The Basic Disease in all Humans

The Basic Disease in all humans is EGOISM, which is the source of all the imaginable evils in them. This Malady can be removed by Loving God's Name only and accepting Him alone as the Doer and not any mortal. No reform to eradicate any evil practices, knowledge or sermons can ever be effective, without God's support. Creation of revolutions on any concept cannot bring about the desirable changes; the Justice and Equality of All cannot be enforced or brought about by any of the revolutionary methods conceivable, as the basic malady of egoism in all will create new problems and new conflicts in them. It is the inherent nature of vested interests not to adjust to the Reality on the basis of Truth, but to rebel, even against things which are best in the national interest. Revolutionary methods adopted in the modern age for bringing about Socialistic and Communist societies to enforce Justice and Equality in people have utterly failed, including the military and so called non-violent conquests of Sikhs and others. Sikhs quarreled among themselves and brought shame to the fair name of Sikhism. The British flag was planted at Ludhiana and Ferozepur by Sikhs themselves. British took possession of country from Delhi to Sutlej river, without any resistance, rather it were Sikhs themselves who approached British to come to their aid against Ranjit Singh. What a shame! How the Sikh (minority) Kingdom collapsed, existed merely for about 40 years. The chief culprit was Ranjit, who mown down other chiefs like hay to establish his monarchy. The basic creed of Sikhism is Equality of All, which was unknown to him. Sikhs of Cis Sutlej reacted wildly to cause total destruction for all times. What a sad story! What happened after fall of Sikh Kingdom, if we have the eyes to read; Sikhism was brought to the verge of total extinction, then rose numerous splinter groups led by fake gurus and numerous political parties daggers drawn to each other. Sikhs thus far have learnt no lessons from the history, have only twisted and misrepresented it, being totally ignorant of the Sikh Teachings.

Happiness cannot be attained in pursuit of Happiness (sukh mangat dukh aagal hoye - Guru Nanak, Rag Gauri, p 222), nor Justice nor Equality of All can be attained in pursuit of these virtues as such; as these Virtues are merely the by-products of the removal of self conceit in us, by transcending ourselves, concentrating less on ourselves and reflecting the mind on an object other than ourselves, which object necessarily should be the Infinite Spirit of God abiding within us, Who is Infinite and equally abiding in all; all other things are in limitations and shall strengthen egocentricity and self righteousness in us, and consequent prejudices and conflicts.

After Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee up to the present times, It will be observeed that only the greed in we Sikhs governed our thinking and actions, which is the cause of all revolutionary movements, rebellions and the terrorist actions, which are bound to fail and cause total destruction of the perpetrators. We remain totally ignorant of the respect for the AUTHORITY under which we are to get united - Kirpan or SWORD is the Symbol of the DIVINE AUTHORITY, acceptance of which leads us to an adjusted life on the basis of Moral Laws, by totally negating our selfishness nay totally effacing our pseudo self (Mind), and living with our Eternal Self (God).

This Greed and Selfishness made Ranjit Singh to alienate the Sikhs of Misals across River Sutlej, who invited the Bristish to protect their interests, and the British occupied the areas up to Ludhiana and Ferozepur, without firing a single shot, and later conquered other part of Sikh Kingdom.

This Greed and Selfishness has made us to worship these revolutionaries, consequently giving rise to various sects, groups, factions and so on within the community, diametrically opposed to the Basic Sikh Teachings, as stated above. Now what we find that the Sikhs find themselves daggers drawn with each other on petty things led by their prejudices. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee in Chandi di Var, stated - "Khanda prithmai saj kai, jin sabh sansar opaya" "The Creator Lord when He created the Universe, He first made known His Authority." (It is most regretted that none of our scholar could give us the real meaning, but translated Gurbani merely literally).


These Teachings are given in the very beginning of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, in Composition JUP JEE, Pauri 1. "kiv sachiara hoeiye, kiv koore tutai Pal? Hukam razai chalna, Nanak likiya nal." Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee raised the Question,

"How to lead a Truthful life, and how to tear down the veil if FALSEHOOD in us?"

The Guru in the next verse gave the answer, which is the key to the understanding of the whole of the Sikh Teachings.


Whole of the Creation is under His Command, none is outside His Pale. Nanak says that those who understand His Commands, they never err or falter led by their egocentricity.

Here I may make little elaboration of the GOD AND HIS COMMAND to fully understand this phenomenon. Before the Creation, there was nothing in existence, not even space, except God, WHO is Eternal. God was in meditation of certain Values. When He wished to manifest these Values, He uttered a WORD (COMMAND), which turned into LIGHT (JOT) and spread in all directions with unimaginable speed and created Matter of Five Elements (Space, Air, Energy or Heat, Water and Mud also called earth) as God desired. Rays of Light shed by God, which is His Word, have the same Qualities as God in Absolute Form. It is God Who is everywhere in every bit of thing in His Creation in Immanent Form or the Functional God. Whatever grows, it is His Potential that makes it grow. God created living beings; His Light being the Nucleus with the material covering of the body of varied organs and functions, animated by presence of God's Light in them. The varied functions of the material body create varied passions, instincts, likings, dislikings, emotions, and so one. These feelings make the persons distinct from each other, and also from their All Wise Infinite Creator. The accumulated effect of these individual feelings, beliefs, emotions, etc. is called MIND or the self of a person, while God's Light (Soul), which actual is His Word or Command is All Perfection and abides in the creature under the same roof. God has created the Material Phenomenal World, which is called Maya or Satan (in western world), of varied allurements, which is of illusionary nature, and leads creature to varied sensual indulgence and sins, thus it is Wall of Falsehood which separates creatures from the Divine and make them finite.

We all are the creatures of One CREATOR, Who equally abides in us all, and as such are all equal. It is different thing that the creatures according to their respective capabilities are at high and low positions. Sikh Teachings are in whatever situation the Creator has put a creature, he should willingly accept it, live with His Creator abiding in him , listen His Commands, and cheerfully obey them. If one does not live with the Divine in him, he is apt to be misled easily by his mind's limited vision, he will be prone to lead a life of immediate gains and pleasures, but sinful and destructive in nature. This is considered confusing to many without going deep into the matter, who question that the Authority of God is a negation of Equality and is dictatorship.

We should understand that God created Man with the basic disease of selfishness and greed; every one wants to excel the other and even grab the share of his fellowmen. It is therefore the necessity of establishment of law and order by creating the Authority in all human spheres, right from home to all the human institutions right up to state, national and international levels. Without the Authority there would be CHAOS in every little human assemblage. The ultimate AUTHORITY is the CREATOR HIMSELF, ALL PERFECTION, Whose Commands and Laws need to be obeyed.

Choosing of the Authority by a people, and obeying the laws of the Authority, is not in any way against the tenets of Equality of all. The Authority created is Divine ordained, and rules of the Authority must be obeyed for leading a disciplined happy peaceful life. Those who rebel against the established Authority, create chaotic conditions and immorality.

What happens when a society and the Authority go corrupt, and oppress a section of its own people and also causes pain to other groups of people also. The oppressed people should never raise rebellions to create chaos, that will be immoral. Oppressed people have the right to raise their voice, and reject the Commands of the worldly corrupt authority and only obey the Commands of God. The Vth to Xth Gurus' Teachings and the practical life amply throw Light on the matter. People should should always live with the Supreme Authority of God in them and create examples of moral happy living. God abides in all equally, He creates the circumstances to change the corrupt Authority.

Similarly, in a home life, the Father is considered as the head of the Family, and the members of the family should live an adjusted life as one unit, all living with the Creator God abiding in them. The head of the Family should never be authoritarian, but Compassionate and adjustable living with God, for happy moral living.

Unless the above traits are inculcated in us Sikhs, all dreams of Khalistan are futile.