Creation and its purpose

God is Formless and All Pervading Spirit. He is All Wisdom and Creative. His Will is His Word, through which He manifests Himself. His Word or Will or Command is His Personality. His Word is the True Enlightener or Sat Guru present in all everywhere. For countless ages there was nothing in existence, except the Eternal God. There was no space, no earth, no sky, no universes, no air, no water, etc., only God was absorbed in Himself. He was contemplating on values. (Guru Nanak, Rag Maru, Sohile, page 1035 SGGS). When He willed to manifest those values and witness them, He created countless universes, by utterance of a WORD or SABAD. (Guru Nanak Dev in Jup Ji, Pauri 16). The WORD uttered by God became the Cause of all the Creation. His WORD turned into Light (JOT), spead everywhere created the Space, Earth, Air, Water and Heat (the Five Basic Elements of Matter), and from them the universes and the living beings. All living Beings contain His Light (JOT) and the Material Covering of the body of varied organs with varied functions. Guru Nanak Dev teaches us that God first created Air, and from the Air was created Water, and from Water the Earth. (Guru Nanak, Sri Rag, p 19) His Word turned into Light created the Universes, supports them and sustains them. (Guru Arjan Dev, Rag Gauri, Sukhmani Sahib, Astpadi 16, p 284 SGGS). God's Word is the Cause and Creation is its Effect, i.e. His WORD is the Seed of the entire Creation. Sri Guru Ram Das Jee in Basant Rag, p. 1177 teaches us -

"just as the light of the sun's rays spread out, the Lord permeates each and every heart, through and through. 1
The One Lord is permeating and pervading all places. Through the Word of God (God in Man), we merge with Him, O my mother. 1 || Pause ||
The One Lord is deep within each and every heart. Meeting with the Guru (God in Man), the One Lord becomes manifest, radiating forth. 2."
"jio pasri sooraj kiranjot, tion ghat ghat ramiya oat pote. (1)
eiko har ravia sarb thaey. Gur parsad miliye meri miey. (1. Raho).
Ghat ghat antar har soey, gur milye eik pargat hoey. (2)"

Whatever is in the Seed, the Effect manifests the same thing. So from the WORD or His Light emerges His Qualities, which we call them by different Names. So the WORD or His Light or Will or Command or His Name is the same thing. He is known from His WORD or Name, and the creatures re-unite with Him by loving His Word or Name. His WORD or SOUL (His Light in all) also means the same thing. Sri Guru Amar Das, 3rd Nanak, in Rag Asa, page 429 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) teaches us -

"O My mind do not think that the Creator Lord is far off from you. He is in you, Who hears, Who sees every thing; in the form of SABDA or Soul, He is present everywhere and in all."

God creates the human body by putting His Light in it to give life. There are the varied organs in the body, which create Five types of Passions or Instincts:

  1. Ego (selfishness),
  2. Lust,
  3. Wrath,
  4. Greed,
  5. and Attachment.

Human Mind is the sum total of varied desires, aversions, likes, dislikes, thoughts, emotions, instincts drives, passions, beliefs, etc. emerging from the varied organs of the body. Mind therefore has the material base, while Soul or God�s Light has the Divine Base. Soul, although the Creator and Sustainer of the material body, yet remains aloof as uncontaminated by the ill effects of the material things, just like the rays of the Sun remain uncontaminated when falling on the debris of filth. Mind or the Stream of Consciousness is a person�s pseudo self, derives its existence from the Soul, while the Soul which is part of God, is his real Self. There is, therefore, always seen struggle in every one�s mind between justification or otherwise of fulfillment of varied types of desires for material things vis-a-vis the Divine Commands. If one succumbs to the temptations of the mind, sins are committed. But if these passions are used under Divine Guidance, these have positive useful effect to the extent of Union with God.

Purpose of Creation

The Purpose of Creation is that God desired to witness struggle between Good and Evil, and the former Prevailing against heavy odds, and being Glorified. "jeh pasrai pasar sant partap." Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Sukhmani Sahib. Everything, both Good and Evil has been created by God, as there was nothing in existence before the Creation, except God. All that one sees is God's manifestation and God abides in all and is the Source of existence of everything, Good and Evil. At p 1172, in Basant Rag, of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Sri Guru Amar Das states, "bikh amrit kartar opaey. Sansar birkh ko doey phal laey." Both Good and Evil, God Himself has created. This Tree of the Universe created by Him, bears boh the types of fruit. Despite God's presence in all and everywhere, yet no one as such is God, as He and His Light remain Aloof in Purest Form being Unaffected by Matter (Maya) created by Him. Human salvation lies to live with the Divine in us to become unaffected by Matter (Maya) and become God like.

Then why was Baba Nanak was called GURU (Divine)? God does not take birth or dies, He is ETERNAL. Baba Nanak had effaced his Egoism (MIND)or Self totally, and merged in the Divine JOT in him - The Duality in him had been totally been removed, and it was GOD alone Who was acting and Speaking through him. Baba Nanak as a Person remained humblest of the humble, always lived with Dvine JOT and Praised Him alone. He passed on this total Effecement of Self and the Divine on to the succeeding Nine successors, who were also called Gurus. "Jot Roop HAR AAP GURU NANAK KAHAIO." SWAIYYAS OF BHATTS - M.4 "ALSO, "NIRANKAR, AKAR, JOT JAG MANDAL KARIO." SWIYYAS OF BHATTS M.3 GOD LIGHT (JOT) EVERWHERE IN UNIVERSE - GOD IN IMMANENT FORM. WE FINITE BEINGS HAVE TO TRANSCEND OURSELVES FROM MATERIAL THINKING AND MERGE IN THE DIVINE IN US - GOD THUS BECOMES MANIFESTED.