Sikhism proscribes any practice or use anything which causes distraction of mind from Love of God's Name, such as, use of intoxicants in general, except for medicinal purposes, but tobacco in any form, conjugal relationship outside wedlock, and eating of sacrificial meat of animals slaughtered by any mode. The body is to be treated as God's Temple wherein God abides, kept neat and clean; hair of the body are equally part of the body and a Divine Endowment, should never be cut, shorn or trimmed. Union with Absolute Transcendent God is through His Light in all, Sat Guru Poora only, Who by His Grace is loved as our Creator, Preserver, Sustainer and the Guide. Thus blessed we accept Him alone as the Doer, by totally effacing our Mind's instinctual destructive wanderings, instead attaining Divine Wisdom in our empirical world of action. The world created by God is "supremely unfathomable ocean of fire", also "Dark and arduous is this ocean of Maya." Maya constitutes unbridled use of the instinctual energy in us - ego, lust, avarice, wrath, and attachments. This blind unconquerable force within us can be usefully deployed under the guidance of the God alone, Who created it. It is therefore, the Gurus repeatedly teach us that we are not the doers, but merely tools in His Hands - Good and Evil are not in any one's control -

"Nanak says: howsoever way the Lord makes one dance or act, that wise one dances or acts. (Some live with Him and others act according to waves of their Mind)."
"pap pun hamrai bus nahin." also "jio nanak aap nachinda tiv hi ko nacha."
(Maru Sohile M 5, p 1094)

To live with Him entirely depends on His Grace, and they are very few indeed who live with Him.