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Most Shameful and Humiliating Treatment meted out to Sikhs in India under Jwahar Lal Nehru's Regime immediately after Partition

Most Shameful and Humiliating Treatment meted out to Sikhs in India under Jwahar Lal Nehru's Regime immediately after Partition

Dr. Sangat Singh has adequately given the description of the happenings during the present Hindu Raj in India.
Muslims were the majority community in whole of the pre-partition period. Division of Punjab between western Punjab and eastern Punjab, dividing the two parts taking River Ravi as the dividing line, was made possible, when Sikhs of East Punjab put their weight with the Hindus, and thus formed the majority in this area, as compared to the Muslim population. It was thus Sikhs enabled to bring the vast area of East Punjab, Hariana and Himachal Pradesh areas between Lahore and Delhi  to the Indian side. Had the Sikhs not asked for the division of Punjab, the boundary line between India and Pakistan would have been Delhi.  The Sikh could ask for their own separate state between Lahore and Ambala.  But the Sikhs decided to put their lot blindly with Hindu India. After partition of the country, it was decided at the instance of agitation in Andhra Pardesh in southern India, to reorganize the states on linguistic basis. After division of the Punjab, the Sikhs of West Punjab migrated to India and mostly settled in the Punjabi speaking areas of the Indian Punjab. Sikhs on the analogy of other states in India, asked for reorganization of then East Punjab on linguistic basis, with Punjabi as the official language.
 Both the Hindus of the State and the Federal authorities resisted the claim of Sikhs for reorganization on linguistic basis, as the Sikh religion and culture will prosper and also Sikhs will have the slight edge toward their majority.  It was then year 1955,  when a ban was imposed during February, 1955,  by the Government on raising of the slogan in favour of the Punjabu Speaking State in Amritsar area; and Akali Dal of Sikhs adopted a resolution  on April 24, 1955 for the withdrawal of the ban.  The Government did withdraw the ban, consequently the agitation for its removsal was started on May 20, 1955.
The agitation reached its climax  in the beginning of July, when Sikhs began to send 100 volunteers daily for raising the ban and being arrested. The authorities cordoned off the Golden Temple area, and they too cancelled arms licences of the SGPC for protection of historic jewellery in the Golden Temple. The police entered the precincts of the Temple on July 4, closed Guru ka Langar (Sacred Free Kitvchen of the Temple) by taking away utensils, etc., raided Guru Ram Das Sarai and arrrested head priests of Akal Takhat and Golden Temple. The police also raided the offices of Akali Dal, next to Guru Ram Das Sarai, and exploded tear gas sheels to disperse the volunteers gathered in the Temple. Some of shells fell into the Sacred Tanks.  The troops were put on a flag march at first throughout the streets of Amritsar and then within the precincts of the Golden Temple to cause fear and awe in the people.
Prime Minister Nehru on May  28, 1955 stated that the Sikh action was "vulgar, highly improper,  unwanted, nonsensical obnoxious, and born of parochialism." The troops prevented holding of the assemblage at Manji Sahib, and took positions in front of the SGPC office in the Temple. Nehru was the descendent of Ganga Dhar Kaul (Gangu Brahmin), in the employee of Gurus Tegh Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who caused arrest of Two Younger Sahibzada, Baba Zorawar Singh Ji and Baba Fateh Singh Ji, with aged Mata Gujri Ji. Gangu after martrdom of Sahibzadas went back to Kashmir. It was later Emperor Farakh Sayyar awarded Gangu's son with Jagir (area irrigated by a canal); hence the family adopted the surname Nehru instead of Kaul.
Nehru at the time was on visit to Great Britain, after extensive tour of Soviet Union, was tauntingly asked by western journalists about his preaching of "Panchsheel" all over a trivial issue. Cut to the quick, Nehru told the Chief Minister of Punjab to stop the arrests. The agitation on the ban on raising of the slogans was thus ended.
The report of SRC (State Reorganization Commission) was then published, recommending merger of the Punjabi speaking Area, former Punjab States (PEPSU), Hariana area and Hilly areas (Himachal Pradesh). This came as a rude shock to the Sikhs - Master Tara Singh stated that it was annihilation of Sikhs.
The Congress session was scheduled  to be held at Amritsar in December 1955. The Sikhs of all shades and Hindus of all shades, protagonists of Greater Punjab started making their respective preparations to come out in processions for making show of their strengths.
The Sikhs procession took 5 hours to pass; consisted ogf more than 200,000 persons. The foreign correspondents praised the procession - "On they came, for five hous. Few who watched them could doubt their genuine fears of being swaloowed up in the vice like embrace of rabid Hinduism."
The Hindu procession hardly 50,000 was - "nasty and Nazi, no less orderly than the Sikh show but with a military resembling pictures of Hitler Jugend."
Tara Singh's address on the occasion was extrmely patetic.  Precisely he said, "We must rise and attract the attention of the people of the world to our noble principls or die as traitors to our Gurus ----  I an bound hand and foot and some of my Punjabi Hindu brothers insist upon keeping us in our present bondage.  They do not want to give us the advantage of the freedo, what they have  gained.  They do not trust us, and I do not know how to gain their confidence.  A most complicated and dangerous situation is facing us, but we are not realizing it....   I cry for Hindu Sikh unity and some Punjabi Hindu spokesmen reply unity could be attained by me only if we submit.  I cry for equality, brotherhood and unity, and they offer me slavery and death."
There were held talks by Nehru wth the Sikh leaders, and a REGIONAL FORMULA was evolved, in that in Punjabi speaking areas Punjabi would be the official language, and in others Hindi.
This decision infuriated the Punjabi Hindu ruling class, who started an agitation against the Government for the retentention of Hindi language in Punjabi speaking areas.  The tactful NEHRU replaced Chief Minister Bhim Sen Sachar by his confirmed  tout, Partap Singh Kairon.  Nehru thought that Kairon, a Sikh in appearance would be able to suppress Sikhs more effectively.

Partap Singh Kairon, who became Chief Minister of Punjab showed his total disconcern at voilence of militant Hindu Swamis, would neither stop them in lawless activities, nor arrest them.  The real character of Hindus, since their liberation  after their centuries of slavery, was clearly discernible from the quantum of sacrilege  of the Sikh sacred places.  They began throwing  of cigarette boxes in the sacred Tanka at Amritsar and other places, began tearing pages from small books  (Gutkas) and discarding the leaves in Bazars, shearing of Keshas (Hair) of sleeping Sikhs, and desecration of the Sikh sacred places of worship, as a part of their agitation against the Government.  The movement in real sense  was ANTI SIKH FAITH, not anti Government.
This story is merely a small one chapter of our 56 years slavery of Hindus, which itself is most humiliating and shameful - rarely heard of such beastly treatment extended by the beasts, who hardly deserved to be free people.   WAHEGURU JI LISTENS TO OUR PRAYERS, THEIR END GOD WILLING IS FAST APPROACHING NEAR.  IT IS SAID THAT DURING THE NEXT FIVE YEARS, THE POLITICAL MAP OF THE GLOBE WILL BE QUITE DIFFERENT FROM NOW.  SURELY WILL BE THE END OF THESE BEASTS REGIME.  ON THE VERY INCEPTION OF THEIR INDEPENCE, THEY SOWED THE SEEDS OF THEIR DEATH IN ANNEXING KASHMIR.

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