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Tav Parsad Sawayye

Tav Parsad Sawayye

< vwihgurU jI kI Pqih ]
] pwiqSwhI 10 ]
qÍ pRswid sv`Xy
Eik Oankar Satgur Parsad
Tav Parsad Sawayye Patshahi 10th
By the Grace of the One Supreme Being, the Eternal and the Enlightener
Sawayye(Stanzas) uttered by the Tenth Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee (part of his composition in Akal Ustat). (By His Grace)

sRwvg su`D smUh isDwn ky dyiK iPirE Gr jog jqI ky ]
sUr surwrdn su`D suDwidk sMq smUh Anyk mqI ky ]
swry hI dys ko dyiK rihE mq koaU n dyKIAq pRwnpqI ky ]
sRI Bgvwn kI Bwie ik®pw hU qy eyk rqI ibnu eyk rqI ky ] 1 ]
sravg sudh smooh sidhan kai daikh phirio ghar jog gati kai.
soor surardn sudh sudhadik, sunt smooh anaik mti kai.
sarai hi dais ko daikh rehio mut, kohoo na daikhiat pranpti kai.
siri bhagvan ki bhaeh kirpa hoo tai, aik rti bin aik rti kai. (1)
I have seen pure Sravakas (Jaina monks), the abodes of groups of Jogis and Sidhas and Brahmcharis.I have also seen brave men demons, gods and saints of many religions. I have also seen throughout the country that there is none, who is really devoted to the Lord Master of Life.Without the love and His Grace, they are worth nothing. (1)

mwqy mqMg jry jr sMg AnUp auqMg surMg svwry ]
kot qurMg kurMg sy kUdq paun ky gaun ko jwq invwry ]
BwrI Bujwn ky BUp BlI ibiD inAwvq sIs n jwq ibcwry ]
eyqy Bey qu khw Bey BUpiq AMq kO nWgy hI pWie pDwry ] 2 ]
matai mtung jrai jr sung, anoop ootung sorung svarai
kot turung korung sai koodt, poon ko jat nivarai.
bhari bhujan kai bhoop bhali bidh, niavat sis na jat bicharai.
aitai bhai tou keha bhai bhoopat, aunt kou nangai hi paeh padharai. (2)
If one possessed numerous intoxicated elephants of high staturedecked wth gold ornaments and colorful decorations; tens of millions of horses, galloping like deer, and running faster than the wind;and countless kings, of mighty arms; were to bow before such a person. What matters it how great such persons were? They too at last had to depart from this earth bare-footed. (2)

jIq iPrY sB dys idswn ko bwjq Fol imRdMg ngwry ]
guMjq gUV gjwn ky suMdr ihMsq hI hXrwj hjwry ]
BUq Biv`K Bvwn ky BUpq kaun gnY nhIN jwq ibcwry ]
sRI piq sRI Bgvwn Bjy ibnu AMq kau AMq ky Dwm isDwry ] 3 ]
jeet phire sabh dais disan kou, bajat dhol mirdung ngarai.
gunjat goorh gajan ko sundar, hunsat hi hai raj hjarai.
bhoot bhvikh bhavan kai bhoopat, koan gnai nhi jat becharai.
sripat sri bhagvan bhjai bin, aunt kou aunt kai dham sedharai. (3)
A person may conquer countries after countries, and show off his conquests by the beat of various types of drums and trunpets. There may be the many roaring beautiful elephants, along with thousands of neighing horses of royal breeds (to show off his strength). Who can number such conquerors of the past, present and future? They cannot be counted.But without contemplating on the Name of God, the Lord of Wealth, they at the endleave this earth for their final abode. (3)

qIrQ nwn dieAw dm dwn su sMjm nym Anyk ibsyKY ]
byd purwn kqyb kurwn zmIn zmwn sbwn ky pyKY ]
paun Ahwr jqI jq Dwr sbY su ibcwr hjwr k dyKY ]
sRI Bgvwn Bjy ibnu BUpiq eyk rqI ibnu eyk n lyKY ] 4 ]
tirath nan daya dam dan, so sunjam naim anaik besaikhai.
baid puran ktaib koran, zmeen zaman sban kai paikhai.
poun ahar jti jtedhar, sbhai so bechare hjar ke daikhai.
sri bhagvan bhjai binu bhoopat, aik rati bin aik na likhai. (4)
One may bathe at holy places, practice austerities to control his passions, exercise mercy, make charities and perform many other rituals. He may study Vedas, Puranas, Koran, other Semitic Books and Books of other religions in the world. I have also seen those, who live on air alone, practicing continence and continually pondering over such measures.But without contemplating on the Name of God, the Lord of Wealth,even kings are of no worth. (4)

su`D ispwh durMq dubwh su swij snwh durjwn dlYNgy ]
BwrI gumwn Bry mn mYN kr prbq pMK hly n hlYNgy ]
qoir ArIn mroir mvwsn mwqy mqMgin mwn mlYNgy ]
sRI piq sRI Bgvwn ik®pw ibnu iqAwig jhwn indwn clYNgy ] 5 ]
sudh sepah durtdubih so saje snah durjan dlaingai.
bhari guman bharai mun mai, kar parbt punkh hlai na hlaingai.
tore areen mrore mvasn, matai mtungn maun mlaingai.
sri pti sri bhagvan kirpa bin, teaagu jhanu nedanu chlaingai. (5)
One may have numerous trained soldiers, mighty and invincible, clad in coat of mail,who would crush the enemies. He may have great pride in him that he would not move from his determination, may even the mountains move. He may shatter his enemies, destroy rebels and crush the pride of furious elephants.But without the Grace of God, the Lord of Wealth,they ultimately leave the world. (5)

bIr Apwr bfy birAwr Aibcwrih swr kI Dwr BC`Xw ]
qorq dys milµd mvwsn mwqy gjwn ky mwn ml`Xw ]
gwVHy gVHwn ky qoVnhwr su bwqn hIN ck cwr lv`Xw ]
swihbu sRI sB ko isrnwiek jwck Anyk su eyk idv`Xw ] 6 ]
bir apar bdai breaar, abchareh sar ki dhar bhchya.
tort dais mlind mvasan, matai gjan kai man mllya.
garhai grhan kai torhnhar so, batan hi chak charu lvvya.
sahib sri sab ko siru naeik, jachik anaik so aik devvya. (6)
There are countless brave men, so valiant that they face the edge of sword, without any hesitation.They subdue countries, crush rebels and the pride of furious elephants.They break powerful forts, and conquer the countries of world merely by planning (without fighting).There are such countlesspersons are merely the beggars at the Door of Lord God, Who is the Master of all.There are the countlesssuppliants, but the Giver is One. (6)

dwnv dyv Pinµd inswcr BUq Biv`K Bvwn jpYNgy ]
jIv ijqy jl mY Ql mY pl hI pl mY sB Qwp QpYNgy ]
puMn pRqwpn bwF jYq Dun pwpn ky bhu puMj KpYNgy ]
swD smUh pRsMn iPrY jg sqR sBY Avlok cpYNgy ] 7 ]
danv dev phniund nisachr, bhoot bhvikh bhavan jpaigai.
jiv jitai jal mai thal mai, pl hi pl mai sbh thap thpaikai.
punn prtapn bidh jait dhunu, papan kai boh punj khapaigai.
sadh smooh prsun phiraijug, sttr sbhai avloku chpaigai. (7)
The demons, gods, serpents and ghosts, of all the ages, past, present and the future, all contemplate on God�s Name. All the living beings, who are in sea and on land, have been created by God instantly and placed in their respective places.The praise of glories of their good actions destroys the multitudes of sins committed. All the saints would feel contented and will spread all over and their enemies would be cowed on beholding them. (7)

mwnv ieMdR gijMdR nrwDp jOn iqRlok ko rwj krYNgy ]
koit iesnwn gjwidk dwn Anyk suAMbr swj brYNgy ]
bRhm mhysr ibsn scIpiq AMq Psy jm Pws prYNgy ]
jy nr sRI piq ky pRs hYN pg qy nr Pyr n dyh DrYNgy ] 8 ]
manv einder gajinder nradhip, jon tirlok ko raj karaigai.
kot eisnan gjadik dan, anaik suaubr saju braigai.
brhm mhaisur bisan schiptu , auntu phasai jmphas praigai.
jai nur sriptu kai prsu hai pg, tai nur phair na daih dhraigai. (8)
The great kings, like Indra,own numerous elephants and rule over three worlds. Persons make millions of ablutions, make gifts of elephants and other animals. They marry many brides by arranging�Suaunbra�(Self marriage ceremony). They with Brahma, Shiv, Vishnu and Inder get at last entangled and fall into the Death�s noose. But those, who worship the Feet of the Lord, they will not be born again. (8)

khw BXo jo doaU locn mUMd kY bYiT rohE bk iDAwn lgwieE ]
nHwq iPirE lIey swq smudRin lok gXo prlok gvwieE ]
bws kIE ibiKAwn so bYT kY AYsy hI AYsy su bYs ibqwieE ]
swcu khoN sun lyhu sBY ijn pRym kIE iqn hI pRB pwieE ] 9 ]
kaha bhio jai dou lochan moondu kai
baith reho buk dhiaan lgaeio
nat phirio liai sat smundran, lok gio prlok gvaeio
bas kio bikhiaan su baith kai, aisai hi aisai su bais bais bitario.
sach kehou suni laiho sbhai, jin praim kio tin hi prabh paeio. (9)
What is the use of closing botheyes and meditating like a crane? This world is lost and also the next, for those who go about bathing in the seven seas. They pass their lives in vain, who involve themselves in sinful actions. Hear you all! I say this Truth, �he, who loves the Lord, he alone attains to Him.� (9)

kwhU lY pwhn pUj drXo isr kwhU lY ilµg gry ltkwieE ]
kwhU liKE hir AvwcI idsw mih kwhU pCwh ko sIsu invwieE ]
koaU buqwn ko pUjq hY psu koaU imRqwn ko pUjn DwieE ]
kUr ik®Aw auriJE sB hI jg sRI Bgvwn ko Bydu n pwieE ] 10 ]
kahhoo lai pahnu pooji dharo, siri, kahoo lai lingu grai ktkaeio.
kahoo lkhio har avachi disa meh, kahoo pchah ko sis nivaeio.
kou butan ko poojat hai psu, kou mirtan kou poojan dhaeio.
koor kiraa oarjhio sabh hi jgu, siri bhagvan ko bhaid na paeio. (10)
There are some, who worship stones and bow to the images. There are others,who put round their necks the phallaus of stone. Some say that God exists in the South (Som Nath), others say that He exists in the West (in Kaaba). Some fools worship idols, others the dead ones. The whole world is entangled in false ceremonies, and have no found the Secret of God�s True Path. (10)

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