God Alone is the Giver

God is the Creator of all, the Treasure and Source of all imaginable virtues and wealth. He is the only Giver of every imaginable thing, life, virtues, wealth, status, relationships, character, etc. to all, and the Decider of every one's destiny. Therefore, He alone is the Life Giver, Sustainer, Destroyer, and the Cause of all causes. No one can alter His Writ. Accept God Alone as the Doer and have no reliance on any other god, goddess, prophet, person etc., and lead a life of contentment in total obedience to His Commands or Will - do not flatter or despise any one, and even by mistake do not have any faith in magical rites in jantar, mantar and tantars; eat sacrificial meat of animals slaughtered by any mode as a sacrifice to God, gods and goddesses to expiate one's sins and to incorporate within himself the magical powers of the deities; these things create divided loyalty to God and in no way help any one. Says Sri Kabir Ji in Rag Gauri, p 345 SGGS -

"Know that so long one seeks another's patronage, he does not get the Lord's approval. Only when he seeks love for the Omnipotent Lord, then only he becomes pure in his heart."

A God loving person, necessarily loves all, as he sees Him alone in all, never hates any one and always speaks sweetly to all.