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G.S. Kala-Afghana's Criticism on Chapters 10, 11 and 12 of the Bichitar Natak

Chapter 10

Punjab Governor Mahabat Khan deputed Dilawar Khan, who sent a force under his son, Rustam Khan to make a surprise attack at Anandpur. He instructed his son to cross river Sutlej at night and to raid Anandpur immediately thereafter, so that the Guru and other inhabitants of the place could either be captured or done to death. It was then the winter season of 1694 A.D. Rustam khan crossed river Sutlej from the Lahore side, at mid-night and proceeded toward Anandpur, but Bhai Alam Chand, the watchman on duty at the Guru�s house, was alert. The movement of troops raised suspicion in his mind. He awakened the Guru, who ordered a state of readiness by the beat of the drum (Ranjit Nagara). The people of Anandpur were thus awakened, and the Sikh soldiers came forth to offer resistance to the invading forces. Rustam Khan dared not to make any advance toward Anandpur, and on making retreat many of his men and their baggage were carried off by the strong current of water of the stream. On their way back they plundered and laid waste the village Barwa in thana Nurpur, Tehsil and district Una. Rustam Khan was much humiliated and could not explain his cowardly act to his father, Diawar Khan.

In this Chapter Kala Afghana has raised the following criticism �

(a) In the opening the Guru had stated- �This way years passed and during this period we particularly wiped out all the thieves by catching them. Many thieves left the town, but when began dying of starvation, they returned back to the town.�

This way could not be of the sweet tongued Compassionate Guru Nanak�s successor. The Gurus came to reform the sinners and to lift up the fallen humanity. This account is being given of some hot headed autocrat, who worked for the total destruction of the sinners, instead of reforming them. The critic further stated that the sinners who fled away from Anandpur to save their lives; when they were acutely stricken with hunger returned to the town to die dog�s death to bear atrocities of being hung upside down.

Kala Afghana is a confirmed liar and an extreme hater of Guru Gobind Singh. He twisted and fabricated on his own the treatment meted out to thieves returning to Anandpur having been hunger stricken. In this following passages from Sri Guru Granth Sahib refer, for the views of Guru Nanak Dev Jee.

�SLOK, MEHL 1: Thieves, adulterers, prostitutes and pimps, make friendships with the unrighteous, and eat with the unrighteous. They do not know the value of the Lord's Praises, and Satan is always with them. If a donkey is anointed with sandalwood paste, he still loves to roll in the dirt. O Nanak, by spinning falsehood, a fabric of falsehood is woven. False is the cloth and its measurement, and false is pride in such a garment. 1 .�
Suhi ki Var, Slok M.1, p 790 SGGS
Also �
�Those who practice falsehood are dogs; those who slander the Guru shall burn in their own fire. They wander lost and confused, deceived by doubt, suffering in terrible pain. The Messenger of Death shall beat them to a pulp. The self-willed manmukhs find no peace, while the Gurmukhs are wondrously joyful.� 3.
Sri Rag Mehla 1, page 21 SGGS
Also �
�The fool establishes his bonds only when he is slapped in the face. Nanak says this after deep reflection: through the Lord's Praise, we establish a bond with His Court.�
Majh ki Var, M.1, p 143 SGGS
This writer�s interpretation �
�The confirmed thieves were punished by Guru Gobind Singh Jee by catching them and turning them out of the town. When the thieves experienced the pangs of hunger, had faith that the Guru was Compassionate and that he would forgive them, and they would lead a disciplined life in future.�
(b) When Rustam Khan failed to reach Anandpur, the Guru stated � �O Lord, by Your Grace , the invaders could do no harm, but enraged as they were, pacified their anger by destroying Barra village. The Guru here quoted simile as follows � �This was like a vegetarian �Bania� (trader), who wanted to enjoy the soup of meat, but takes similar vegetable balls soup; thus feels his desire fulfilled.�

Kala Afghana is too immature to deciper such depth of things, hence all his vulgarities.

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Chapter 11

This Chapter deals with dispatch of Hussain Khan by Dilawar Khan to exact ransom money from the Hill Rajas and terach lesson to the Guru. Hussain Khan involved himself with a number of hill rajas, and was able to exact ransom money from them. Having been greatly intoxicated with the success in subduing the hill rajas, he plundered the people. Raja Gopal requested the Guru for more armed help to deal with Hussain. Hussain then in an engagement was killed in action. He too could not reach Anandpur to deal with the Guru.

Kala Afghana has raised thje following senseless criticism on the lengthy description of 69 couplets on the subject.

(a) Couplet 23 of the Guru�s couplet � �Warriors are fighting and rolling on the ground like wrestlers. The hair of the warriors are loosened in such a way as if Shiva has released his matted knots.�

When in the battlefield Shiva is mentioned or his army, Mahadev, Mehesh, Siv and Samhe, then are seen cremation grounds, demons, nymphs, chorails, raven, dogs and such things are seen described. One can then easily confirm that it is not of the Guru�s Composition, but it is only the sugar coated poison pill of some Brahmin.

This is a most appropriate simile given here by the revered Divine Guru; describing the condition of a warrior fallen on the battle ground.

(b) COUPLET 69 OF THE GURU � �Rakh lio ham ko Jagraei. Loh Ghatta antai barsaei.� (God saved us, and made the rain of iron fall elsewhere.)

Guru Nanak prayed to God at Eminabad, when hordes of Baber had invaded the city and had committed atrocities against humanity, as �Aiti mar paiei karlanai, Tain ki Dard na aaya.� (So much Atrocities had been inflicted on the people, O Lord, have You not been moved.� And much more all Non-sense. That the Guru was self centered and has shown himself to be a coward person.

How could the incident at Eminabad and Guru Nanak�s Prayers to the Creator Lord, can by any stretch of imagination fit in case of Sri Guru Gobind Singh�s Jee�s couplet given above.

Here Hussain Khan was deputed by the Mughal Government to completely do away with Guru Gobind Singh and Sikhism. Hussain on the way was making wars with Hindu hill rajas and plundering the people. He had fight with Raja Gopal and others, supported by the Sikhs, during which he got killed. Thus he could not reach Anandpur to deal with the Guru, as he himself had been suitably dealt with by Raja Gopal and the Sikhs. Such things no Brahmin could have written, and are from the Guru.

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Chapter 12

This chapter deals with yet another expedition of Jujar Singh dispatched toward Anandpur by Mughals to deal wth the Hill Rajas and the Guru. Jujar Singh also could not reach Anandpur and got killed on the way.

Couplet 5 of the Guru reads -

�On this side Chandels and on the other Jasval warriors were deeply enraged. Drums and kettle drums were beaten and the horrible thunder of the meat eater BHAIRO was heard now.�
The Guru, in the opinion of Kala Afghana, might be considering any description of war incomplete without mentioning Maha Shiv or his army of demons, nymphs, dakanias, etc. each acting in its own peculiar way.

The previous comments on similar situations apply here also.

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