Manifestation of God's Light (Jot), called Sat Guru, in all

Sri Guru Arjan Dev Jee's following Composition in Rag Asa, p 396 is in similes and in Symbolic Language, and requires great skill to unfold its correct meaning. The translators generally have stated that Guru Arjan here described the birth of (Guru) Hargobind in his house. But no where this is clear. Late Prof. Sahib Singh Jee has translated this as the advent of Guru Nanak Dev as Guru. Prof. Sahib Singh is partially correct that it concerns Emergence of GURU, and in his view Guru is only Guru Nanak. He ignored the Eternal Guru, God Himself, abiding in all. His translation is correct in all other aspects, but totally lack correct definition of word "Guru" in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The following Composition refers to Emergence of GURU JOT, verily God abidng in all equally. The Author of this Composition is Nanak himself in his Vth incarnation, and cannot state to be Birth of Guru Nanak. Please examine this Composition carefully, especially the section PAUSE, and also section One - "satgur, sachey, dia bhej", which means the Eternal Lord sent the SAT GURU, abiding in all creatures equally. There is no mention of birth of (Guru) Hargobind or Guru Nanak at all, in whole of the Composition. Further in the Composition which followed this, Guru Arjan made further clear that he referred to Guru Jot in all -

"Giving His Hand, the Perfect Guru, abding in us all, has protected the devotee. The glory of His servant has become manifest. 1 . I contemplate the Guru; I meditate on Him. I offer my heart-felt prayer to the Guru, which is answered. Pause . I have taken to the Sanctuary of the Eternal Divine Guru. The devotion of His devotee has been fulfilled. 2 .
He has preserved my self, body, youth and breath of life. Says Nanak, I am a sacrifice to the Guru, God abiding in me. 3 . 8 . 102

The Eternal Lord has sent the Guru, verily Eternal Lord Himself abiding in us all (easily accessible to us). It is just like a child birth, who comes to acquire a home in the womb, and his mother's heart is so very gladdened. 1.
The Son of the Lord of the Universe is born. This pre-ordained destiny has been revealed to all. Pause
Just as in the tenth month, by the Lord's Order, the baby is born; sorrow is dispelled, and great joy is ensued. The devotees blissfully sing the songs of the Guu's Bani. This is pleasing to the Lord Master. 2 .
Those who reflect their self on the Guru God abiding in them, their worries and anxieties are removed by His Blessings. The vine of devotees has grown, and shall last for all generations. The Power of the Dharma has been firmly established by the Lord. That which my mind wishes for, the Eternal Guru God in us, has granted. I have become carefree, and I fix my attention on the One Lord. 3 .
As the child places so much faith in his father, so does Nanak speak as it pleases the Guru God , to have him speak. This is not a hidden secret; the Guru God in us is greatly pleased, and has bestowed this gift. 4 . 7 . 101"
(Asa M.5, p 396)