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Compassion: Forgiveness is Divine

 FORGIVENESS IS THE CARDINAL TRAIT IN SIKH TEACHINGS. Under no circumstances one should take any aggressive action, both by use of force and passively by breaking the established laws of the State. It is God alone Who has established His Authority in the world and established organized societies, to function in a peaceful way. Any action to create rebellion or disorder in a peaceful society is to be treated as anti-social. For detailed study please read the book, SWORD - The Symbol of Divine Authority, written by the writer of these lines. If those who weild the authority in any organized society go astray and are unjustly harsh on a section of its people, the oppressed people should not conform to the unjust commands of the authorities, and pray to God, Who equally abides in all, for Justice. God does come to the rescue of His devotees. The Sikh Teachings are given hereunder.
"Where there is Wisdom, there is Righteousness. Where there is falsehood, there is sin. Where there is greed, there is Death. Where there is Forgiveness (Compassion), God Himself is there."
(Sri Kabir Ji, Slok 155, p. 1372, SGGS)
 Myriad people, millions, nay innumerable number of persons have perished, as they did not know FORGIVENESS. One cannot keep their count and also their numberless numbers, who were distressed and bothered, thus destroyed themselves. The one, who knows his God-Spouse, his bonds are loosened; becomes broad minded. Becoming free through the Guru's (God's Light in Man) Word, he attains to the state of poise and calmness. Becoming immaculate through the Guru's Word, he enters into the Lord's Mansion; thus is spontaneously blessed with the Virtues of Forgiveness and Truth. If one possesses the true wealth (for his expenses) of contemplation of His Name, the Lord Himself will abide in his body. He ever remembers the Lord with his mind, body and mouth. Virtues emerge in his mind, which is calmed (with capacity for utmost tolerance of others' excesses). In self conceit, one is distracted and ruined. Without God, every thing is Evil. God created the creatures and Himself abides in each of them. The Creator Lord remains Detached and Infinite. (Living with creatures, yet remains Aloof and Detached).(Guru Nanak Dev, Oankar, Paurhi 49, Ramkali Rag, page 937, Guru Granth Sahib)
"The Saints are tolerant and sweet tempered. They treat alike the friends and the evil doers. Nanak says: Those who offer them food of many kinds, or those who slander them, or those who are arrayed against them with weapons drawn, to them they all are alike."
(Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Sahaskriti Slok 27, page 1356, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji)
"O bride, you shall attain union with the Lord, if you adopt the Virtues of Humility, Forgiveness and Sweetness of Tongue, as the Way of Life."
(Sheikh Baba Farid, Slok 127, page 1384, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji)

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