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Chritar or Tale One Hundred and Eleven (111)

Chritar 111

There was a handsome Raja, called Durjan Singh. Once the Raja went on hunting expedition, he saw a black deer, chased it and reached the palace of a beautiful princess. The princess fell in love with the Raja and became intimate with him. They used varied intoxicants to increase their passions and find pleasure in sexual indulgence, on their own, without formal marriage and parental consent. When the princess found that her father had found out the illicit relations with Raja, she thought of committing suicide. The princess told the Raja (her lover) to help her to take her away with him, before the arrival of her father. The Raja could manage to take her with him to his country.


The young girl had no control over herself, led by her sensual desires indulged in sexual pleasures with an unknowm man against the wishes of the parents and fled away from home. This was disgraceful to her parents. Proper religious education to children was lacking, who did not feel their responsibility for family respect.

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