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 It is Hindus mainly, and rarely Muslims who claim that Sikhism is no different from their respective religion. Their claims are totally baseless.
Idol Worship
 The Hindus have no theology: they only have mythology and philosophy. Without apparently even correctly interpreting their mythology, the literal beliefs are widely prevalent in the masses and the mythical stories are believed literally true and fanatically asserted. The philosophy of the intellectuals, and the mythical stories of the common Hindus; the two are so blended that it is difficult to say where one begins and the other ends. The Vedic Aryans made mere animal sacrifices to various deities and sang hymns of various deities, the Supreme being God. They merely stated about Good and Evil, but did not deal with the Reality of the human problems as such. Sri Guru Amar Das Jee in his wonderful Composition "Anand", in Ramkali Rag, p.917, SGGS, specifically made the idhment -"Simrat Sastar Pun Pap bichardai, Tatai sar na Jani." Pauri 27 (translation: The Simritees and the Shaastras discriminate between good and evil only, buthey do not know the true essence of the Reality). They talked about the Three Modes of Matter or Maya, but did not mention how the evil effect of material world affects Man, and what is the solution for this.
 Muslims claim that Islam alone teaches Unity of God and that He has no rival. But what we note how the Faith in the Unity of God is diluted by idolatrous practices of worshipping the Mosque of Kaaba and the two stones placed in it, and also the belief in the institution of offering of animal sacrifices to wash away ones' sins and by eating the sacrificial meat to incorporate the magical powers of God? Muslims thus pass their buck on innocent animals to give their lives for the sinners; this makes them totally irresponsible persons; fixed five times offering of prayers to God as merely a ritual in postures. Where is the equality of all, when they treat women as slaves to men and treat them merely as their chattels for luxurious life; in the Name of God kill all non-believers as the Infidels?. Is this the Love of God, the Creator of All and His presence in all alike? Bhai Gurdas Bhalla in his Var 1, states about Islam - "Rozai Idd Nimaz kar, karni bandh kia sansara." Islam prescribed Fasting for one month, thereafter celebration of Idd, and offering of prayer to God at the prescribed time in a day and that too in particular fashion, thus confined the followers to mere performance of rituals only, which is IDOLATRY.

 For the past several years I have been concerned with, and have focused on, the study of Sikhism and, more specifically, the prevalent translations of the Sikh Holy Book, Sri Guru Granth Sahib. By repeated diligent study of Gurbani (Compositions in two Granths), I have found that the current interpretations of the Guru Granth Sahib are not consistent with the fundamental teachings of Sikhism and indeed often contradict such teachings from place to place. These inconsistencies have led to many misconceptions about Sikhism (as evidenced by many of the Sikh-related writings currently in publication) and have confused and misled both Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike. The basic trouble is that no distinction has been made in these writings between the references to the human "Soul" and the human "Mind" in the Guru Granth Sahib. The failure to recognize this distinction has led to serious consequences. By failing to understand the difference between the "Soul" and the "Mind", these authors have missed perhaps the single most important message in the Sikh scriptures -- that the only way to union with God is through union with "Soul", i.e., God's Light and spirit or His JOT, also called Sabad in Gurbani within each of us, referenced in the Guru Granth Sahib as the "Sat Guru., Sat Guru Poora and also Sabad" Unfortunately, most of these authors' descriptions of the "Soul" are vague, unphilosophic and incorrect. These authors have merely restated the current interpretations of the "Soul" contained in popular religious texts of other systems, notwithstanding the fact that the Guru Granth Sahib teaches that the "Soul" is God's Light (JOT) in man. Understanding the distinction between the "Soul" and the "Mind" is the basis of the research reflected in this Book.

 The Sikh Gurus repeatedly and forcefully assert that God is formless, does not have father, mother, brothers, sisters, friends, rivals, adversaries, wives, daughters or sons. He is self-existent, without beginning or end and is Eternal. These Divine attributes cannot be given to any mortal, as God is limitless and cannot be confined to any one material thing, whether a person, a statue or any other material object. When there was no creation, there was nothing in existence -- no air, light, water, earth or space. God existed alone in deep meditation and self absorption. When God willed for the manifestation of His values, He created universes, worlds and all material and other living beings by uttering a single WORD (referred to in the Guru Granth Sahib as "SABAD"). His WORD is all pervasive and the sole source of all creation; God's WORD turned into Light and like the Sun Rays spread everywhere, created Matter of Five Elements - Space, Air, Heat or Energy, Water and Mud (Earthly matter); thus created universes, worlds, stars, planets, moons, numerous heavenly bodies, oceans, etc. as planned by God. It is the Divine Light (Jot) which is Immanent God, that supports and sustains all these bodies, and what is contained within them. God puts Rays of Light (Jot) shedded by Him in the Matter and thus creates living beings or all Life, the Crown of which is Man. In Sikh teachings, the "Soul" is God's Light (Jot) and its origin God's WORD, which God first uttered, have the same meaning in Sri Guru Granth. Moreover, "Sat Guru" is the source of all life in the creation. Creatures receive God's WORD (also referred to in the Guru Granth Sahib as "Naam" or, literally, "name" or attribute of God) from "Sat Guru" or "Soul," and through this WORD the creatures meet with their Creator. The Gurus further teach us that there is no difference between "God" and His WORD, "Light" or "Soul," which again is referred to in the Guru Granth Sahib as "Sat Guru." God abiding in all humans is called "Sat Guru" or "Sat Guru Poora", as the Perfect Eternal Guide or Teacher. Man should live with Sat Guru, accept His Perfect Guidance Full of Wisdom to lead a happy and Truthful Life ("Gur ki mutt lay eiyanai, Bhagat bina boh doobay sianai." - means - Accept the Divine Wisdom, O immature person; for by not living wth Him in devotion, numerous wisemen have destroyed themselves - Sri Guru Arjan Dev in Gauri Rag, Sukhmani Sahib). Unfortunately, these fundamental Sikh teachings, as presented in the Guru Granth Sahib and Sri Dasam Granth Sahib, have as yet not been understood by the vast majority of authors, scholars, Sikhs and non-Sikhs, thus leading to the confusion and misperceptions surrounding Sikhism today. This sheer ignorance has led to the emergence of number of sects and their fake gurus, who misguide the people.

 God is Formless, and is both transcendent and immanent at the same time; His Light (Jot) being present everywhere in creation, like the rays of the sun as Immanent or Functional God. His WORD turned into Light (Jot), Naam, Soul or Sat Guru, is the cause of all creation. It is God, through His WORD or Light, Who creates, supports, sustains or destroys the universe. At both ends, in our pre-life and life after death, and our existence on Earth, it is God alone who is in action and none else; yet no one thing, person or entity is God, as God does not take birth or die. God, through His Light, creates all matter and other material objects and gives life to them. Through the human form and his mind, perceptions, passions, instincts, sensations and feelings have been created in humans. The mind which has the material base, therefore, creates feelings of a separate existence from the Divine present in each person - it is mind which induces the sensual pleasures of the body and comforts only, even at times at the expense of other people. Thus a conflict between right and wrong is created within each person -- the mind, having the material base of the material body organs, leading to desires for transitory gains, pleasures, comforts and other selfish interests and the Divine within each person leading directly towards truth, God and a moral path. All thoughts and perceptions of humans stem from the limited material makeup of man, while the Divine in each person transcend limits and the effect of a material and limited body. God through His Light created material world, yet Himself remains unaffected from the evil effects of his creation (material cravings, passions leading to greed, jealousies, revenge etc.). His Light, present in all creatures, similarly remains unaffected by the material body and remains uncontaminated, just as light cannot be contaminated by any material or non-material thing. The rays of the sun may fall on debris or filth yet are not contaminated. God abides in all the creation and in every one, yet remains Aloof (Nirlaip) and unaffected by the effect of matter (referred to in the Guru Granth Sahib as "Maya" - the "Great Illusion"). Sri Guru Arjan Dev in Sukhmani Sahib, Astpadi 23.5 states: "Sabh kai madh alpato rehai. Jo kich karna so aapai kehai." -- "He lives in every one, yet remains aloof. He does whatever He wants to do."

 The WORD or "Sabad" refers only to the WORD uttered by God at the time of the creation. It is a misconception to say that any scripture or teachings of a prophet or "Avtar" or the Guru or the Saint constitute the WORD of God or "Sabad." The Gurus' compositions (Gurbani) emanate from God's "Sabad," as stated by Sri Guru Amar Das, the 3rd Nanak, "Sabdai upjai amrit bani, gurmukh aakh sunavaniya" -- "From the WORD of God ("Sabad") which is His Light or Soul in all, emanates the Nectar Compositions (Gurbani), which the Guru or the Blessed One, whose mind has completely submerged in His Light and become One with Him, recites to others." -- Rag Majh, page 125, Sri Guru Granth Ji.

 The focus of the Sikh Teachings is to completely eliminate the separate existence of the Mind from the Sat Guru within us, to completely subjugate the Mind to the Divine abiding within each person, and to lead a life according to God's commands. God is all perfection, all wisdom, all creative, all compassion and all joy. By living in union with Him, your life will inevitably be God-like.

 UNION WITH GOD. From where do we receive His WORD or Naam so that through it we may meet with the Lord and redeem ourselves? His Light or Soul is also His WORD or Naam. We receive God's WORD or Naam from His Light or Soul in us, described as "Sat Guru" in the Guru Granth Sahib. Says Sri Guru Amar Das: "Without the WORD, emanating through His Light in all (Soul or Sat Guru), no one attains to God, and without it one wails in pain." Guru Amar Das further states: "Within the body are the Treasures of Jewel. It is through God's Light (Sat Guru) one deals with as the true trader, and receives the Lord's Infinite Name. (7) The Lord Himself keeps the Jewel of His Name, and He Himself gives. But there are the rare ones of the Guru's devotees, who deal in it. It is through the Guru's (God's Light or Soul or His WORD or Naam) the Lord is enshrined in the Mind or Self. (8)" -- 27.28, Page 126, Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The Soul or His Light is in fact His Word, therefore, WORD or Naam is received from Soul or Sat Guru. Bestowal of Naam to any one is entirely by His Grace. No one can attain it merely by his own effort at any price. All creation has been formed by the utterance of the WORD by God. It is through this WORD, embedded in all, that all creatures meet with their source, God, the Creator. Nevertheless, no person, however great he may be, is the redeemer through whom salvation or a seat in "heaven" is attained. Today, many of the prevalent religious teachings have been commercialized to the extent that day in and day out false and misleading principles are promulgated by priests seeking personal glory or attention for their own gain. No human can help a person attain union with God It is God alone who possesses such power. The worship of any mortal or the giving of divine attributes to any such person is merely idolatry and only leads to disappointment.

 This is the most vital difference between the Sikh Teachings and other religious systems. No one can intercede between Man and his Creator. Guru Nanak in Rag Maru, Sohila, page 1048, SGGS states: "None can do a thing to help any one, nor is any one potent to do it. Whatever He Himself does or causes to be done; that alone comes to pass. He, whom He Himself forgives, is blessed with Bliss and ever abides in the Name. If this body be the earth and the Infinite Name the Seed, then man has trade and dealings with the True Lord alone. Within him grows the True Wealth and it does not exhaust and within him abides the Name."

 The world has ever been full of hate; men have been destroying one another on any pretext. The Gurus revealed that this destructiveness is related to our instincts, which are God given. These instincts are actually His endowments to Man, which supply energy of varied types to enable them to live effectively. Without emotional energy, Man would be inert and immobile, existing only in a vegetative state. Those persons, who under the Divine guidance, use such instinctual energy toward creative purposes, lead a happy and contented life, serve their fellow beings in creation of a saner society and ultimately attain union with Him. Those who sever their connections with their Creator, are led to misuse this unlimited energy at their disposal, which causes destructiveness to others and also to themselves, misld by the whims of the mind. The Gurus taught the oneness of God, and the oneness of all creation. Whatever one sees, it is all the manifestation of One God. All are the children of one common Father, who is present in all equally. The Gurus never called any one person an evil doer or passed judgment on them. Passing judgment would be inconsistent with Sikh teachings as God, the Creator of all, is present in all equally. The question still exists, however -- who are the bad ones or the evil doers? In the Holy Compositions we find that evil passions arise in people's mind, who pursue their selfish ends and are led by their filthy mind, they then sever their connections with their Creator abiding in them. It is these evil passions, instincts and drives that are the source of evil action.

 How can evil be annihilated and peace established? It cannot be eliminated by any method, even by the use of force, regardless of the amount of effort. The way to transform evil into a good and rational force is by living with God by His Grace. There is no other way to create genuine peace amongst people. God abides in every one's heart, and it is He alone Who creates and blesses a harmonious and adjusted life for all. Living without God otherwise by the dictates of mind allows people to be led by their passions of greed for material gains and eventually results in self destruction.

 The Gurus never called themselves superior as persons to any one, but rather in all humility stated that they were the lowliest of the lowly and ever yearned for God's grace - always lived with SAT GURU VERILY GOD in them. As the Gurus preached single minded devotion to God alone, bereft of all rituals and ceremonies, and the equality of all people without any caste, color, ethnic, race, creed and any other considerations, their teachings were not well received by the privileged classes and the people of the special interests, who had enslaved the people in general. These people formed the strongest opposition to the Gurus' teaching. In order to do away with these egalitarian teachings completely, those in power began making unprovoked armed attacks on the Gurus and Sikhs. The Gurus armed the Sikhs only for self defense and for mere survival. Unprovoked armed attacks were made on the Gurus and the Sikhs, by both Hindu and Muslim rulers, based on religious bigotry. These attacks were repulsed by the Gurus, but no attack was made in retaliation, and none of the invaders' territory or property was ever taken when the attacks were repulsed. The Gurus never interfered in the affairs of the state. They believed that the state, which consisted of only a few people, was the reflection of a larger society. They focused all their attention on raising of the character of the people by preaching love of God's Name. They never bothered who were the rulers of the country. Just as water keeps its level, so does society. Good people are governed by good government, and misguided people by bad and corrupt government. The Gurus brought about a sea of change in attitude in their adversaries and thus created a stable society. Let us follow their example to create a better world for us to live in peace. In this context, the readers are requested to read this writer's Book, SWORD - SYMBOL OF DIVINE AUTHORITY, published by SANBUN Publishers, New Delhi.

 My total submission in love and gratitude to Guru-Akalpurkh (Almighty the Eternal Enlightener), Who was Kind and Merciful to extend His Blessings on me to go into the depth of the Sacred Compositions and write on them. I have been greatly honored to include the highly scholarly "Forewords" from the eminent scholars; Dr. Surjit Singh Sidhu of Killen, Alabama and my grandson, a young scholar, Kanwar Manjot Singh, Attorney-at-Law, practicing the International Law, Chicago, Illinos, who has the distinguished record of his scholarship throughout his academic career. I acknowledge my sincere gratitude to both of them for their encouragement.

September 2002

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