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Sabad Hazare - Ten Hymns - The Pearls and Gems in the Sri Dasam Granth Sahib

Sabad Hazare






O my mind, when you will realize the Quintessence of the Divine abiding in you, and attain to Him this way, you will not get affected by the evil instincts of wrath, greed, obstinacy and attachments.  (3)

Practice renunciation, considering your homestead as if to be living in a forest, as a detached person. Continence be your matted hair, your contemplation of Him as your ablution, and disciplined conduct be your long nails. The Divine Knowledge and His Guidance be the Guru; and the Divine Love be the ashes to be rubbed on the body.  (1)

Ever cherishing Forgiveness, Compassion and love for all within you; while eating and sleeping sparingly, be the aim of life. The good conduct of contentment be your companion, ever rising above the Three Modes of Maya.  (2)


Ramkali Patshaei Xth

O my mind, practice Yoga in this way. Make Truth your horn, to be totally devoid of deceit be your necklace, and contemplation be the ashes to smear the body.  (1. Pause).

Your concentration of mind be your one stringed instrument, and your begging bowl be the Divine Love. With the striking of the strings of concentration of mind on the Divine, the Supreme Melody of Love and Devotion will be created. Thus Quintessence, of Love and Songs of Wisdom will arise. Both the angels and the demons will be surprised on hearing the Melody, and our good self will be filled with joy. (2)

By living with the Divine within oneself,  he will  be enriched with the Divine Knowledge of Wisdom;  will lead a Disciplined life by always remaining in tune with the Lord.  He will thus lead a healthy life, free from ailments, and also attain the salvation (from the cycle of repeated deaths and births).


Rag Ramkali, Patshaei Xth

O man, fall on the Feet  of the Supreme Being. Why do you remain asleep in the intoxication of varied attachments of Maya? Wake up and look to the Reality. (1. Pause)

You preach others, while you remain ever ignorant like quadruped. What is the use of accumulation of the costly material things? Abandon the way of sinful life. (1)

Except the Divine Love, consider all works leading you to the darkness. Engage yourself toward observance of the Moral Law (Dharma). Thus accumulate the wealth of the Divine Love, and stay away from sinful life. (2)

Live ever with God, which way make you rise above all sins and pains connected therewith. You will thus break the noose of Death.  The Lord God's Name gives peace to all at all times; remain ever absorbed in Him. (3)


Rag Sorath, Patshaei Xth

O Lord, my honor is in Your Hands.  Lord, You are Blue throated and Blue dressed (epithets of Shiva), Man Lion (Nar Singh Avtar), Master of Waters (Narayan), Banvari (Vishnu). (1. Pause)

O Pure One, The Sublime, Transcendent, Master of all, Who lives on nothing. O Master of Maya (The Great Illusion - Satanic), The Great Enlightener, Destroyer of Tyranny and Pride, The Great Emancipator of All (1)

Lord, You are without sins, All Perfection, Never asleep, Without ant Defects and never undergoes sufferings, the Savior of all from falling into hell. O Ocean of Mercy, The Knower of every one's past, present and future; and the Destroyer of Evil. (2)

O Supreme Archer, the Wielder of Sword, The Support of Earth, I have come to take refuge of Your Lotus Feet. Give me Your Hand and ferry me across the Ocean of Existence.


Rag Kalyan, Patshaei Xth

Except the Creator Lord, do not accept any one as your Savior. He is the Primal Being, Unborn, Unconquerable, and Eternal.  Accept Him alone, to be the Lord of all. (1. Pause)

What great thing is it, when god Vishnu took birth and annihilated a few demons? By staging such a show, he got himself advertised to be the Supreme in the world. (1)

O No, it is Almighty God above all, Who is All Powerful, to create and destroy anything, and He is Casteless. He is the Sword of All Time, whom He strikes, none can save him. (2)

O ignorant one, listen. The one who has drowned himself in this vast ocean of existence, how can he save you from drowning?  You can cross the ocean of existence, only when you will surrender yourself to the Creator Lord and take His refuge. (3)


A THOUGHT (Khyal) Patshaei Xth

O my Love, listen to the plight of Your devotees.

Separation from You Lord is -

Just like covering of a diseased quilt in cold weather to feel warmth;
It is just like living in high mansions, but invested with cobra snakes;
Drinking water from a pot, pierces like a lance;
And the cup strikes like a dagger;
Eating meat is like being hit by butcher's knife.
O Love, to be with You, I would prefer to sleep on the bare hard ground; while cursed is the living with others in Your forgetfulness.


Tilung Kafi, Patshaei Xth

The Lord is the Creator of All Time. The Infinite Lord, Who has no beginning and no end, He alone is both the Creator and the Destroyer. (1. Pause)

For Him Praise and Slander have no effect. He has neither any friend, nor any foe. Then what problem could the Lord have to become the charioteer of Arjuna? (1)

Also, why He was called the son of Devaki? He Who is the Creator of gods and the demons, Who pervades in all directions, and Whose Expanse is in the whole of Universe.  If you call Him as 'Murari' (the Destroyer of demon Murar); this is surely Not His whole praise, whereas in reality you are lowering His status.


Rag Bilawal, Patshaei Xth

How can the Lord God be in human  form, of  any limitations? The Sidhas in their meditations became weary of their practices, but could not see Him (1. Pause)

Narda, Vyasa, Prasara and Dhruv also dwelled upon Him, the readers of Vedas and the Purans also became tired of their utterances, but had to abandon their search of finding Him  (1)

The gods, the demons and the evil spirits all say this that - "He is Not This, He is Not This."  To some He appears to be the Subtlest of the subtle (Formless); whereas other say He is Biggest of the Big ones (creates the Universe from Himself, and gets  it dissolved back within Himself). (2)

It is the Lord, Who created the Earth, the sky and the under world; He is One in many. Only that person will escape from the effect of the Time (Death), who would seek refuge of the Lord God. (3)


Rag Dev Gandhari, Patshaei Xth

Recognize One Lord alone, none else. There is One Creator Lord, Who is All Powerful Creator, the Maker and Breaker.  (Pause)

What can one achieve, when he with utter devotion worships the stone gods? What have you achieved in worshipping stones with all your heart and devotion? You could not attain any enlightenment in this way! (1)

O ignorant man, your burn incense, make offering of whole rice, which the stone cannot eat. O ignorant one, what spiritual powers could you find in the stone images, that they could bless you of anything? (2)

If you could have a deeper thinking that if the stone were To have any life, then alone it could bless you.  Except by surrendering oneself to the Lord of the Universe, there is No Salvation. (3)


Rag Dev Gandhari, Patshaei Xth

Without meditating on God's Name, no one can be saved. The Lord created the Universe of fourteen regions, and exercises His Athority. Where will you manage to run to a place, to escape from His Authority? (1. Pause)

You who indulge in your communal worship of your gods (Ram, Rahim) will not thus be saved. (1)

The Vedas, Purans and Koran all call Him Infinite. Also Indras, Sesnagas, angelic beings and seers, who contemplated on Him for ages, could not find His limitations. (2)

The Lord, Who is Formless and of no color; how could be called of Blue hued color (Shyam)?  Your can attain to  your salvation or redemption from the cycle of repeated births and deaths, if you could cling to His Lotus Feet.

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