Concept of God

God is Formless, the Infinite Spirit. He does neither take birth in any form, nor does He die; He is Eternal. He is the Creator of All and everything known, and has no relationship with any one; He has no father, mother, brother, sister, wife, son, daughter, friend, rival, enemy, etc. When He causes the Creation to emerge, He creates His Self and Knowledge of Himself and disseminates it to become known. He is both Transcendent and Immanent at the same time The Gurus state that the Potential of Almighty God is NOT lowered in His Immanent Form, having spread His Light every where and in all creatures and other things, which is the cause and support of their existence - "Bharpur rehia bharpoore", and "Anant Kala hoai Thakur chariya." His Light or His Functional Qualities in Immanent Form is as Potent as He in Absolute Form. His Functional Qualities as Immanent God, Creates Universes and supports countless stars, planets, worlds, spheres, and other heavenly bodies. When He withdraws His Light from any one, it is reduced to dust and ashes. His Light retains His Separateness from the Creation and remains Aloof (Nirlaip). Humans meet with their Creator through this Light of God - Sat Guru Poora. No mortal is competent to intercede between Man and God. These are all false claims of other Systems. Human salvation or redemption is through His Light - Sat Guru Poora or Immanent God Alone. Sri Guru Ram Das, 4th Nanak makes Divine Declaration -

"Hear ye, Hear ye, O Saints. The Guru (God's Light in Man) has opened and raised His Arm, making this Trumpet tone Call to all. If ye are in search of Peace of Mind and want Eternal Peace and Happiness, then take the Refuge of Sat Guru (The Immanent God in us, THE SOUL)."
"santo suno suno jan bhai, gur kadi baha kokijai. jai aatam to sukh, sukh nit loreho ta satgur saran pavijai."
(Guru Ram Das, Rag Kalyan, p 1326 SGGS)

God Alone in All Forms is Infinite and Man has been created in His Image and inherits from Him the instinct of infinitude. The instinct of Infinitude in Man cannot be satisfied by reflecting his Mind on any person or thing, as every thing or person is in limitations. Worship of any Prophet, Avtar or leader or god or goddess or any other thing is idolatry, which leads to prejudices and conflicts. Making of idols of even God, gods, goddesses etc. , worship of any system of religious belief, philosophy (political or religious), patriotism (worship of country, nation, group, culture, etc), indulgence in performance of rituals and ceremonies (which do not involve worship of Infinite God) are forms of Idolatry and those who practice them, cannot find nearness to God. One should also never cherish faith in pilgrimages, customary charities, fasting, tombs, crematoriums, hermitages, etc.

The Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the only Religious Book, which mentions worship of Infinite Spirit of God alone, in His both Transcendent and Immanent Forms only, recognizes no intercession of any in-between Prophet or Avtar or Guru, etc.