Thirty Three Swiyyas

Eik Onkar Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Sri Mukh Vak, Swaiyya Patshaei Xth



He alone is the Khalsa, the purest of the Pure, in whom the Divine Light illumines his mind completely - he ever dwells day and night on the Ever Living Effulgent Divine Light (Jot within himself), and who never gives a moment's thought on anything else, but One Lord, in complete devotion and Faith and does not believe even by mistake in fasting, tombs, crematoriums and hermitages; he too does not believe in pilgrimages, customary charities, or a set of code of self discipline. (1)

The Creator Lord is Eternal, Ever Consistent, Without a beginning, Just to all, Incomprehensible and Unconquerable. His Charity, Compassion, Self Restraint and Self Discipline , His Laws, His Vows and Chastity, and pleasing manners, are all ever lasting. He is the Primeval Being, Infinite, Without a Beginning and an End, Self Existent, Formless and has no jealousy and is Fearless. He is Formless, Changeless, and is Compassionate to the meek and humble. (2)

Lord, You are the Beginning of all, Without any Distinctive Form. The Universal Being, Great and Almighty, Indestructible, Embodiment of Truth, the Life of All. Your Light is All Pervasive, the life of all. You created the FIVE Elements, which have the opposing characteristics to each other; e.g. Heat and Water, Water and solid matter, Water and Air; it is You O Lord Who have placed them in the balance in all bodies of the creatures. You are Primeval One, Who is since the Beginning of Time. O the Lord of Beginning of the world, Who pervades the inner care of heart of each creature. You are Compassionate to the humble and is Unconquerable. The Lord is Omni-Existent, yet it is puzzling how He is Merciful to all alike. (3)

The Lord is Primeval, Formless and Ever Consistent, Whose mystery neither the Scriptures of East or the West have revealed. He is Compassionate to the humble, the Treasure of Mercy, Who ever Pervades all the Creation, as Embodiment of Truth. Seshnaga, Indra, Ganesha, Shiva and Brahma, who engaged themselves in finding the Depth of the mysteries of the Lord through the Vedic studies, could not find His limitations . O my ignorant mind, why have you forsaken such an Eternally manifest Lord in all. (4)

The Lord is Consistent, Primeval, Immaculate, Infinite, and is called Embodiment of Truth. He is the Beginning of all the creation, Himself Unborn, Time has no effect on Him. He is the Holiest of the Holy, and is the Transcendent Lord. He is Self Existent; His miracles are manifest to the whole world; through One, He is diffused through all. O poor and lowly my mind, why do you not recognize Him, Who is such Immaculate Lord. (5)

Lord, You are Indestructible, the Primeval, Immaculate and Eternal. You are Eternal Creator Lord of all. Lord, You pervade everywhere in land and water. It is You, Who provide sustenance to all creatures every where. The Vedas, Purans and Koran have described You in varied thoughts. O Lord, the Master of all, You alone are Eternal; while all the rest are perishable. (6)

O Eternal Lord, You are the First Cause of all what happens - The Real DOER; Himself Indestructible, Unaccountable and Unconquerable. It was You in the past, You in the present, and You will be in the Future; present everywhere, witnessed by all. Gods, demons, Vishnu, Narda and Sarda, all call You as the Eternal Verity. O Lord, Your mystery is unknown to Koran or Purans; You are Compassionate and Treasure of Mercy. (7)

O Eternal True One, the Creator of Eternal Laws, You have given to the world the Vedas and Semitic texts. It is You Who created gods and demons, angels and Seshnaga. You have established, past, present and future periods. You are Primeval, all along existent since the Beginning of Time, and are Stainless and Eternal; manifest both here and hereafter. O my ignorant mind, realize the Presence of the Unseen Lord. Tell me, who has told you of any one else, other than Him. (8)

Gods, Demons, Nagas and Seshnagas and the great Sidhas, who underwent great austerities to attain knowledge of the Supreme Lord. The Vedas, the Purans and the Koran have dwelt on the Lord's Praises, but could not recognize Him. On the Earth, in the sky, and in other regions, He knows the core of everyone's heart everywhere. O God, Your glory pervades the whole earth. When You came to my mind, I realized You. (9)

Your mystery could not be known by Vedas, nor in the Simiritis, nor by the deep contemplating Siddhas. The Simiritis and Shastras, like the Vedas and Purans have also tried to know of Your extant. O Lord, Your knowledge is too deep to know; O Primal and Beginningless One; Whose Name redeemed sinners like Ganka and Ajamal; and Dhrua and Prehlad. Your Holy Name is my mainstay. (10)

O Lord, You are the Cause of all causes, the Beginningless One, Unfathomable, Who knows everything of every one. You know of the Gandharvas, Yakshas, Nagas and Seshnags, earth and heaven. The four directions of the lands proclaim You alone as the Supreme, and none else. O my ignorant mind, what evil thing has made you ignorant of your Self-Existent, All Wise God, the Treasure of Mercy. (11)

Some put on the images of Thakur (Vishnu) round their necks; others call Shiva as their God. Some say that God dwells in temples, others say He dwells in mosques. Some believe Rama was God, and some believe Krishna was. I have forsaken their spurious ways, and believe in the Creator Lord alone as my God. (12)

When you call God is All Pervading, and is Unconquerable and Unconceived; then how could He be born as Rama from the womb of Kaushaliya? When one calls Krishna as the Eternal God, then why did he die? God is All loving and holy too; then why did he drive Arjuna to battle? Only recognize Him alone to be Your All Powerful God; Whose mystery no one has unraveled or will do it. (13)

If Krishna is God, the Treasure of Mercy, then why the huntsman pierced him with an arrow? If he was saving the families of others, then why did he get himself annihilated? He, Who is called the Primal God, Self existent, then how he could have been born of Devki's womb. When God has neither any father nor mother; then how He could be called Vasudeva as his father? (14)

Why call Shiva as your God; and also call Brahma as your God. God does not belong to Raghu clan of Rama, nor to the family of Yaksas of Krishna, nor He is Rama's spouse: not of these is God of the Universe. You forsake the ONE, and cling to many; but this wise even Sukhdeva, Prasara and Vyasa, fell in error. O man, all these ways are of no avail. So I have recognized the ONE alone in every form. (15)

There are some who worship Brahmins, and there are some who worship Shiva as God. There are some who call Vishnu as the God of Universe, and by worship whom all the sins committed are washed off. O ignorant fool, think over it thousand times, you will come to the conclusion that all these will forsake you in the end. Contemplate on Him alone, Who was, and is and will also be - the proof is within your own heart. (16)

He Who created hundreds of million of Indras and Bavan gods, and destroyed them. He created countless gods and demons too, birds, beasts, mountain, Seshnagas. Shiva and Brahma are still absorbed in doing penances, but have not attained His limitations. The Vedas and the western scriptures could not fathom the depth of His mystery. This secret has been obtained by me from the Lord, Who is the Supreme Guru of all. (17)

In the deceptive way of their being religious in their contemplation, there are many who deceive the people by wearing matted hair, and growth of long nails. They besmear their faces with ashes, to cheat gods and demons. They wander from house to house, driven by greed, abandoning the detachment of a true Yogi. They thus lose their honor , as their efforts end in a smoke, as without the love and devotion , no one attains to God. (18)

O my ignorant mind, why practice the ways of deception? One loses his honor, both here and life hereafter, by leading life in such hippocratic ways. You in this way will not find a place near the Abode of the Merciful Lord of the poor and humble.. O thoughtless wretch, dwell upon Him, the Unseen Real, Who is pleased with the love and devotion within, Not by wearing garbs and in meaningless rituals. (19)

Why worship the stones, God is not contained in such things. Worship God alone, by doing so all your sins and sorrows will be removed. All sickness of your body and mind will be removed by loving Him. Contemplation of Him will ever prove fruitful and other frivolities will be of no avail. (20)

Stones have no life, no power, however one may continue worshipping them for ages, no gain will be accrued. No one claims wealth of the Nine Treasures from the stones. Avail of the opportunity made today, and do not waste your time. In this way one's wishes ever remain unfulfilled, and still he does not regret for his fruitless actions. In his stubbornness attitude he wastes away the precious gem of his life, and fails to contemplate on God. (21)

If one were to continue worshipping stones for ages, the stones will not come to life and express their pleasure. The stones will not raise its hand to bless him, O unwise one. Why does he rely on the helpless, who would never save him from his sorrows. O obstinate wretch, beware of the fruitless path of the superstitious belief of his worship, Which leads to complete disaster. (22)

No Avtar (Incarnation of God) or Prophet can save any one, as all are mortals. It is God, Who alone creates and destroys all gods, demons, mountains, serpents. Only God has been doing it in the past, and will do in the future. Those who called themselves Avtars, they all fell regretfully here before us. O my mercurial mind, why you do not immediately fall on the Feet of the Lord, the only God. (23)

God created Brahma, who roamed on the earth with his staff and a water pot. God created Shiva, who wandered through all lands. In their respective time, each of them appeared and disappeared. God also created Visnu, who appeared in the world, and finally disappeared. All witnessed them. I do pay deaf ears to the varied secrets of the Scriptures of East and West, and have taken the Refuge of the Merciful Lord God alone. (24)

O thickheaded one, you are wasting away time in fruitless works. You do not dwell on Compassionate Eternal Lord. You have thus lost the self respect and the sense of shame, and are engaged in evil deeds. This just like a man, who is offered to ride on gorgeous horses and elephants, but he shamelessly chooses to ride an ass. O Careless one, you follow the customs of the people, and neglect the choice of your heart, which directs you to dwell on the Supreme Lord. (25)

I have been reading Sacred Books of both East and West for a long time, but could not find out their objective. One may wander from place to place and worship many things, but would not contemplate on One God. People bow their heads to the shrines and the stones therein. But of what avail to them, all this ritual? O my obstinate mind, why being stubborn, you have forsaken your manifest God (26)

If one goes to a yogic monastery, they ask him to repeat the name of Gorakh, their Guru. Similarly, the Sanyasins would plead that Dattatreya alone is real to be worshipped. If one were to be among Muslims, they would say to him to accept Muhammad as his Prophet. Each one considers that his God alone is real, as they do not know the Great Mystery of God. (27)

The yogis ask their devotee to give them all what he possesses. Also, the Sanyasins would say, "offer them all his possessions in the name of Dattatreya". If one goes to a Masand, he would ask his visitor to surrender to him whatever he has with him. Every one knows the art of exaction of money from others, but do not know how to impart the Knowledge of God. (28)

If one offers to serve any Masand, the latter would say to the former to bring to him all he has in his home. And also he should surrender to him everything with him, here and now. The Masand would further ask him to fix his attention day and night on his name , and not to think of any one else. And if he were to demand something in return from the Masand; then the latter would hasten to disappear from there. Masand is only pleased, when he receives something as offering. (29)

These Masands put oil in their eyes, and thus pretend to be shedding tears (in love of God). They would attend a rich disciple with all attention but when a poor one were to ask for anything, they would shut their door upon him. The beasts rob the poor people without any shame, and would never Praise the Lord. (30)

The cheats close their eyes like a crane to deceive the people. They in their pretence bow low like a huntsman, and fix their full attention on their preys. This even puts into shame the doings of cats (when they pounce on rats). They are out to rob people wherever they may be. They thus lose their self here and in the life hereafter. O Fool, why do you involve yourself in such a deceitful game, and do not contemplate on the Lord. (31)

Why such people involve themselves in such fruitless works, which are not beneficial to them? They run after grabbing riches. How they will be able to escape from the clutches of the Death Angels, when none will be able to help them; neither their sons, nor wives, nor friends, nor the followers. O thoughtless brute, that every one will have to leave this world alone. (32)

When you will leave your body, instantly your wife will call you a ghost, and will run away from you. Your sons, wife, and friends will all yell, "take him away, take him away." Your mansions, the store houses, the forts, the hidden treasures, will all pass to others. O heedless wretch, you will have to go alone at the end. (33)