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G.S. Kala-Afghana's Criticism on Chapter 14 of the Bichitar Natak

Kala Afghana�s Criticism on Chapter 14 of Sri Bichitar Natak

Q. Kala Afghana started his criticism of this chapter, first referring to points in previous chapters beginning from chapter 8 dealing with the Battle of Bhangani. His objection is why the Guru did not mention the name of Peer Buddhu Shah, who helped the Guru. He states that was great act of ungratefulness.

A. The battle of Bhangani was foght by the Guru at a place called Bhangani, near Paunta in Nahan State during 1689.C.E.; when the Guru had gone to that state on a visit on the invitation of the Raja. It was at Paunta Peer Buddhu Shah was attracted to the Guru, and became the follower. On the recommendatation of the Peer the Guru had enlisted about 700 Pathans in his army, who were then unemployed. When the crafty hill rajas assembled at the neighbouring state of Srinagar, on the occasion of marriage of the daughter of raja of Srinagar to the son of raja Bhim Chand of Kehloor, at that time Bhim Chand prevailed upon all the rajas and with their combined forces made a surprise attack on the Guru. The Pathan soldiers were bought over by the hill rajas, who had joined in the Guru�s Army. Only few Pathans with their leader Kale Khan did not join the hill rajas. Sadhaura, the town where Peer Buddhu Shah used to live, is located not at a very much distant place from Paonta. The news of the desertion of the Pathan soldiers soon reached Peer Budhu Shah. The Peer was greatly shocked to hear the news. He along with his four sons, two brothers and many followers rushed toward the battle-field of Bhangani, and served the Guru. This was not mentioned by the Guru, as no special mention of any of those who participated in the fighting, except the menton of the commanders of each side who were killed while fighting; thir names only were mentioned while describing the fighting. Moreover, the description of the battle was not a fit forum to describe the Guru�s Gratitude toward the Peer, and the earlier Pathans changing the sides. The objecton is totally Non-sense.

As regards chapter 9 in which Battle of Nidaun is described; the question of Kala Afghana on the role of the Guru, this has already been explained in detail, need no repetition here.

Q. The Big Question raised by Kala Afghana is that the Guru has not described one per cent of his whole life history.

A. Kala Afghana should have used his intellect, why the Guru has described his life history from the time of his birth to the event the occurred a day before the Guru Introduced the Pahul of the Double Edged Sword on March 29, 1699, when he chose Five Beloved Ones, Prepared Nectar, Gave Pahul to the Five Beloved Ones, then touched his forehead on the Feet of each of the Five Beloveds, and declared them as GURU KHALSA IN COLLECTIVE FORM FOR ALL TIMES TO COME, and himself he stepped down, and became the 6th Member of the Khalsa Brotherhood. He wrote his Compositions under the Signature of �Patshei 10th� upto 28th of March 1699, after this date the Guru stepped down and became the 6th Member of the Khalsa Brotherhood..

Guru Gobind Rai sent out letters to Sikhs living in all parts of India and also in the neighbouring countries to visit him at Anandpur on the occasion of the Baisakhi festival which was to be held on March 28 - 29, 1699, as he had the important Message to convey to them. In response of the Guru�s call, a large number of Sikhs gathered together at Anandpur, well before the Baisakhi Day. A few days before the festival the Guru held a great feast. But contrary to the practice in vogue at the time, he did not invite the Brahmins to form the first batch of the feasters. Only a general invitation was issued for all to come and dine. His Sikhs and the rest were served as they came. When most of the people had dined, the Brahmins who had come to Anandpur, came there. These Brahmins felt slighted. Their leader expressed his extreme rage in complaining to the Guru that Brahmins had not been given precedence over others in partaking of the food, as had been the custom since the olden times. The Guru assured him that there was plenty of food remaining and that he could take to his heart�s content. But the Pandit proved irreconcilable. The Pandit spoke disparagingly of the low caste people (Sikhs), who had partaken meals before the Brahmins. The Guru then replied, as recorded in Dassam Granth as a Swaiyya, reproduced below, which was his last Composition (Any Composition after this date, could not be of the Guru � Zafar Nama was a letter from the Person Sri Gobind Singh, Not Patshaei 10th, the real Zafarnama received by Aurangzeb is not available, the existing version is totally spurious) -

�O Brahmin forsake your anger, for you have got what was ordained in your
destiny by the Almighty God.
It is no fault of mine; I forgot to think of you (in the manner you
think, as you do not count of any such importance in our set up). Do not
be angry.As you are a stranger to this place and live on alms, be sure I
will send you clothes and bedding today.�The Brahmin then stated: �All
Kashatriyas derive their fame and honor from the Brahmins.�
The Guru then continued -
�Through their (low caste Sikhs) favor have I won the victories in the
Through their favor have I bestowed gifts and charity;
Through their favor have all my troubles been averted;
Through their favor have I obtained wealth and prosperity;
Through their favor have I acquired the knowledge that I do have;
Through their favor have all my enemies been slain;
Through their favor do I owe my exaltation, otherwise there are the hundreds of million poor people like me unknown to any one.
I find greatest joy in serving them; the service of none else is acceptable to my heart.Bestowal of any charity to them is most proper; to others does not appeal to me of any avail. Making of charity to them will bear fruit in the life hereafter and will bring honor in this life. To bestow charity on others is of no use whatsoever. As for me, my body, my mind, my head, my wealth, nay, my all, is dedicated to their service. �
The Brahmin got angry, and in the fire of his anger his heart began to burn like dry grass. The thought that there would be the end of his alms taking profession and exploitation of others, plunged him in sorrow and bitter were the tears that he shed.

This episode took place, a day before the Order of Khalsa was created (the Khalsa was then non-existent), and the above Composition of the Guru did not relate to the praise of Khalsa, as is incorrectly alleged. In this Composition he referred to the People in general, who were poor and lowly, especially of low castes, called Sudras and Untouchables, but sincere and contributed a lot toward creation of a sane society, as against the privileged few who exploited them. The Guru was a sacrifice to such people. DOES KALA AFGHANA FIND THAT THE GURU INTRODUCED WORSHIP OF HIMSELF? WHY DID HE BASELESSLY SLANDERED THE GURU OF THIS EVIL?

This shameless wicked Kala Afghana here in this chapter further repeats hs lunatic analysis of his own as discussed in detail in the preceding four issues dealing with Chapter 13 � Regarding Advent of the Prince in Punjab.

It is the reality that Emperor Aurangzeb after Martyrdom of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Jee, remained engaged in the affairs of Rajasthan, and consequent on rebellion raised by his youngest son, Akber, who had to move to southern India and joined Marhattas, which situation posed a serious threat to Mughal Empire, Aurangzeb per force had to move to southern India during 1680 CE. Aurangzeb hurriedly patched up differences with Rajputs and others in northern India, and moved to southern India, where he was so intricately involved himself in warfare with the southern States, that he could not come to north at all, and died there in February 1707. During this period the northern India was ruled by the Mughal officers, and Aurangzeb�s approval in all cases was formal. It was in his best interest that somehow he could maintain peace in the north, so long he remains in southern India. During the absence of the Emperor, the Hindu Hill Rajas considered themselves as virtually the emperors themselves, and we find all excesses committed by them on the Guru. The situation has been briefly explained in Part I of our issue on chapter 13. In various Hindu hill rajas invasions on Anandpur, they having found themselves not equal to the strength of the Guru and Sikhs, had to obtain the help of the imperial forces. They had befriended the local Mughal officials of Delhi and Sirhind to form the joint force to completely do away wth the Guru and Sikhism, and would obtain the formal approval of Aurangzeb in southern India on completely false pretexts. It was therefore the Guru wrote Zafarnama after Chamkaur battle, and sent it through Bhais Daya Singh and Dharam Singh to personally handover the letter to Aurangzeb to apprise him of the reality of the conflicts in the north, to which he was ignorant. On knowing the real facts, he immediately lifted all restrictions against the Guru, and invited him to southern India for talks and sincere resolution of the cause of the trouble. The Guru was half way when Aurangzeb passed away. His older son, Moizam became the Emperor, under the name of Bahadur Shah. He was God fearing and just Emperor.

Kala Afghana reiterates his lunatic comments already made in criticism of Chapter 13. He writes here � �According to Bichitar Natak, there was no direct war between the Guru and Aurangzeb. On the other hand, the Guru got the Sikhs severely punished by Mughals, their heads shaved with urine, they were made to walk in procession in cities, etc. The fault of the Sikhs was that they did not make offering of MONEY to the Guru, the Greedy and Hungry Guru of MONEY was for �Maya dai Guffee�. All the subsequent invasions mentioned in history were against the Sikhs, not the Guru. This Natak is the instrument to cause division between 9 Gurus and 10th Guru. This Natak also flatters the Mughals, as they acted as the Guru desired. Bichitar Natak is silent about Pahul Taking Ceremony of the Double Edged Sword.�

Kala Afghana is advised to read the correct history, not of the Brahmanic Old chronicles, like Sooraj Parkash, Gur Bilas, Mehma Parkash, Panth Parkashs. Read Prof. Sahib Singh�s written history, this writer�s book on Life of Guru Gobind Singh, published by Bhai Chatter Sngh Jiwan Singh, Publishers, Amritsar.

There are 11 Couplets in this Chapter, which are given below �

�The Ever Existent Lord liberated all the Saints and all the evil doers were punished and eliminated. Wonderous feat You have shown to Your devotees and You have saved them from all the troubles. (1)
O Lord, protecting the saints from all troubles, You have warded off their sufferings in the same manner as the tiny thorns are crushed. Considering me as Your servant, You have helped me and by Your Grace You have saved me. (2)
Whatever spectacles I have seen I tell you all and surrender them all unto you. O Lord, if You shower Your Graceupon me, this servant will go on reciting them all. (3)
As and what performances I have seen, now I want to make themmanifest. As many as I have seen my previous births, O Lord, with Your power I will relate them all. (4)
The Ever Exstent Lord (Sarb Kal) is my Father and the same Master of all the times is my Mother. The Enlightened Mind is my Guru, and the merital tendencies, which have made me do good deeds, are my mother. (5)
When Enlightened Mind becomes the Guru, then good desires becomes the means to do good actions. Whatever I saw in my previous births, now I want to narrate them. (6)
When the Ever Existent Lord become Compassionate to me, by His Grace, all those previous links come to my memory. (7)
I had no such capacity of conscienousness, it is only by the Lord�s Grace, I attained the wisdom. He became kind to me, Who in all the times became my Protectorlike All Steel, and defended us all. (8)
The Supreme Lord always protects us and that Ever Infinite Great Lord defends us like a stell wall. I on receiving Your Grace, I have become much haughty. In pride I am moving around as if I am a king. (9)
As and when previous births of mine come to my memory, I have discussed them in the Granth. (10)
Earlier also the stories of Chandi have been told and the descriptions from top to bottom have been made. Putting aside the stories told previously, now again desire to eulogize the Lord. (11)�

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Couplet 1 of Chapter 14 of Sri Bichitar Natak


(1) Couplet 1 reads �Sarab Kal Subh Sadh Obarai. Dukh dai kai Dokhi sub Marai.� (The Lord liberated all Saints. All evil doers were punished and eliminated.) He objects to the portion, �All evil doers were punished and eliminated�, being totally against GURMAT, and Brahmanic. He vehementally rejects Sri Guru Ram Das� Chhand in Rag Aasa, p. 451 �.

�In each and every age, He creates His devotees and preserves their honor, O Lord King. The Lord killed the wicked Harnaakhash, and saved Prahlaad. He turned his back on the egotists and slanderers, and showed His Face to Naam Dev. Servant Nanak has so served the Lord, that He will deliver him in the end. 4. 13. 20.�
He stated that Prehlad and Harnakash are mythical creation of Brahmins, which appear in Puranic literature; Gurmat has not the farthest relation with the Puranic myths. He further stated that the God for the protection of the Saints, He was not a narrow minded, selfish, and full of rage, such a God could be of Brahmins only. Guru Nanak�s God as the Sustainer of all good and evil both. Since these myths were in vogue for thousands of years, the Gurus only gave reference to those. He quotes, Guru Ram Das�s Chhand in Rag Baiagra, p.541, � He cherishes all beings, O my mind, as the mother and father cherish their child�. He further states that it is God�s established order that some are well placed and lead a comfortable life, while others are undergoing severe privations and leading miserable lives. He made mention of varied great men like Jesus, Prphet Mohamad, who had to fight many wars, his son-in-law and two grandsons were martyred; Sri Kabir, with hands and feet bound, was thrown before intoxicated elephant; the 5th Guru was tortured to death, 6th Guru had to fight wars, 9th Guru was martyred and 10th Guru was ever engaged in war, then how the words �The Ever Existent Lord liberated all the Saints�, could alter the state.


In few words it may be stated that in GURMAT, commiting of sins and leading a life of Falsehood, by forgetting the Ever Existent Life Giving Lord in us, is the Death. �Aakhan Jivan, Visrai Mar Jaon.� Guru Nanak. The Lord blesses His devotees Naam Dan � The Greatest Wealth, the Source of All Comforts. (Comforts are when Mind attains Eternal Union with the Lord � Sehaj). The myths in Puran are not false, but convey important knowledge. There are numerous myths, metaphoric, and full of similies, used to convey important Teachings in all the Sikh Scriptures. Those who cannot unfold the myths, translate literally and start to slander the Guru!! All higher knowledge of the World is primarily in myths.

With regard to the Punishment to the Evil Doers and their elimination, refer to the following quotations from Sri Guru Granth Sahib �

  1. �The Transcendent Lord has struck down the wicked and the evil. The Creator thus preserved the honor of His devotee.�

  2. (Gauri M.5, p 201)
  3. �The bearded Authoritarian, who struck down the poor, has been burnt down by the Supreme Lord God.�

  4. (Gaur M.5, p 199)
  5. Dusht Doot ki Chooki Kani � Evil doers have been wiped out.�

  6. (Aasa M. 5, p 372)
Criticism made by Kala Afghana of Chapter 14, on Couplet 1 of the
Chapter, has been dealt with in Part I. He has, however made criticism on
Couplets 4 � 11 of this Chapter. These couplets are reproduced below for
ready reference �

�As and what performances I have seen, now I want to make them manifest.
As many as I have seen my previous births, O Lord, with Your power I will
relate them all. (4)
The Ever Exstent Lord (Sarb Kal) is my Father and the same Master of all
the times is my Mother. The Enlightened Mind is my Guru, and the merital
tendencies, which have made me do good deeds, are my mother. (5)
When Enlightened Mind becomes the Guru, then good desires becomes the means
to do good actions. Whatever I saw in my previous births, now I want to
narrate them. (6)
When the Ever Existent Lord become Compassionate to me, by His Grace, all
those previous links come to my memory. (7)
I had no such capacity of conscienousness, it is only by the Lord�s Grace,
I attained the wisdom. He became kind to me, Who in all the times became my
Protectorlike All Steel, and defended us all. (8)
The Supreme Lord always protects us and that Ever Infinite Great Lord
defends us like a stell wall. I on receiving Your Grace, I have become much
haughty. In pride I am moving around as if I am a king. (9)
As and when previous births of mine come to my memory, I have discussed
them in the Granth. (10)
Earlier also the stories of Chandi have been told and the descriptions from
top to bottom have been made. Putting aside the stories told previously,
now again desire to eulogize the Lord. (11)

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Couplets 4, 6, 7, 10 and 11 of Chapter 14 of Sri Bichitar Natak

  1. In Couplets 4, 6, 7, 10 and 11 the Guru has stated that all the memories of his previous births in which he witnessed the happenings connected with all the goddesses including the 24 Avtars, and other Puranic Brahmanic storm of jumbled Falsehood and Vulgarities, were refreshed in him. He has falsified all those who asserted that he merely translated the old literature; but he has actually stated everything from his memories.
  2. The Guru in Couplet 5 has stated; (i) Sarab Kaal was his Father, (ii) Kali Devi was his Mother, His Enlightened Mind is his Guru; (iv) Good desires or wishes were the Guru�s wife; and he was thus trained. Kala Afghana, however, pointed out that in Guru Granth, the Mind has been described with various names, such as, King, Sultan, Elephant, Frog, Camel, Horse, Donkey, Bird, Rude Child, Blind, Hot Headed, False, Liar, Dirty, etc. However it has also been said that Mind is the Form of the Divine Light (Jot), but no where it is described as GURU. Guru is God�s Word; �Sabad Guru, Surat Dhun Chela� (Guru Nanak in Sidh Gosht); also �Gian Guru Atam Opdesai, Naam Behbhoot charao�; also �Koh Kabir Mein so Gur Paiya, Ja ka Naam bebaiko.� But in the case of Bichitar Natak descripton, everything is STRANGE!!
  3. The Guru has used words; Kaal, Sarab Kaal, Daib Kalka, Bhagauti, Durga and so on, as the names of God. This is objectionable.
  4. Couplet 11 reads, �Earlier also the stories of Chandi have been told and the descriptions from top to bottom have been made. Putting aside the stories told previously, now again desire to eulogize the Lord.� The Guru has thus made a mess of GURMAT by introducing in it the Brahmanic ideology of Rituals in Bichitar Natak, and has thus made the end of GURMAT.

We shall deal with objection (1) stated above in this issue and shall discuss in its details. The other objections in issues to follow.

Kala Afghana appears to have extreme hatred for all what is Hinduism or the Vedic Religion. He has totally vulgarized the contents of Vedas and the Purans, AS COLLECTION OF ALL FALSEHOOD, so much so that he does not recognize the Avtars sent by God, before the advent of Sri Guru Nanak Dev. In other words, at least in India, before the advent of Sri Guru Nanak Dev, there had ever been total darkness, no religion, no faith, perhaps God even did not exist in this part of the world. There is nothing relating to this period of history, anything worthy to know of about them or of any consideration. There was total Brahmanic self conceit, deception and frauds, nothing else. The 24 Avtars, gods and goddesses were all false and all their accounts full of vulgarities.

Let us examine what is the Reality in accordance with the Divine Teachings in Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Sri Guru Arjan Dev Jee in Sukhmani Sahib, Astpadi 10, p. 276, teaches -

�Millions are the fields Of Creation and galaxies. Many millions are the etheric skies and solar systems. Many millions are the Divine Incarnations (Avtars). In so many ways He has unfol;ded Himself. So many times, He has expanded His Expansion.�
Sri Guru Arjan Dev in Rag Aasa, p. 455 stated -
�Millions of incarnationsof Vishnu and Shiva wth matted hair yearn for God.�
Guru Arjan Dev in Gujri ki Var, p. 518 teaches us,
�Shiva and Vishnu and their incarnations, chant the Lord�s Praises with their mouths as do the Peers, the Prophets and the Sheikhs. Through and through the Formless God is woven nto each and every heart.�
Guru Arjan in Rag Ramkali, p. 894, states -
�Vedas do not know His Greatness, Brahma does not know His mystery. Avtars do not know His limits � He is Infinite.�
Guru Nanak in Rag Maru, p. 1038 states -
�From the Primal Lord, came the Ten Avtars (who constitute Narsingh Avtar, Bavan Avtar, Rama Avtar, Krishna Avtar and others)�
At p. 1156, Rag Bhairo, Gru Arjan Dev stated -
�He created millons of incarnations (Avtars) of Vishnu.�
At p. 1279, in Rag Malar, Guru Nanak stated -
�The Ten Incarnations, Rama, the King came into being. According to His Will, Rama quickly killed all the demons.�
�O Mathura, consider this as the Eternal Truth. To save the world, the Lord incarnated Himself (in Jot Form) in Avtars.�
(Swaiyyas In Praise of Guru Arjan Dev. P. 1409)

Let us examine what Bhat Kal Sahar in Praise of �GURU JOT� (GOD HIMSELF IN THE FORM OF HIS LIGHT IN BABA NANAK), quotes practically the whole of Pre Nanak History of Religious India, all praising the same GOD, which is given in pages 1389-90, Guru Granth, and is reproduced below �

�Meditate single-mindedly on the Primal Lord God, the Bestower of blessings. He is the Helper and Support of the Saints, manifest forever. Grasp His Feet and enshrine them in your heart. Then, let us sing the Glorious Praises of the most exalted Guru Nanak. 1 .
I sing the Glorious Praises of the most exalted Guru Nanak, the Ocean of peace, the Eradicator of sins, the very Form of God - the Word of God. The beings of deep and profound understanding, oceans of wisdom, sing of Him; the Yogis and wandering hermits meditate on Him. Indra and devotees like Prahlaad, who know the joy of the Union with Him, sing of Him. KAL the poet sings the Sublime Praises of Guru Nanak, who enjoys mastery of Raja Yoga, the Yoga of meditation and success. 2 .
King Janak and the great Yogic heroes of the Lord's Way, sing the Praises of the All-powerful Primal Being, filled with the sublime essence of the Lord. Sanak and Brahma's sons, the Saadhus and Siddhas, the silent sages and humble servants of the Lord sing His Praises, who cannot be deceived by the great deceiver (Maya). Dhoma the seer and Dhroo, whose realm is unmoving, sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, who knows the ecstasy of loving devotional worship. KAL the poet sings the Sublime Praises of Guru Nanak, who enjoys mastery of Raja Yoga. 3 .
Kapila and the other Yogis sing His Praises, Who manifests in Avataars, the Incarnation of the Infinite Lord. Parasraam the son of Jamdagan, whose axe and powers were taken away by Raghuvira, sing of Him. Udho, Akrur and Bidur sing the Glorious Praises, who recognized the Lord, the Life of All. KAL the poet sings the Sublime Praises of Guru Nanak, who enjoys mastery of Raja Yoga. 4 .
The four castes and the six Shaastras sing His Glorious Praises; Brahma and the others contemplate His Virtues. The thousand-tongued serpent king sings His Praises with delight, remaining lovingly attached to Him. Shiva, detached and beyond desire, sings the Glorious Praises of Him, who knows the Lord's endless meditation. KAL the poet sings the Sublime Praises of Guru Nanak, who enjoys mastery of Raja Yoga. 5 .
He mastered Raja Yoga, and enjoys sovereignty over both worlds; the Lord, beyond hate and revenge, is enshrined within His Heart. The whole world is saved, and carried across, chanting the Naam, the Name of the Lord. Sanak and Janak and the others sing His Praises, age after age. Blessed, blessed, blessed and fruitful is the sublime birth of the Guru into the world. Even in the nether regions, His Victory is celebrated; so says KAL the poet. You are blessed with the Nectar of the Lord's Name, O Guru Nanak; You have mastered Raja Yoga, and enjoy sovereignty over both worlds. 6 .
In the Golden Age of Sat Yuga, You were pleased to deceive Baal the king, in the form of a dwarf. In the Silver Age of Traytaa Yuga, You were called Raam of the Raghu dynasty. In the Brass Age of Dwaapur Yuga, You were Krishna; You killed Mur the demon and saved Kans. You blessed Ugrasain with a kingdom, and You blessed Your humble devotees with fearlessness. In the Iron Age, the Dark Age of Kali Yuga, You are known and accepted as Guru Nanak, Guru Angad and Guru Amar Das. The sovereign rule of the Great Guru is unchanging and permanent, according the Command of the Primal Lord God. 7 .
His Glorious Praises are sung by the devotees Ravi Daas, Jai Dayv and Trilochan. The devotees Naam Dayv and Kabeer praise Him continually, knowing Him to be even-eyed. The devotee Baynee sings His Praises; He intuitively enjoys the ecstasy of the self. He is the Master of Yoga and meditation, and the spiritual wisdom of the Guru; He knows none other except God. Sukh Dayv and Preekhyat sing His Praises, and Gautam the rishi sings His Praise. Says KAL the poet, the ever-fresh praises of Guru Nanak are spread throughout the world. 8 .
In the nether worlds, His Praises are sung by the devotees like Shaysh-naag in serpent form. Shiva, the Yogis and the wandering hermits sing His Praises forever. Vyaas the silent sage, who studied the Vedas and its grammar, sings His Praise. His Praises are sung by Brahma, who created the entire universe by God's Command. God fills the galaxies and realms of the universe; He is known to be the same, manifest and unmanifest. KAL chants the Sublime Praises of Guru Nanak, who enjoys mastery of Yoga. 9 .
The nine masters of Yoga sing His Praises; blessed is the Guru, who is merged into the True Lord. Maandhaataa, who called himself ruler of all the world, sings His Praises. Bal the king, dwelling in the seventh underworld, sings His Praises. Bhart'har, abiding forever with Gorakh, his guru, sings His Praises. Doorbaasaa, King Puro and Angra sing His Praises . Says KAL the poet, the Sublime Praises of Guru Nanak intuitively permeate each and every heart. 10 .�
Will Kala Afghana, and his other henchmen go through Sri Guru Granth Sahib carefully, and put a stop to all such non-sensical utterances, that there was all darkness and FALSEHOOD in India, before the advent of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee.

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Couplets 5 of Chapter 14 of Sri Bichitar Natak

Couplet 5 of this Chapter and the critism made on it is given below �
�The Ever Exstent Lord (Sarb Kal) is my Father and the same Master of all the times (Daib Kalka) is my Mother. The Enlightened Mind is my Guru, and the merital tendencies, which have made me do good deeds, are my mother. (5)�
Critism of Kala Afghana -
The Guru in Couplet has stated; (i) Sarab Kaal was his Father, (ii) Kali Devi was his Mother, His Enlightened Mind is his Guru; (iv) Good desires or wishes were the Guru�s wife; and he was thus trained. Kala Afghana, however, pointed out that in Guru Granth, the Mind has been described with various names, such as, King, Sultan, Elephant, Frog, Camel, Horse, Donkey, Bird, Rude Child, Blind, Hot Headed, False, Liar, Dirty, etc. However it has also been said that Mind is the Form of the Divine Light (Jot), but no where it is described as GURU. Guru is God�s Word; �Sabad Guru, Surat Dhun Chela� (Guru Nanak in Sidh Gosht); also �Gian Guru Atam Opdesai, Naam Behbhoot charao�; also �Koh Kabir Mein so Gur Paiya, Ja ka Naam bebaiko.� But in the case of Bichitar Natak descripton, everything is STRANGE!!


As stated by Sri Guru Arjan Dev in Maru Sohle, p. 1083 states -

Kirtam Naam kathai Terai jehba. Sat Naam Teira Para Poorbla� (My tongue recite Your numerous Names based on Your Functional Qualities, while Your Primal Name is Eternal Verity (Sat Naam).
Also in the First Pauri of Sri Jaap Sahib, Sri Guru Gobind Singh states -
�Who can describe all Your Names. The wise men have mentioned Your Functional Names only. (1) (Tuv sarab naam kathai koan, karan naam barnat sumat.)
Causing Death and Destruction of everything, He created, is one of the Functional Quality of God. So He is called, Kaal, Sarab Kaal, Pritham Kaal, Maha Kaal by the Guru.

The Guru stated that God, the Sarab Kaal is my Father, and His Potentuial Pervading in the Universe in the Form of His Light (Jot) called Daib Kalka, is my Mother. Sri Guru Arjan Dev in Maru ki Var, M.5, in a Paurhi states, �Har Ji Mata Har Ji Pita.

The Guru further stated that Enlightened Mind was his Guru, and the mental tendencies, which enabled him to do good deeds, were like his Mother (Divine). In this connection please refer to Aasa M1 at p. 351, which reads as under �

�AASA, MEHLA 1. When by His Grace He came to my home, then my companions (my instinctual tendencies) met together to celebrate my marriage. Beholding this play, my mind became blissful; my Husband Lord has come to marry me. 1 .
So sing � ye sing the songs of wisdom and reflection, O brides (instincts in me). My spouse, the Life of the world, has come into my home. 1 . Pause .
When I was married within the Gurdwara, the God�s Gate, I met my Husband Lord, and I came to know Him. His Potential (Jot) is pervading the three worlds; beholding Him my ego was quieted, my mind became happy and enlightened.* 2 .
He Himself arranges His own affairs; His affairs cannot be arranged by anyone else. By the affair of this marriage, truth, contentment, mercy and faith are produced; but how rare is that Gurmukh who understands it! 3 .
Says Nanak, that Lord alone is the Husband of all. She, upon whom He casts His Glance of Grace, becomes the happy bride.  4 . 10 .�
* No one is competent to Give Naam to any one, but God Himself abiding in all in Jot Form, called GURU.
It will facilitate understanding of GURMAT, if any one would care to read this writer�s book. Titled :�SABAD GURU, SURAT DHUN CHELA� (Guru Nanak, in Sidh Gosht, Paurhi 43), published by Bhai Chatter Singh Jiwan Singh, Publishers, Amritsar, (India), price Rs 300, with 25 % discount.

Kala Afghana repeatedly imputes the Guru of stating that he as an ascetic in his previous life had been meditating on Hem Kunt Mountain. It has already been made cleat many times that the Guru in a metaphorically described his advent in this world and took birth in Patna City, giving the similie of every one�s stay as an ascetic I mother�s womb fr ten mounths, meditating with legs upside and head downward. It is the complee lack of Sikh scholarship that so far none could unfold this myth of paramount importance. Instead of cursing ourselves of the extreme stupidity, persons like Kala Afghana, Gurteja and IOSS zealots made fun of the Guru and Gurmat. Kala Afghana is never tired of repeatedly stating this in his book. Can he dare to come forward to count our correct interpretations of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib?

Kala Afghana in redudiating the Guru�s Teachings in Couplet 5, that Enlightened Mind was his Guru, he stated that in Guru Granth has been stated as, King, Sultan, Elephant, Frog, Camel, Horse, Donkey, Bird, Rude Child, Blind, Obstinate and Arrogant, False, Liar, Dirty, and so on; but he could not find Mind stated as GURU. Correct, the Mind carries all the filth of the Material Body based Instincts and Passions. But when it lives with the Divine abiding near it, it becomes as Pure as God is. He is advised to read the book referred to above, �SABAD GURU, SURAT DHUN CHELA� to know where God abides in Man, also where Mind is located; and how Mind is Enlightened by reflecting the Mind on the God abiding quite close to it in Man himself. Kala Afghana himself quoted Sri Kabir Jee in Rag Suhi, p. 793, �Koh Kabir Mai so Guru paeiya, Ja ka Naam Bebaiko.� � �Says Kabir, I have found that Guru, whose Name is Clear Understanding. 4 . 5 .� This is what the Guru was stating, �Enlightened Mind is Guru� or �Gian Guru Atam Odaiso, Naam beboot lagao.� � Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee (Sabad Hazare � Ramkali).

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Objections on the use of Different Names for God

We will deal with the critism that the Guru used words; Kaal, Sarab Kaal, Daib Kalka, Bhagauti, Durga, Siv and so on, as the names of God not only in this Chapter but elsewhere as well. This in his opinion was objectionable. These names he did not find place either in Guru Granth Sahib or in Bhai Gurdas and Nand Lal�s writings. It is an act of arrogance to walk ahead of the earlier Gurus. Also, he asserts and is also the prevalent belief that it was Guru Gobind who gave the title of Guruship to Guru Granth Sahib. Furthermore, this Guru had plenty of time to include his own Compositions in Guru Granth, especially when he included the Compositions of Guru Tegh Bahadur in it, when he prepared the new recension of Guru Granth at Sabo ki Talwandi in 1706 CE. Kala Afghana asserts that Guru Gobind himself did not consider a single line of his own Compositions fit enough to be included in Guru Granth.

It is not only a wrong belief but also a foolishly shameful belief that Guru Gobind Singh Jee bestowed Guruship to Guru Granth Sahib. The Guru gave Guruship to Five Beloved Ones, in Collective Form when he received Pahul of the Double Edged Sword and he was renamed Singh in place of Guru Gobind Rai. The Guru before anointing the Five Beloved Ones, touched his forehead at the Feet of each of the Five Beloved Ones, and had declared them, as the Eternal Collective Form of Guru Khalsa. In December 1705 at Chamkaur, the Guru formally again anointed the different Five Sikhs as Guru Khalsa, to confirm the institution of Collective Guruship Eternal.

In so far as Guru Granth Sahib is concerned, its own internal evidence from its inception speaks loudly that GURBANI IS DIVINE, It comes from God, is a Revealed Entity � �Eh Dhur ki Bani aaei.� (Guru Arjan Dev, Rag Sorath). Sri Guru Amar Das, Gujri ki Var at p. 515 states, �Wah Wah Bani Nirankar hai, Tis je vad avar na koey.� (Waaho! Waaho! the Bani, the Word of the Guru, is Formless God, no other is Greater or Higher than Bani). It is from God, Baba Nanak and his successors attained the Status of Gruship (Divine); how could Sri Gobind Singh, who was the member of the Khalsa Brotherhood, bestow Divine status to Gurbani already havng the Dvine Status!!! At numerous places the Gurus stated, �hon aapo bol na janda, mein kehia sabh hukmao jio� (Rag Suhi, Guru Arjan Dev), and �Jaisi mein aavai Khasam ki Bani, taisra kari vikhian ve Lalo� (As He Commands, so I do speak out, O Lalo) Guru Nanak. Gurbani comes from God, says Sri Guru Amar Das in Rag Majh, p. 125 � �Sabadai opjhai Amrit Bani. Gurmukh aakh sunavaniya.� From God�s Light (Jot) also called Sabad, emanates the Bani, and Holy Persons, who are one with God in them, they convey to others God�s Message. Please read Gur Sobha of Poet Sainapat Singh, one of the 52 poets of the Guru, who stated that Nanded a day before the Guru�s Final Departure from Earth, the Sikh inquired of Sri Gobind Singh, as to who would be his successor. To this he replied that he had already bestowed his �Jama� to Guru Khalsa. LET THIS BE FINALLY CLEAR TO AFGHANAS BLACK AND WHITE, IOSS ZEALOTS,  THAT BANI WHICH CAME THROUGH GURUS AND BHAGATS, WAS NOT THEIR OWN, BUT THE WORD OF THE CREATOR LORD CONVEYED THROUGH THEM � �EH BANI MAHA PURKH KI��� SIMILARLY THE BANI THAT CAME THROUGH THE TENTH NANAK, WAS ALSO THE BANI OF THE SAME MAHA PURKH. HAVE NO DOUBTS ABOUT IT. THOSE WHO SLANDER THE DIVINE WORD, WILL SURELY DIE DOG�S DEATH, HERE AND HEREAFTER.

Similarly, at number of places in Sri Bichitar Natak, Guru Gobind stated that

�I tell the world, what God told me. I will not remain silent in saying the Truth through the fear of any mortal.� (Chapter 7)
As already stated that all these names of God, which Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee used, are the Functionary attributes of God, such as, Kaal, Sarab Kaal, Maha Kaal, Pritham Kaal, Bhagauti, Kalka, Durga, and other such names. Drga, Chandi, Kalka, Bhavani, and Bhagauti are the names of God�s Potential (Jot) Pervading the Universe in all equally, and is the Life Giver, Sustainer and Destroyer. THIS DIVINE JOT IS REPEATEDLY MENTIONED AS GURU, SAT GURU, SAT GURU POORA; ASLSO SABAD N BOTH THE GRANTHS. In Guru Granth, the Gurus and Bhagats used names of all Hindu gods and goddesses in praising the Supreme Lord, as it is only His Potential that works in all, none is capable of creating anything, except God. There is actually only One Life, all creatures and creation are His manifestation only. Sri Guru Arjan Dev in Sukhmani teaches us, �Sagal Bisthar Eik tai bhaey.� The same Guru in Majh Rag teaches -
�The Gurmukhs are emancipated by the Lord. Krishna (the Lord God)becomes the Gurmukh's Companion. The Gurmukh finds the Merciful Lord. He is not found any other way. 2 .He does not need to eat; His Hair is Wondrous and Beautiful; He is free of hate.�
(Gurmukh Madhsoodan nistarai. Gurmukh sangi Krisan Murarai. Dayal Damodar Gurmukh paeiye, horat kitai na bhati jio. 2. Nirahari kaisav nirvaira��.).
(Majh M.5, p. 98)
It is extremely surprising that the words �Siv Sakat� have been used scores of times in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, meaning the Divine and the Material Powers respectively. �Siv Sakti ka khail�, also �Siv Sakat opaey kai Karta Aapai Hukam vartai� (Anand). Shiva�s excellences,if any, can be loved as Divine Creaton, and his name like other gods ascribed to God the Creator of such virtues, Just as we use words Madhsoodan, Krishan Murarai, Shyam Sunder, Beethal, which are Krishna�s names, have been used for God; Raghunath which is Rama�s name, has been used for God also. Words Madho and Madhvai, Banvaria, which are god Vishnu�s names, are used in Guru Granth for God very frequently. The virtues ascribed to Vishnu, actually are that of he Creator God alone.

Guru Gobind Singh took pains to define God�s Potential as Bhavani - �Pritham Kaal sabh jug to Tata. Ta tai bhio Tej Bikhiata. Soei Bhavani Naam Kahai. Jin sagri ye Sirast Opaei.� 24 Avtars, verse 29.

Just as Chandi, Bhavani, Durga or Bhagauti is the Divine Power of Creation and Destruction, verily of God Himself, similarly the other Divine Name is ascribed as Kaal (God's Functionary Quality of Destruction). This unseen Divine Potential is present in all creatures and everywhere, called SOUL, the Creative and Destructive Power of God, which in Sri Guru Granth Sahib is called SABAD or Guru or Sat Guru or Sat Guru Poora, verily God Himself in Immanent Form.

We find Composition Akal Ustat, Satguru Jee has saluted God,both as Akal (Beyond the scope of Death - Eternal), as well as Kaal (The Creator of Destruction). Both are God's Functionary Names. The Guru states - �Akal Purkh ki Racha Han Nai. Sarab Kaal Jee di Racha Ham Nai. Sarbh Loh Ji ki Racha Ham Nai.� (Sarab Loh is the mightiest of all the metals - Here means Mightiest God be his Protector. Also Sarb Loh is the cheaterst metal - here means the Protector and Cherisher of the most humble ones). The reference is toward the Qualities, not steel as such. God is as Mightiest as Steel is, God is as Compassionate and lover of meek and humble, as steel (the humblest metal).

In Chandi Critar (2) - the Guru starts - �Sri Bhagauti Ji Sahai�. Also in Var Durga ki - The Guru salutes to �Sri Bhagauti Ji Sahai.� In Var Durga ki, the Guru states - �Prithan Bhagauti simar kai Guru Nanak laei Dhaey.� From Sri Harimander Sahib, Amritsar down to the humblest place, Sikh assemble and offer this Prayer to God. HAS KALA AFGHANA, AND OTHER OF IOSS BRAND HAVE EVER REFUSED TO JOIN THE PRAYER CONGREGATION AND EVER RAISED OBJECTION TO THE WORDS �PRITHAM BHAGAUTI�?

In Gian Parbodh Granth, the Guru first salutes to �Sri Bhagauti Ji Sahai.� In Composition 'Chrtro-Pakhiaan' - the Guru salues to �Sri Bhagauti Ji Sahai.� As stated above in Durga ki Var, the Guru states, �I first think of the  Pritham Bhagauti The Primal Being or God), then Guru Nanak ----.� Clearly the Guru when he mentions of Bhagauti, he refers to the Mighty Potential of God Pervading in the Universe in Immanent Form. The Guru clarifies that all creatures like Ram, Krishna, and other Avtars derive their Potential from God alone. In short there is only ONE LIFE IN EXISENCE, all creatures are only the manfestation of the One Potential.

The Guru took pains to describe in detail Sri Bhagauti Ji in the First Chriter of Composition 'Chritro Pakhiaan' - Seven full pages. The Guru here states -

�O Lord, You are the symbolic of the Broad Sword, the Arrow, the Dagger.... You have all the qualities of Vishnu, Brahma and Shiv. It is Your Arrows and Swords, which annihilate the armies. It was You in the guise of Narsingh smashed Harnaukash. In the form of Varha and Boar, You bore the weight of the Earth. Your Potential in Ram killed Ravana, and it was Your Potential in Krishna, Kamsa was killed.----�
The Euology of Sri Bhagauti Ji, verily God Himself appears in Krishna Avtar also, which runs into four pages, describing the Creative and Destrctive Potential of the Infinite Lord, in the form of all Arms and weapons. One finds the same qualities of God as the Creator Lord and also the Destroyer, the qualities as described in Sri Guru Granth Sahib as Guru - Permeshwar. Sat Guru Jee apart from the above mentioned Composition, described His Priases in the Chandi Chritra (Ukti Bilas), Chandi Chritra II and in Var Durga Ji Ki.

Please do not be misled by the Hindu names of Chandi, Durga, Bhavani, Bhagauti as Hindu Devies. God is both Mother and Father, and has countless names and forms described. Those who unwisely limit His existence to mere their own religious names, and pick up quarrels with others who describe the same Lord in using different names, they have only befooled themselves and have been the instruments of all the hatred and scambles for nothing. Sri Guru Amar Das Jee in Sri Anand Sahib, teaches us to widen our vision to make it the Universal Vision, to see One Infinite everwhere, thee will be then so scope for any idolatory. See God in all and everywhere � �Eh Naitro Merio, Har bin avar na daikho koei�.

Kala Afghana raised the question that then those who worship stone gods(moorti puga), they would say that they find God in them. The stones are lifeless, and have no functional Qualities, that one can attribute to them. At the most those who worship stones, become stone hearted, prejudiced and fixated to certain ideas of the deity they worshipped. Moreover, worship of any living person or thing as such, who is in limitations, is to create those limitations, or prejudices, in oneself. All conflicts in the world are due to the people�s prejudices; all such persons want that all should be like them, if they do not become like them, the powerful ones make them to be like them. One can learn a lot from the Puranic stories. What we learn from Harakash Demon and his Saint son Prelad story; the faithless father wanted all to be like him only; the father did not care for his son�s life even. Such prejudices are broken by God�s Grace alone. The whole world is in conflicts, because of the prejudices, created by idolatrous practices. How one can widen his vision for co-existence with others. For this, Sri Guru Ram Das Jee, in Rag Aasa, p 366, gave us the following solution -

�Some form alliances with friends, children and siblings. Some form alliances with in-laws and relatives. Some form alliances with chiefs and leaders for their own selfish motives. My alliance is with the Lord, Who is pervading everywhere. 1 .
I have formed my alliance with the Lord; the Lord is my only support. Other than the Lord, I have no other faction or alliance; I sing of the countless and endless Glorious Praises of the Lord. 1 . Pause .
Those with whom you form alliances, shall perish. Making false alliances, the mortals repent and regret in the end. Those who practice falsehood shall not last. I have formed my alliance with the Lord; there is no one more powerful than Him. 2 .
All these alliances are mere extensions of the love of Maya. Only fools argue over Maya. They are born, and they die, and they lose the game of life in the gamble. My alliance is with the Lord, who embellishes all, in this world and the next. 3 .
In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, the five thieves instigate alliances and conflicts. Sexual desire, anger, greed, emotional attachment and self-conceit have increased. One who is blessed by the Lord's Grace, joins the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation. My alliance is with the Lord, who has destroyed all these alliances. 4 .
In the false love of duality, people sit and form alliances. They complain about other peoples' faults, while their own self-conceit only increases. As they plant, so shall they harvest. Servant Nanak has joined the Lord's alliance of Dharma, which shall conquer the whole world.� 5 . 2 . 54
(RAAG AASA, SECOND HOUSE, MEHLA 4, p. 366, Sri Guru Granth Sahib)
It is therefore hero worship of any one is discouraged. The revered Gurus no where introduced the worship of them, to avoid conflicts. They Always kept God as their common ideal and goal. If one sees any beauty or any excellence in any thing or person, attribute that excellence to God alone. LOVE GOD THE CREATOR OF SUCH BEAUTY OR EXCELLENCE. JUST AS KRISHNA�s BEAUTIFUL HAIR PEOPLE ADMIRED AND CALLED HIM �KESVA�. THE GURU SAW SUCH BEAUTY OF HAIR IN THE CREATOR, CALLED HIM, �KESVA�. THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE TO BE APPRECIATED. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee�s last sermon to the Sikhs at Nanded were �
  1. Pooja Akal Ki
  2. Parcha Sabad ka (meditate on His Jot within all)
  3. Darshan Khalsai ka (Always associate with Pure Hearted Persons).

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Couplets 10 and 11 of Chapter 14 of Sri Bichitar Natak

Last two Couplets 10 and 11 of Chapter 14, which read,
�As and when the births of mine came to my memory, I have described the events in the Granth. As I have seen in the Satyuga, I have first the tale of the goddess. (10)
Earlier also the stories of Chandi have been told and the descriptions from top to bottom have been made. Putting aside the stories told previously, now again I desire to eulogize the Lord.� (11)
Afghana wrote, �The Guru had plenty of time that he could have written other events of his life, instead of the Brahmanic stuff of gods and goddesses.� He further stated that Guru Nanak Dev in Jup Ji, Paurhis 5, and 27 outright rejected all the gods and goddesses of the Brahmins Sri Guru Amar Das in Rag Majh, p. 129 stated, �Devi Deva mool hai Maya. Simrat Sasat jin opaeia. Kaam Karodh pasariya Sansarai. Aaey jaey dukh pavania.


Guru Nanak Dev in Paurhi 5 of Jup Ji, stated:

�The Supreme God Himself is in all deities � He is Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and goddesses Parbati, Lakshmi and Sarasvati. Were I to realize His Real Greatness, how can I utter it? By what power may I express it My Master Lord God has thus enlightened me, He alone is the Provider of all; Never may I put Him out of mind. (5)�
In Paurhi 27 of Jup Ji, the Guru stated that various forces of Nature, Air, Water and Fire, etc function under His Command or Authority; various gods too created by Him (in all His Potential abide, being the Creator), Dharam Raja (god of Justice), Chitra Gupta, who kkep record of good and evil deeds of all, Shiva, Brahma, Devi Parbati .

In Majh M.3, p. 129 Sri Guru Amar Das taught � (The root cause of Maya) �

�The Great Illusion, is worship of gods and goddesses as such, taught in Simiritis and Shastras (this creates prejudices in devotees, as all these deities have their limitations). Lust and violence is pervasive all over the world, wherein people remain in cyle of repeated births and death, and are in the grip of suffering.�
As their vision does not extend beyond those gods and goddesses, the Lord Who created them, therefore they become prejudiced persons and fight with each other.

In actuality all Excellences in each of them are that of God alone, His attributes. This writer will make it abundantly clear, that the type of socalled Worshippers of One God, how they in their zeal, and perversion turn into worst types of IDOLATORS. In the West it was Moses, who introduced worship of One God, Who is the Creator of All. It was in the zeal of new ideology, the non believers began to be oppressed by the followers of Moses. Similar was the case of Prophet Mohamad, the non believers in the Islamic ideology, became to be treated as Infidels and were oppressed. In the name of God, heinous crimes have been committed by misguided humanity against their fellow beings, simply because they could not accept, others not conforming to their perverted convictions.


It was the wisdom of the Sikh Gurus and Revered Bhagats, who foresaw this danger of perversion of the extreme views of the people of Monotheism, they gave us the description of the Creator Lord, in His varied rather infinite manifestations and forms, His countless Names adopted as His Functionary Attributes and Forms in numerous languages; and the danger of fruitless conflicts arising on mere terminology. It is clearly this was the Purpose of Sri Guru Gobind Singh writing a separate Granth, of Universal Descriptions of GOD, so that Sikhs would not quarrel merely on the varied names of God and would not hate others who worship Him differently. Sri Guru Arjan Dev Jee in Aasa M.5, p.397 teaches us -

�He is beyond the world of the Vedas, the Koran and the Bible (all Scriptures). The Supreme King of Nanak is Immanent and Manifest everywhere.  4 . 3.�
(Baid Kataib Sansar habh ho Bahira. Nanak ka Patsha disay Zahira)
Afghana is a fake physician, he should first heal himself of the deadly disease of worst type of IDOLATRY in him. He has reduced Sri Guru Granth Sahib merely as an IDOL only. He and all his hechmen are all suffering from the fatal disease, which has ruined them totally. They are advised to read and understand Sri Guru Amar Das Jee�s advice, �Eh Naitro Merio, Har tum mein Jot dhari nadiri Har nihaliya. Eh vis Sansar tum daikhdai, eh Har ka Roop hai, Har Roop nadir aaya.� See Him alone, everywhere manifest in all. When by God�s Grace He manifests in him, then only he shall utter correctly, and his views will carry value. KALA AFGHANA, YOU ARE FAR AWAY FROM GURMAT, ONLY SPEAKING ALL FILTH OF AN IDOLATOR. Kala Afghana said that Guru Gobind Singh from his previous births memories, had only opened all filthy falsehood of Brahmanism, the knowledge of all previous Avtars and goodesses, while in Guru Granth it is taught, �Satyug teh manio, Chelio Bal Bavan kahaio. Tretai Teh Manio, Ram Raghuvans Kahaio, Doapar Krishan Murar, Kamas kirtarath kio ---�. Does he not feel ashamed that he is falsifying the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, which he idolizes, as the only GURU!!!

Please read the authentic life history of Guru Gobind Singh Jee, it will be observed that the Guru had to face most of the opposition from Hindus, especially Brahminic forces. As they did not see eye to eye with the Teachings of Equality of All, it was they who made repeated armed invasions against the Guru; the imperial Mughals were the subsidiary forces to help them against an enemy too powerful to subdue alone. Please refer to Dhadi Nath Mal�s Amar Nama, translated by none other than Gurtej Singh(IOSS). The Guru clearly stated therein that it were the Brahmins alone, who were the cause of all opposition against him, and the brutal murder of all his Four Sons. Will that Guru, who suffered most, at the hands of the Brahmins, would advocate or preach Brahmanism to Sikhs!! The whole trouble is that the Guru has written his Compositions in Brij Bhasha � Language of Central India, for wider information, and it is mostly in metaphoric and Symbolic Language, full of similes. It is most regretted that Dr Jodh Singh, Dr Rattan Singh Jaggi and his wife Dr Gursharan Kaur, have made a very poor show of their scholarship in interpreting the Most Scholarly Divine Bani!! Thanks to Kala Afghana and IOSS, this Granth which had been greatly neglected, is gradually becoming popular.


In his extreme ignorance of the Sikh Teachings, Gurbakash Singh Kala Afghana made the moving appeal to Sikhs at page 124 of his book on Criticism of Sri Bichitar Natak to accept worship of One God alone as taught in in Sri Guru Granth , and to beware of the Brahmanic clevernesses, who created Dasam Granth in the name of 10th Nanak, in which all falsehood has so cleverly been incorporated to appear as truth. He further states, that the Brahmins did not stop here, they presented the Gurus as the decendents of Sri Ram Chander, an Avtar of god Vishnu. In his view, it is Brahmanic miracle that the Sikhs would never be able to attain the status of a separate community, in the constitution of India. Whenever Sikhs would endeavour to establish a separate status of theirs, their all efforts would come to grief. He takes the credit that it is his selfless tireless service of his drum beating at the top of voice warning of the extreme danger ahead of the Sikhs, if his voice is not heeded to (to reject Dasam Granth). The Sikhs who say today that they are not Hindus, after lapse of time, it would be they who would say that they are actually Hindus!!!

Estalishment of a gurdwara in the mountaneous area of Uttar Pradesh in India in the memory of Guru Gobind Singh�s previous life as an ascetic meditating on the top of the Hem Kunt Mountain, which is in contravention of the Basic Sikh Teachings. This was the fatal step taken, as ill effect of this Natak. It is on account of this Granth, GURMAT has been totally falsified.

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Incorrect Interpretation of Bani

The incorrect interpretation of the Guru Gobind Singh Jee�s description of God sending him to this world, when he took birth in Patna City, (as mentioned in Bichtar Natak) speaks loudly of senseless interpreations of the Guru�s Most scholarly writings, that he in his previous life was NOT an ascetic, meditating on the top of 14,000 feet high Mountain called �Hem Kunt�. One would shed tears on the extremely poor scholarship of we Sikhs during the last 300 years, who had no sense to realize that no ascetic has ever made his abode on mountain tops, where nothing exists for shelter against inclement weather, nor anything grows to sustain oneself to live. Also, one would equally be disgusted to shed tears on the literal misinterpretation of the verses that Guru Tegh Bahadur went on pilgrimage of sacred places like Trebaini (Allahabad) to have the dip in the sacred waters of the Confluence of River Ganga with River Jumna, made austerities there of alms distribution � the Guru in metaphorical language stated that Baba Tegh Bahadur (his father), who had not yet become the Guru, he along with his famly members and Sikhs made a tour of Eastern India, and when he reached at Trebaini, there he halted for some time, shared the Divine Knowledge with the people there (this in Gurmat is considered as the highest CHARITY NAAM DAN), there Guru Gobind Singh to have stated, he was conceived, and when the party reached at Patna City, there he saw the Light of the Day. THEY WHO KNOW NOTHING OF GURMAT OR HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE OF INTERPRETATION OF SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE, BUT HAVE ONLY THE HABIT OF MISCHIEF MONGERING, MISINTERPRET IN LITERAL WAY, THAT TOO IN MOST EXAGGERATED MISCHIEVIOUS WAY TO DEFAME THE GURU AND HIS GRANTH.

Kala Afghana and his IOSS cohorts bear so much hatred for all what is Hinduism, in regard to their Saints, Avtars, gods and goddesses, for such knowledge, which he stated as Brahmanic storm of jumbled Falsehood and all Vulgarities. All revolutionaries must create an external enemy, to evolve internal unity with the community�s ranks, this is an old axiom. These so called Sikh revolutionaries have created the external enemy, and chosen to destroy Sri Dasam Granth, as they assert it preaches affinity for Hindu faith. They have not touched the varied old Chronicles, like Soraj Parkash, Mehma Parkash, various Gur Bilasas, Panth Parkashs and other which really are Brahmanic in nature, and give corrupted Hinduised picture of the Gurus� life. Rather they make use of these old chronicles to slander the Divine Bani of Dasam Granth.

Religion is, without any question, the oldest source of human thought, as it deals with questions, from where we have come, for what purpose we are here, and where we are going. The deepest religious experiences are precisely those connected with birth, marriage and death � �the crisis of existence� as these are called. Hardly there is any religion, which is not based on some degree upon man�s social needs and aspirations.

Religion remains a powerful source of loyalty and also community feeling in the modern world. Whatever may be the signs of diminished faith in the followers of any traditional religion, the followers more than offset by the attractions of new, often bizarre forms of religious faith � this is more particularly true of Sikhs, who day in and day out, Sikhs like Kala Afghana slander the revered Gurus, make mockery of the Sikh Scriptures � God�s Word. Kala Afghana is an important Wing of IOSS Organization, whose main objective is to create armed revolution to cease polical power any how. The aspirations of IOSS zealots become abundantly clear to any reader of their Basic Creed Book, titled, �SIKHISM � Its Philosophy and History.� This writer after completion of these series, will take up the analysis of the IOSS Creed Boook stated above, as to how mercilessly, the aims of Gurmat Ethos have been corrupted for attainment to political Power, and how the sacred history of the revered Gurus has been twisted and corrupted to show them as the most corrupt Power Seekers and the violent revolutionaries; and have euologized revolutionaries like Banda Bairagi and other such Sikhs in pursuit of Power, who committed unspeakable crimes against humanity in pursuit of Power.

All revolutionaries are necessarily the amalgam people of political, religious and military values. We must understand the basic perversions of these zealots, who enhance the political and military values, coupled with religious fanaticism, in furtherance of their military revolutionary activities.

Politics provides the ends of revolution, but the zeal and sense of mission without which no revolution can hope to succeed are clearly of religious substance. Without a basically religious sense of dedication, the revolutionary radical mentality does not emerge from the peculiar preoccupation with power that is at the care of politics, that is, revolution is intimately dependent on politics. The religious zeal of the revolutionaries is the corrupted form of religion, more especially of Sikhs. This disease in Sikhs began immediately after the Acension of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee, under the corrupt leadership of Banda Bairagi, who totally reversed the Sikh Teachings; which legacy has been pursued till this very moment. Let us examine, where does this perversion in such revolutionary persons lead to.


Man is always in search of a support so that he may be able to spend his days comfortably. His heart clings to a large variety of things for spport of life. There are, therefore many godsupon whom he pins his hopes, such as Nature (Worship of Nature to get supernatural powers), country, race, creed, group, business, science, religion, education, values, sex, money, knowledge, theological images of God, etc. He identifies with government, gods, powerful leadersand groups in complete submission to experperience true power. In certain religions tere are many magical rites to attain to power, to which he relies. The religious approach in many religions is referred to in Guru Granth, as that of a selfish man for his wish fulfillment. The Sikh Gurus repeatedly state that this harassed man takes refuge in gods, who themselves are perishable and will surely lead to destruction. In this great state of fear, helplessness and uncertainties, the man established relations with powerful ones by submission to them. Although he may feel secure for some time, yet he realizes that the price paid is very heavy. He loses his own strength and integrity and lives on the mercy of others. The initiative or drive in him is lost.

Another way of overcoming his fears of separateness is exercising his powers on others and making them submissive to him. He thus experiences his strength by dominating others. Please note that in both cases, in submssion and by domineering, he is dependent on others, NOT ON HIS OWN INHERENT STRENGTH OF SELF. He worships Power to make himself Powerful, and then unites with other to exercise power on them. He needs Power as well as others, to feel the joys of Power. In both cases he loses his own integrity and his own inner strength. When Power becomes one�s ideal to attain, then there NO RESPECT FOR LIFE IS LEFT IN HIM. ALL RELATION THEN ARE MEASURED FROM THE STANDARD OF MATERIAL POSSESSIONS. MATTER IS LIFELESS THING � THEY LOVE DEATH. LIFE IS ALL LOVE FOR PROGRESSION TOWARD INHERENT HIGHER ACHIEVEMENTS. GOD THUS CREATED TWO POWERFUL FORCES - MATERIAL FORCE, ITS LOVE LEADS TO MORAL DEATH - LIFE FORCE IS DIVINE FORCE OF ALL PERFECTION AND ETHICAL.

We have already discussed Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee�s Two Dictims � Existence of Material Force and the Divine Force in all. Those who do not pay allegiance to the Divine Force of Truth and Morality in all walks of their lives, they meet with Moral Death and get destroyed.

According to the Sikh Teachings , God has created Man, Who looks after all his material needs. There are, however, uncertainties in life, there may be some dealy in fulfillment of desires and wishes. Providence wants, that Man should have full reliance and faith on his Creator. The temporary adversities one meet, helps in character building, making him more resolute and faithful in Faith � �Kaiti dookh bhookh sud mar, Eh bhi Daat Teri Datar.� � Guru Nanak, Jup Jee. God does come to the rescue of His devotees, and ever sustains them both, Spirtually and physically. The devotees feel satiated what ever He gives them, above all His presence in them make them the Most Contented Happiest Persons.

Polytheism not only implies worship of a number of gods, but also means SELF ALIENATION. IDOLATORS are those, who love the things, other than God. The Idolators are never objective in their approach, they always think of themselves alone, scientifically called NARCISSTIC. The artist makes an idol, and loves his own creation. What is best in him, he puts in that idol, then he submits to it. The idol represents his own Life Forces in an alienated form. He then slavishly adheres to the idol and becomes the automation in the hands of supernatural magical powers. He passionately becomes attached to gods of his own creation, and finds it hard to come out of the prison. All these gods represent the material things, which are lifeless, and thus lead him to DESTRUCTION AND DECAY. MAN THUS LOSES THE REALITY, THUS BECOMES SELF ALIENATED � THIS IS MOST POWERFUL CREATION OF MAYA � THE GREAT ILLUSION � THE WHOLE WORLD IS ENGULFED; RARELY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE ENLIGHTENED BY HIS GRACE AND LIVE OBJECTIVELY WITH THE LIFE GIVER, WHO ABIDES WITH THEM, NOT FAR OFF.


Such people are motivated by their lust for Power money and sex, and are the slaves of the political and other material strivings and do not experience Spiritual richness and pleasure of virtues endowed by God. They have lost all humanity in them, and have become self alienated, robots working as machines, the moving dead bodies.

The same phenomenon exists in hero worship of any one, whosoever pious and great person he maybe. The Gurus never encouraged worship of their Person, always taught the Love of Divine alone, Who is Litmitless � SO THAT NO PREJUDICES COULD BE CREATED, WHICH IS THE ONLY CAUSE FOR ALL CONFLICTS. The Swiyyas of Bhatts, which are given in pages 1389 � 1409, of Guru Granth Sahib, in praise of the first Five Gurus, Not as Persons, but the Praise of GURU JOT IN THEM (DIVINE LIGHT IN FULL EFFULGENCE IN THEM).


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