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Text of Guru Nanak Dev's Composition, "OANKAR" and Translation

Text of Guru Nanak Dev's Composition, "OANKAR" and Translation

Ramkali Mehla 1, Dakhni By the Grace of the Supreme Being, The Eternal and the Enlightener

Note:: This Composition is to be called "OANKAR", and not as "Dakhni Oankar". The word "Dakhni" is related to Ramkali Measure; it is a kind of sub-division of Rag Ramkali. There are several other Compositions under this sub-division of Rag Ramkali.

Text: Oankar Brahma otpat. Oankar kia jin chit. Oankar sail jug bhaey. Oankar baid nirmehai. Oankar Sabad odharai. Oankar gurmukh tarai. Onam akhar sunho bichar. Onam akhar trebhavan sar. (1)

( O Pandit, you have installed in the temple an idol of god Brahma, and consider it as the Creator of the world, but it is not so). It is Oankar, God, Who created Brahma. Brahma meditated God in his mind. It is God from Whom myriad worlds and Ages emanate. It is God, Who created Vedas. It is through One Lord's Word, all are saved. It is God, Who emancipates God-men. Hear the Word 'Aum' and consider over it. This Word is for the All Pervading Spirit of God, and is not meant for the idol you worship. (1)

Text: Sune padhai kia likhho junjala. Likh Ram nam gurmukh gopala. 1. Rahao.

O Pandit, why do you write such things, which cause involvement in strife? Write only God's Name, attained through the Guru's Grace (God's Light in Man). (1) Pause.

Text: Susai subh jug sehaj opaeiaa teen bhavan eik joti. Gurmukh vasat prapat hovai chun lai manak moti. Smajhai soojhai parh parh boojhai aunt nirantar sacha. Gurmukh daikhai sach smalai bin sachai jug kacha. (2)

Letter Sussa - S God created the whole Universe in His Will (only by uttering a Word). In the Three Domains (Land, Sea and Air) of the Universe, there shines the Light of One Luminous Lord. By the Guru's Grace (His Light in Man), one receives the Gems and Pearls of God's Name, and through the Guru, one attains to God, the Real Wealth. If a man understands, he reflects and comprehends what he reads and pursues; he ultimately comes to realize that the Eternal Lord is present within all. The God-man perceives and contemplates the Eternal Lord. Except God's Name, the whole world appears to him perishable. (2)

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