God is not far off to seek, He is within - live with Him

The human life is not the bed of roses, but one faces severe adversities at times for his mere survival. There are countless adverse situations, which no one can anticipate, under which he has to pass, e.g., loss of dear ones, the unforeseen extreme financial losses threatening his and his family members sustenance, and varied other problems. One thus suffers from the anxiety reaction of feeling of inferiority and continually apprehensive of his future. . Man's agonies in such conditions are beyond any one's imagination. And no one intentionally jumps into the fire of his self destruction; he invariably becomes the victim of the situation he is put in. To add to the miseries, one's health and personality is continually shattered as a result of constant worry and anxiety.

The Sikh Scriptures teach us that God alone is the Creator of all that exists, the DOER in all, Sustainer, Protector, Destroyer of all, none else. All the creatures are mere tools in His Hands, Who make them dance to His tunes. He created the Universe by uttering A WORD (SABDA), which turned into His Light (JOT), which spread everywhere like the Sun Rays; created Space, Matter of Three Qualities (Gunas) and the Living Beings, the synthesisHis Light (JOT) and Matter. All Living Beings constitute Material Body with His Light (JOT or SABDA) in it, as creative. The SOUL or JOT or SABDA is Divne in us; and the emotions, passions, instincts, thoughts, desires, aversions, liking, disliking, intellect etc, which our body of varied organs produce, the accumulation of which is called MIND, having the Material Base. Thus there are two Forces working in Spirit Form; (a) the Divine Light in all Perfection as God is, and (b) Mind, which has the Material Base.

The Divine Light is Imperishable, Unchanging, with all the Divine Qualities and Virtues; while Mind has the Material Base. all the filth imaginable, which is created in total pursuit of material gains, without any ethical regard. Mind has to reflect itself on the Divine, Who is not far off, but lives under the same roof, for its cleanliness. Adoption of Moral qualities to lead a balanced, contented happy life for earning one's living for the material needs of the body on ethical basis.

The Scriptures repeatedly assures us, that if we live with Divine in us, though the adverse situations do arise as stated in para 1 above, yet the devotee of God will survive and shall overcome the hazards of life wth flying colors. The Lord Himself watches every one individually and hears his prayers; He is Compassionate and loves is Creation, He miraculously comes to our rescue and saves us from the extreme tragedies -

"The prayer of the Lord's humble servant is never offered in vain. Nanak takes the strength of the Perfect Lord of the Universe, the treasure of excellence."
"birthi kadai na hovei junki ardas. Nanak jor Gobind ka pooran guntas."
(Guru Arjan Dev, Rag Bilawal, p 819 SGGS)

All of us, who ever face the grave unsolvable problems which put us in extreme worries and anxity, are advised to live with the Lord within us and offer sincere prayers to Him. The Lord will surely come to our rescue.

The following Compositions are considered to be very important, the intentive study of them will help us.

"Meditating on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, with intuitive ease and poise, spiritual wisdom is revealed. 1 .
O my mind, do not think of the Lord as being far away; behold Him ever close at hand. He is always listening, and always watching over us; He in the Form of His LIGHT (JOT or SABDA) is all-pervading everywhere. 1. Pause .
The Gurmukhs understand their own selves; they meditate single-mindedly on the Lord. They enjoy their Husband Lord continually; through Naam, they find peace. 2 .
O my mind, no one belongs to you; contemplate on the Lord abiding in them (Sabd), and see this. So run to the Lord's Sanctuary, and find the gate of salvation. 3.
Listen to Him abiding in you (SABDA), and understand His Presence in you (Sabda), and lovingly focus your consciousness on the True One. Through the Lord in you (Sabda), conquer your ego, and in the True Mansion of the Lord's Presence, you shall find peace. 4 .
In this age, the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is glory; without the Name, there is no glory. The glory of this Maya lasts for only a few days; it disappears in an instant. 5...."
(Page 429, Asa M.3)
"I have quit searching outside; the Lord in me has shown me that He is within the home of my own heart. I have seen God, fearless, of wondrous beauty; my mind shall never leave Him to go anywhere else. 1 .
I have found the jewel; I have found the Perfect Lord. The invaluable value cannot be obtained; in His Mercy, the Lord in me bestows it. 1. Pause.
The Supreme Lord God is imperceptible and unfathomable; meeting the Holy Saint, I speak the Unspoken Speech. The unstruck sound current of the SABDA (God in me) vibrates and resounds in the Tenth Gate; the Ambrosial Naam trickles down there. 2 .
I lack nothing; the thirsty desires of my mind are satisfied. The inexhaustible treasure has entered into my being. I serve the feet, the feet, the feet of the Lord in me (in all humility love Him), and manage the unmanageable. I have found the juice, the sublime essence. 3 .
Intuitively I come, and intuively I go; my mind intuitively plays. Says Nanak, when theLord drives out doubt, my self as the bride enters the Mansion of the Lord's Presence. 4 . 3 . 12"
(Page 1002, Maru M.5)