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Chritar or Tale Twenty Four (24) - Tale of Sumer Kaur

Chritar 24 - Tale of Sumer Kaur

A raja, who belonged to Raghubans Dynasty, used to live in the Upper part of the country.  Chandra Mati was his principal Rani, very pretty one.  They had a daughter, named Sumer Kaur, who was extra ordinary beautiful.  She got married to a southern Raja, and began enjoying her married life.  She gave birth to two sons and a daughter, all of whom were very handsome and beautiful.  Soon after, the southern Raja died, and his son succeeded him.    Long time passed, but the widowed Rani could not bear to be without her lover, as she acutely felt the necessity for sexual union.  She called for a handsome man, and had sex with him and was greatly calmed.  She started to calling him at her house every night.  When the people saw the man going to her house, they admonished him, the watchman treated him as a thief.  Then the maid would make some story, and the man would enter the house.  Then the woman would have sex with him.  On another night she called for her man, who disguised himself as a woman and entered her house.  She them told him, that he had enough of sex with her, which is the end of it.  For the future, a new way was to be adopted.  He should go to the jungle and bath in the natural spring water there.  Then tell others that he had met Sri Krishna and thereafter become a silent ascetic.  Whosoever people  would come to see him, he would tell them  of this surprising thing.   Listening to this they too will be surprised.  Thereafter, the woman said that she would come in a palanquin  to see him; she would bow to him, considering him as her Guru.  Thereafter she would bring him in her house, and there they would enjoy the sexual copulation.  The man acted as she directed him to do.

Next morning he went to the jungle , and took bath in the spring water.  After mouth washing, he sat down beside the spring in deep contemplation, uttering that Lord Krishna had come in his vision.

Hearing this news the people swarmed to the place, bringing with them sweetmeats and snacks.  They presented him milk and rice too.  Then they made obeisance at his feet in various ways.  People began to say that since he had the vision of Krishna, so he was their Guru.  They further demanded that since they esteemed him greatly, so he should remove the fear of Death in them.                                                                                   

Their hearsay also spread in the town, and the Rani also heard it thoughtfully.  She sat is palanquin and along with twenty five of her friends  went to the jungle where man was.  She went toward the man, bowed down at his feet, and begged for her peace of mind.  Addressing the man, she said that he had been blessed with the vision of Krishna, so he should give them some anecdotes of his experience.                                              

He said that he had come there for an ablution, and after taking bath he contemplated,  When he sought his divination  with great determination, then Shri Krishna came to his vision.  He further stated that he did not remember what Lord Krishna had conferred on him,  He was merely astounded with his radiant sight and he lost his senses.  The lord came with a garland of wild flowers  around and yellow clothes on.  Even lightening faltered on his sight; and that he was astounded to see all this.  Krishna’s glamour was so high that , even, the birds, antelopes and reptiles became very attractive.  The deer felt modest and the black bees went crazy on his lotus like posture.  Krishna had many pretty female companions, who had adored beautiful and novel clothes.                                                                  

The  Rani then said that there should be no doubt that this man was the knower of Bhagwan, and Vedas and the Shastras could testify this fact.  All the ladies who had come to see him, fell on his feet to pay their obeisance and requested him to visit their respective houses to sing the praises of Sri Krishna.

He then said to the Rani that he prayed for the prosperity of her country, and that he was quite satisfied to live there like a hermit.  However, she persisted to visit her house.  She would every service to his desire and would never evade.

The Rani then  told all others to leave her alone with him, as she wanted to talk to him.  She then started making love with him.  Every one imagines that she had attained to Krishna, and none could know the actual reality.  Then she brought her paramour to her home with other fifty friends.  She then made people to leave the place, and began her love affairs with him.  The people considered the man as the Guru, and did not understand the reality.      

The Poets Comments

Her lover lived with her, as if they were living as man and wife.  NO ONE CAN UNDERSTAND THE CRYPTIC CHARACTER OF WOMEN.  NOT EVEN SUN, MOON, GODS, DEMONS, BRAHMA, VISHNU, INDRA, COULD DO SO.

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