him by taking all his wealth along with her. God has created such a situation for him to endure.

The Guru says: What is destined by Him that alone comes to fruition; What ever God has written on one�s forehead, that alone comes to pass.

When the merchant came to consciousness, he did not tell his sad story to any one; considering that she had taken all the wealth with her on pilgrimage to sacred stations to take bath in the holy waters.


The above Tale has three main characters �
  1. Raja Roop Sain
  2. The Rich Merchant
  3. The Merchant�s wife, Ras Tilak Manjri.
All the three characters are the Most Defective ones.

The Raja was a great drug addict, a debauch and an adulterator. The drug addicts are invariably the sex perverts, leading most immoral and dishonorable life.

The Rich Merchant was not a drug addict, rather hated all those who used drugs. He was great money minded man, loved his wealth only, was a self centered most selfish man, an asocial with no sense of objectivity, a miser, could not part with money, the resultant with no Giving Capacity to share anything with others. This had made him a self alienated man and sexually impotent.

The Merchant�s wife, Ras Tilak Manjri, was an unfortunate person, married to the merchant, though a wealthy person, but a self centered and a miser person. The wife was left of the natural marital love with her partner. She rightly gave repeated signals to her husband of her sexual requirements, which the self centered merchant totally ignored. This led the merchant to lose his wife, who being sex hungry fled to live with the adulterous Raja. The wife also did not choose the corect path to exert her influence to change the thinking of her rich merchant husband. Neither she nor her husband were blessed by the Creator to choose the correct path of life, to seek the Divine help to solve their problems.

The Basic Sikh Teachings are

  1. Naam Japo � to lead a moral and happy life
  2. Wand Chhako (Share your earnings and knowledge with your fellow beings � The Giving Capacity). Guru Arjan Dev in Sukhmani Sahib states �Mithia tan nihin paropkara� � That body is useless, who has no �Giving Capacity�. Strength lies in Giving, not in begging or grabbing or hoarding.
  3. Work for your living to earn by honest means.

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