Sehaj - The Eternal Peace of Mind

Sri Kabir Ji in Rag Gauri, page 333, stanza 48 states:

"teh pavas sindh dhoop nahi chaeiya. teh utpat parlo nahi.jiwan mirat na dukh sukh biapai, sunn smadh dou teh nahi. (1)
sehaj ki akath katha hai nirari, tul nahi chadhai jaai na mukati, halki lagai na bhari. (1 rahao).
ardh oardh doho teh nahi, raat dinas teh nahi,. jal nahi pavan pavak phun nahi, . satgur taha smahi. (2)
agam agochar rehai nirantar, gur kirpa tai lehai. keho Kabir bal jao gur apnai, satsangat mil rehai. (3)."

Meanings and significance of certain words - teh - there, pavas - rain (Inderpuri) sindh-sea (Vishnupuri) dhoop - sun (Soorajlok) chaeiya - shadow (Chanderlok) utpat - creation (Brahampuri) parlo - dissolution (Shivpuri) sunn smadh - consistency, unshakable. jiwan - life, mirat - death, na - not, dukh - misery, sukh - pleasure, biapai - exists, Sehaj - Perfect Peace of Mind, akath - not describable, katha - story, hai - is, nirari - unique, tul - equal, nahi - not, chahadhai - balanced, mukati - compared, halki - lighter, bhari - heavier (1 rahao) - this verse is the purport of the whole stanza.
In sections 2 and 3 of the Stanza, the significance of various words, such as ardh, oardh, raat, divas, jal, pavan pavak, agam, agochar, etc. have been clarified.

Meaning of the text -

"The state of Equipoise of mind or the Perfect Peace in mind is unique and is of its own kind, which can not be described in words. Sehaj is a state of Infinite Peace, which state cannot be compared with any other thing. It cannot be compared with any gain or loss of any material thing. (1 - Pause)
It is not like to be in the Dominions of Indira, Vishnu, Sun, Moon, Brahma or Shiva. In the State of SEHAJ. one has no ambition for longer life or the fear of death, nor there is the feeling of pleasure or pain. There prevails the Eternal Complete Tranquility of Mind, no evil thoughts emerge and there is no sense of Duality or Selfishness (The Blessed Person feels One with GOD AND WITH ALL THE CREATION). (1)
In the State of Sehaj, one sees every one alike, neither any one low nor high, there is no negligent feelings (night), nor the reckless activity in pursuit of worldly things (day). In this Domain where no temptations for indulgence in evil deeds (water), nor the evil thoughts arise (air stands for thoughts good and evil, here it refers to evil), nor is there the Fire of Greediness, O this is the place where Satguru (God) abides. (2)
In such a state our Unfathomable and Unreachable or Unperceivable Lord abides in our inner self. We can be united with Him through the Grace of the Guru (Divine Light or God abiding in us). Kabir says that he is a sacrifice unto his Guru, verily God abiding in him, Whom he meets in the Society of Saints. (3) -4-48."


Sehaj is the ultimate positive state of Mind in all Perfection, where GOD abides. The aim of Sikh Teachings in nut shell is to attain to this State of Mind. Sri Guru Arjan Dev in Rag Gauri, Astpadi 4, at page 237 Sri Guru Granth Sahib, taught us the similar ideas about the State of Sehaj. Guru Arjan Dev states -

"Which is the place where there is ever consistency, and which that WORD that cleans our evil mind? (1 Pause).
After release from the womb of mother (taking birth) , one grows, develops relation with sons, wife and other family members. relishes many types of food, wears many wears, but for sure, all these pitiable man will leave behind, when he will finally depart. (1)
If one were to live in the Domain of Indra, he would certainly die. No one can live in the Domain of Brahma for ever, and so will Domain of Shiva also perish. All that which constitutes the Three Modes of Maya (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv) will pass away. (2)
Mountains, the woods, the earth, the vault of the sky and the stars, the Suns, the moons, air, fire and water, the day and night, the various religious disciplines of keeping fasts and other rituals, the Shastras and the Smiritis and also the Vedas, will all at the end perish. [One must transcend his mind over everything created, which is in limitations and creates prejudices; the Infinite Creator is only the ULTIMATE]. (3)
All the holy places, the gods, the temples, the holy books, the rosary, the saffron mark, the acts of abolution, the lion cloth and the prostration before gods, the enjoyment of goods, all these and all living beings, will pass away, (4)
People of all castes, colors, Hindus, Muslims; all animals, birds, all species, and all that appears in the Vast Expanse and all forms, will pass away. (5)
But the state of Contemplation of the Lord in His Praises, is the Highest state of Mind of Sehaj, the Essence of Worship, which takes man to Highest Eternal Wisdom, Joy and Eternal Truth. In that Realm of the Holy One, one utters and relishes the Praises of the Lord, and ever abides in the Domain of Fearlessness. (6)
There is no fear there, no doubts, and no sorrow of any kind. One is then redeemed from the cycle of repeated births and deaths. There, one is in the state of Eternal Joy, which springs from the Celestial Melodies. There, the devotees lean on nothing else but on the Lord's Praises. (7)
The Lord is Infinite, without any limitations. No one can find the limitatuions of the Lord. Nanak says, on whom the Lord's Grace dawns, he swims across (the Sea of Existence) by associating with the holy ones. (8)"

Hindus tell people that by performing rituals, they will attain to various domains of gods and goddesses for attaining all types of comforts. This is misleading, as no one finds real happiness by worshipping these mortals in limitations.

All the imaginable both known and unknown things in the Universe, have been created by God's Command, through five basic elements - Space, Air, Water, Heat, and Earth. It is God's Light which is spread every where and is creative, gives life to all and all come to activity. All the activity of the Creation is under His Control. How much power do these 5 elements have, can be judged from the tremendous force of Gravity of Earth, which extends upto 36,000 km above in the space or 24,000 miles above the earth. These 5 elements are the basis of Maya of Three Gunas and the 5 sensual instincts, which play havoc in one's life. These five elements are both creative as well as destructive. How to rise above the Maya of Three Gunas and use the huge gigantic tremendous blind force of Matter to our benefit and avoid destruction? We may abandon hearths and homes and live in jungles or mountain caves, this Maya does not spare us there. We cannot live 36,000 km above in the space. Yes, there is one domain where this Maya becomes ineffective, and obeys the Commands of the one who lives in this space. This space is not far to seek, it is within us. God abides within us and this space is unique. Sri Kabir Ji has described this domain in the above stanza. The Blessed Persons during the course of their earthly life live in this Space of Sehaj, become immune from the evil effects of Maya.

How we can attain to the Domain of Sehaj? Submit to the Guru, God abiding in us lovingly and thus live with Him; hear to His Commands and lovingly obey them. We should associate with the company of the learned ones or the Saints and yearn to listen to the Infinite Lord's Praises. This association is attained through His Grace, and thus Union with Him is attained by His Grace, while we are alive. No one else is competent to bless with Naam or Union with Him or the State of Sehaj, but God alone is competent and He does it. Man needs guidance and control over his activities in every walk of his life from birth till death, which is provided by living with Him, the Sat Guru or the True Guide. Sri Guru Amar Das Ji, 3rd Nanak, teaches us, "mun kunchar peelak guru gian kunda, jeh khinchai teh jaeh. nanak hasti kundai bahira phir phir ojar paye." Slok, Gujri ki Var, p 516 SGGS -

"Human Mind is like the elephant (blind force). The Divine Light in us 'Guru', is the Elephant-Driver, Divine Knowledge is like the goad. Whatever the way the All Wise Guru directs the Mind, it follows. Nanak says that the Mind-elephant (blind force) without the Guru's Goad, goes astray and destroys itself."


"Without living with Divine Light within us (Guru Poora), there is no redemption, says Nanak for serious consideration."
"bin gur poorai nahi odhar. baba nanak aakhai eih bichar."
(Sri Guru Arjan Dev, Rag Ramkali, p 886)

No one can help any one or intercede between Man and God. Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji in Rag Asa at page 412 SGGS states -

"God does not consult any one, but Himself alone exculpates creatures."
"kisai na poochai bakhsai aap"

In this connection Sri Guru Nanak Dev also states -

"O God, in Your wondrous creation, man's character is just like a sheet of paper, and his mind is the ink with which his deeds good and bad are written. The accumulation of such deeds form habits, and so are men driven to do things without thinking. O my mind why you do not reflect on Him , Who is the Source of All Virtues. You can thus overcome your bad habits by reflecting on Him. Why do you not remember Him, as by forsaking Him, your virtues (all rational thinking) wither away. (1 Pause).
The time passes, nights and days, are the nets cast, every moment is a snare (in separation from Him, as Maya created is most powerful, none can conquer it). Just like a bird one pecks at the bait (temptations), he is trapped. How he is to be saved? (2)
The body is the furnace, in which is cast the iron of mind, and is heated by the fire of Five types of evils. The coals are the sins stacked with the tongs of care. The mind is thus burned. (3)
But the burnt mind is turned into Gold, if it reflects on Him (SatGuru in us). The Guru blesses one with the Name of God, and the restlessness of the mind comes to an end."
(p 990 SGGS)
The old habits can be changed for the better in living with Him only, NO OTHER WAY.

In the light of above, who can claim that Sikhism is synthesis of Hindu Vedic religion and Islamic religion? Who can claim that Sikhism and Hindu Vedic religion are one and the same thing, as ignorant late Master Tara Singh in every talk used to say that Hindus and Sikhs have the same religion, one is civilian and the other is the Military man. These Poisonous seeds of destruction were sown by Sikh political zealots themselves.