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All Pervading Guru JOT (God) as defined in Sri Akal Ustat

All Pervading Guru JOT (God) as defined in Sri Akal Ustat

Following is the translation from the extracts from Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Composition, "Sri Akal Ustat", relating the Creator Lord's Immanent Form of Guru Jot, pervading the whole of Creation - in Sri Guru Granth Sahib defined generally as "Sat Guru Poora" or "Sabda", and in the Sri Dasam Granth Sahib defined by many names, such as - Durga, Chandi, Bhagauti, Bhavani, SIVA, and many other names.

The Creator Lord is Formless, and so is His Light or Jot, which pervades all the creation, and is instrumental in creation of the Universe. This Jot abides in us all, we call it SOUL. In Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Sat Guru Ji calls it "Sat Guru" or (Divine) - having no difference in qualities and function from the Transcendental Lord, Parbrham. We Sikh still upto this day, foolishly like Hindu Brahmans treat it otherwise, and like them zealously state that our SOUL (which is defined verily God Himself), is a sinner and transmigrates. Those so called Sikhs possessing this much of knowledge of Guru Granth Sahib, have dared to make senseless criticism of the Holy Scriptures, especially of Sri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib. It is totally "Pearls before the Swines", as aptly stated in the Holy Bible.  Sri Kabir Ji also teaches us -

�They do not listen to the Lord's Praises, and they do not sing the Lord's Glories,  but they try to bring down the sky with their talk.  1 .
What can anyone say to such people?  You should always be careful around those whom God has excluded from His devotional worship. 1 . Pause .
They do not offer even a handful of water,  while they slander the one who brought forth the Ganges.  2 .
Sitting down or standing up, their ways are crooked and evil.  They ruin themselves, and then they ruin others.  3 .
They know nothing except evil talk.  They would not even obey Brahma's orders.  4 .
They themselves are lost, and they mislead others as well.  They set their own temple on fire, and then they fall asleep within it.  5 .
They laugh at others, while they themselves are one-eyed.  Seeing them, Kabir is embarrassed.  6 . 1 . 44�
(Gauree, Sri Kabir Ji, page 332)

Extracts from Sri Akal Ustat Sahib

Following is the translation of the excerpts from Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji�s Composition, Sri Akal Ustat. This section of Sri Akal Ustat, is most beautifully worded in matchless poetry and thought.  The readers are requested to read the text; the words used are so arranged that they create throbbing sensation when one reads them; words move and vibrate rhythmically.  This can be experienced, not stated in words.  It is in Reality the Immense Treasure of Knowledge.  Sat Guru Jee has used �Brij Bhasha� Language of Scholars, which is widely understood in India, but we Punjabees may have some difficulty.  Alas!. These Pearls and Gems are of no value to the "SWINE" section of we modern Sikhs, who have turned their backs to the Guru � but stick the Sikh fold, merely to inflict fatal injury to GURMAT, acting as cobra snakes, to remain hidden in the good looking grass of Gursikh Society.  Beware of these God accursed scoundrels.
Diragh Tirbhangi Chhand
�From the beginning of the Creation, it is the Divine Mission, to subdue the hordes of the wicked, and to annihilate the tyrants who inflict miseries on the people (Demons), and destroy the ignoble .  The  Lord�s  Mighty Potential, which manifest in the world, called by various names and is the Unknowable Reality,  was the killer of Chichchbar demon, is  the Liberator of the sinners, and is Remover of the pangs of hell. His Light (Jot) is beautiful, radiant, indestructible, is the Subduer of the invincible, Unfathomable and full of Mystery is He.  Victory be to Him, Victory to Him, the Killer of Demon Mehkhasar (mighty Sexual lust, bringing it under control).  He/She is *Wearer of beautiful hair knot, Who protects the world.  (211)
*God and His Light in us all is Formless.  He has only been personified to attribute all imaginable excellences to Him the Guru thought of, by describing Him in Anthropomorphic forms.
O Primal Lord, You are the killer of the tyrants (demons), Subduer of the wicked, Punisher of the mighty.  You are most beauteous, and are Subduer of demons Chand and Mund (monstrous instincts of Greed and Attachments, respectively); Annihilator of demons Dhumar Lochan and Mehkhasar  (Cloudy Vision and Sexual Instincts, respectively); Destroyer of tyrants, Protect us from falling into hell, and the Liberator of sinners. You pervade in the sky and the Netherlands also.  Victory be to You, the killer of Mehkhasar (Unbridled sexual lust), Wearer of beautiful knot of hair on head.  (212)
O Almighty (Chandika � God�s Mighty Potential pervading everywhere in all),* tambour beatings from Your hands is like a lion�s roar.  Your might makes Your biceps throb; armed Lankuda dances before Your tiger (on which You ride) �a form of Kaal (death knell)to destroy the tyrants (demons).  The Eight Weapons You are holding in Your hands shine, like ornaments sparkle; white snakes round Your neck hiss to bite the foes.  Victory be to You, the Killer of Mehkhasar, with beautiful knot of hair on the head.  (213)
* All this imagery is the symbolic of the Unseen, in Anthropomorphic beautiful language.
O the Perfect Lord, pervading everywhere;  Killer of demons Chund and Mund (Unbridled instincts of Greed and Attachment, respectively), Subduer of the invincible; You mighty Potential like flashing lightning; Subduer of the mighty; may Your flags flutter and snakes hiss. You short arrows fall like rainfall and kill the foes.  You are the Bestower of joy to the good, Killer of the wicked.  Victory be to You, the Killer of Mehkhasar (unbridled sexual lust).(214)
O Lord, Your laughter is like lightning, how beautifully it appears in You.  Your Light (Jot) pervade everywhere.  Your pace is fast, Who devours demon Rakat Bij (False rumors)in Supreme Wisdom; it is You Who gives strength to us to fight battle of Righteousness; You move as Fearless, being Righteous is Your Mission.  The ever spreading poison of rumors, is swallowed up by Wisdom You bestow.  O Lord, You are the Killer of Mehkhasar (unbridled instinct of sexual lust), the Destroyer of sins and the Protector of Dharma.  (215)
O Lord, You  alone are the Remover of all sins, and You  adequately get all wickedness burnt out.  You are the Ameliorator of the world, and the Giver of good counsel.  Snakes round Your neck hiss, Your horse roars as a lion does.   Your love of Saintliness, makes You use the weapons.  In all Your Eight Arms, You are holding weapons like sword, and also wearing the iron coat.  Your Potential is Immeasurable, and You ever keep Your Word. Victory be to You; the Killer of Mehkhasar (unbridled sexual lust);  everywhere on earth, sky and Netherlands it is You, Whose Light shines.  (216)
Your sword in the battlefield is resplendent, Who kills demon Chichhar.  You are the Destroyer of demon Dhumarlochan (Cloudy Vision); You snap ego of the egoists; Your teeth are beautiful as pomegranate seeds; You subdue the mighty conquerors of the world, and have the depth of insight, and are the Destroyer of the wicked. OF You Mighty of Eight Arms, it is You Who destroy one�s evil deeds, Resplendent much more than Moon; and Your fame, more than like the rays of Sun.   O the Flag of Dharma, the tinkling bells of Your Feet tinkle, and the weapons in Your hands are radiant; and the snakes round Your neck make hissing noise.   (217)
O Primal Energy (God), the Supporter of Dharma,  bells tinkle in Your Feet, and weapons shine in Your hands.  Snake around Your neck hiss. You laugh loudly and heartily.  You abide in all beings.  You destroy the wicked; the wielder of the iron-wheel.  You move ahead riding the lion with expertise.  You are Infinite, Unfathomable, Victory be to You.  You are the Killer of Mehkhasar (Unbridled sexual lust)- Every Primal Virgin, Unfathomable Energy.  (218)
O Primal Lord, men, gods, demons and all bow to You.  You are the Killer of the wicked; and the Destroyer of the evil beings; Subduer of Death itself.  You ameliorate the sinners.  In Assam State, You are known as Kamakhya. You save us from the hell.  You are beginningless, beautiful  is Your waist-string attracting men and gods.  You ever ride on lion.  Your valor is known up to the nether lands.  Victory be to You, Who abide everywhere � Air, nether lands, sky and fire. (219)
O Primal Beginningless Unfathomable and Fearless Lord - You are the Savior from pain; Ameliorator of the evil, Resplendent is Your Light (Jot pervading the whole Creation, the Doer in Reality).  Lord, You are Warrior like (to help the humble and destroy the tyrants).  You destroy pain and sorrow and Subduer of fire.  You are Primal Beginningless, Unfathomable, Invincible One, Bestower of piety, Destroyer of polemics, Giver of heat to Sun, Bestower of gifts to devotees.  Victory be to You, Who is the Practicer of Weapons in battle.   (220)
O Mighty Lord of Unlimited Potential, swifter than arrows agile are Your Eyes.  Your Beautiful Hair flutter like a nimble steed; holding axe in hand to kill (the tyrants).  You are the Savior, Who save us from the pit of hell.  You are Resplendent like lightning, Your waist is slim, like of a lion, which make all fearful of You.  ONE from beginning, Victory be to You, the Slayer of demon Rakatsur (Killer of Rumours), Sawer of Sumbh (Pride) and Killer of Nisumbh (Anger).  (221)
O Lord, You are Lotus eyed, Remover of sadness, Destroyer of anxiety. You are dressed in Armour, Your laughter is like the lightning thunder, Your nose is parrot like,  Beautiful are Your vesture, the Conduct Superb, and the Killer of wicked.  Your body is agile. Fast is Your pace, Killer of the demons.  Victory be to You, Killer of Mehkhaser (unbridled sexual lust), Primal, Beginningless, Unfathomable, embedded in hearts.  (222)
O Lord the Primal Worshipable Deity, the bells on Your waist ring melodiously and they destroy delusion and fear of the devotees.  Even nightingale feels ashamed on hearing this.  The sins are washed off, joy is created in hearts. You do not leave the battlefield, till You route the evil doers, who get irritated and run away from the battle. Victor be to You, Killer of Mehkhaser (unbridled sexual lust), Slay of demon Chund (Greed).  (223)
O Lord, the Primal, Beginningless, Unfathomable,  Wearer of Weapons, and Killer of the wicked � In wrath You halt the opponent, Frightening One, Destroyer of Dhumarlochan (Cloudy Vision), the Perisher of the world and Who causes Dooms Day.  You are Jalapeshavari, the Wise Counsel, and Destroyer of the wicked.  You are of the highest Intellect.  Victory be to You, the Killer of Mehkhasar (unbridled sexual urge) (224)
Lord, Who is Self respecting like Khatris, Wearer of arrows, Fearless, Indestructible and Bodiless from beginning. You are Unfathomable, Killer of demon Brirlachh, Punisher of Chichchhar, Your Light is Resplendent, so for ever You are Nurisher of gods and humans.  He is the Liberator sinners, Uplifter of the wicked, Remover of all flaws.  Victory be to You, Killer of Mehkhaser (unbridled sexual urge), Destroyer of the entire world.  (225)
Primal, Eternal, Unfathomable Lord, Your Light (Jot pervading everywhere) is like Lightning, Sharp and long and long nose,  Graceful is Your Being, and immense is Your Power. You are the Destroyer of demons (wicked) in the field.  You shoot the arrows on wicked, cause awe in them; thus You  prevail everywhere.  You use weapons of eight kinds. You honor Your Word, support the saintly, Your nature is Unfathomable.  Victory be to You, Killer of Mehkhasaer. (226)
Lord, You are the Savior from sorrow and suffering, Protector of devotees.  You become apparent to saints. You use sharp arrows, wear the bow and quiver.  You destroy  the wicked, route the hordes of evil persons.  You are the Remover of flaws, effaces the ego.  Your Will is immense; honor the saints, Creator and Destroyer of worlds.  Victory be to You, Killer of Mehkhaser (unbridled sexual lust), Apparent to the saints, Killer of the wicked.  (227)
The Lord is the Cause of all causes, Subduer of the proud, Conqueror of sun and moon, Has sharp intellect, the eight weapons held in Your hands shine like lightning � so is Your Nature for ever.  Tambour in Your hands sounds and the lion roars.  Your biceps flutter of immense potential, and so is Your Nature.  Victory be to You, Killer of Mehsakher (unbridled sexual instinct), Primal, Eternal, Beginningless One.   (228)
O Lord, You are the origin of all,  You are killer of demon Chichchhar, Savior from falling into hell, Liberator of sinners, Great warrior, Destroyer of sins, Purifier of the wicked, Slayer of the Invincible, Savior from death, More Beautiful and Resplendent than moon. You are the Uplifter of sinners and Killer of demon Mund (Greed). Victory be to You, Killer of Mehkhaser (unbridled sexual instinct), and Destroyer of demon Dhumerlochan (Cloudy Vision). (229)
O Primal Lord, Who is Infinite, Unfathomable, Destroyer of demon Rakat Bij (false rumors), Slayer demon Chund (Greed), Annihilator of demons, Slayer of �Biral�.  Your shower arrows on wicked, cause fear in them.  Your wrath is immense for support of Dharma.  You are Slayer of Dhumarlochan (Cloudy Vision), devour blood of wicked.  You are the Killer of demons Sumbh (Pride) and Nisumbh (Anger).  Victory be to You, Killer of Lehkhaser (unbridled sexual instinct).  (230) �

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