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Basic Sikh Teachings

Basic Sikh Teachings: Introduction

 In this book we shall discuss the metaphysics of the Sikh Teachings as stated in Sri Guru Nanak's Compositions, OANKAR and SIDH GOSHT (the Guru's Discussions with the Priest of Temple Oankar, who worshipped the image of god Brahma, and the roaming Yogis), both appearing in Rag Ramkali of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. COMPOSITION "JUP JI Sahib" of Sri Guru Nanak Dev contains the Basic Fundamental Concepts on which the whole edifice of the Sikh Faith stands (Chapter 7). Compositions Oankar (Chapter 8) and Sidh Gosht (Chapter 13) are the expositions and elaborations of certain basic fundamentals of the Sikh Teachings in JUP JI Sahib; in that meaning and functionary qualities of presence of God's Word or Sabda, verily God Himself in all. And how persons meet with the Creator Lord, by fixation or attuning their conscious self (SURAT) in complete devotion to the God abiding in their very home or self (Chapter 4). When the Yogis during their discussions with the Guru, asked him, "Who is your Guru, whose disciple you are?" - Pauri 43, Sidh Gosht; Guru Nanak thereupon replied "Sabad Guru, Surat dhun Chela" - The WORD or SABDA of God (uttered by God at the time of Creation, turned into Light or Jot and spread everywhere, which created Matter of Five Elements and God created Life by putting His Light into the matter thus created), is the Guru equally abiding in all, and Mind (SURAT) attuned to His Word is the Disciple. This phenomenon is explained in its details in this Book.

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Basic Sikh Teachings: Creation

 God is Formless and All Pervading Spirit. He is All Wisdom and is creative. His Will is His Word, through which He manifests Himself. His Word or Will or Command is His Personality. His Word is True Enlightener or Sat Guru (True Teacher) abiding in all.

 For countless ages there was utter darkness. There was no earth, no sky, no space, neither any creatures nor any sound, nor air nor water. The Infinite God, Who is Eternal, was only there, absorbed in Himself. He was contemplating on Values, which He liked most. When He willed to manifest these Values and witness them, He created countless Universes, by utterance of a WORD.

 The WORD uttered by God, turned into LIGHT (JOT), which spread in all directions and became the Cause of all the Creation as planned by God. His WORD, turned into LIGHT is All Pervasive and the sole Cause of All the Creation; creates Matter of Five Elements (Space, Air, Heat, Water and Mud, Rocks etc.), which forms the Universes, vast oceans, the stars, suns, moons, planets and the numerous heavenly bodies. It is His Light (Jot), which supports them and sustains them in their respective positions. God creates the living beings by putting His Jot in the matter. God's Word is the Cause and the Creation is its Effect. In other words His Word is the Seed of the entire Creation. Whatever is in the seed, the effect manifests the same thing. So from His Word emerges His Qualities, which we call them by different Names (NAAM). His Word or Will or His Name (NAAM), in the Form of His Light (Jot), is the same thing. He is known through His Word or Name, and we meet with Him by loving His Word or Name (NAAM), present in all creation in the form of His Light (Jot), we call It as SOUL or Atman. His Word and Soul (His Light in all) also mean the same thing.

Reference is invited to the following Teachings in this regard -

"The Formless God creates all things, day and night, forests, grass blades and everything in them, the three spheres (worlds, under-worlds and the space), oceans, four Vedas, the four modes of creation (egg born, sweat born, earth born and fetus born), nine regions, the continents and all the worlds. THEY ALL HAVE BEEN CREATED BY THE UTTERANCE OF ONE WORD OF THE LORD. (1) O man realize your Creator Lord. If you meet with the True Guru (God's Light in you), then alone you shall have His realization. (1 Pause). ..........."
(Rag Maru M.5, Ghar 4, page 10003, SGGS)

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