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Japji Sahib

Japji Sahib

] jpu ]
Awid scu jugwid scu ]
hY BI scu nwnk hosI BI scu ] 1 ]
JUP Adi Sach, Jugadi Sach, Hai Bhi Sach, Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach. (1)
JUP (Meditation or dwelling on the Infinite Spirit of God).
In the beginning He was the veritable Reality; He was present in all times; Nothing is real but the Eternal Lord; Nothing shall last but the Eternal Lord. (1)

socY soic n hoveI jy socI lK vwr ]
cupY cup n hoveI jy lwie rhw ilv qwr ]
BuiKAw BuK n auqrI jy bMnw purIAw Bwr ]
shs isAwxpw lK hoih q iek n clY nwil ]
ikv sicAwrw hoeIAY ikv kUVY qutY pwil ]
hukim rjweI clxw nwnk iliKAw nwil ] 1 ]
sochai soch na hovei jai sochi lakh var.
chupai chup na hovei jai laeh raha livtar.
bhukhian bhukh na ootri jai buna puriaa bhar.
sehas sianpa lakh hoeh ta eik na chalai nal.
kiv sachiara hoeiai kiv koorai tutai pal.
hukam rajaei chalna nanak likhiya nal. (1)
Even if one may wash his body through million fold, he will not be able to purify the mind. Nor his resolve for maintaining complete silence in self absorption, however long and continuous, will cause peace of mind. If one were to possess the wealth of many worlds, his thirst for acquiring more things is not quenched. Even one may have thousand million feats of intellect, not a single becomes helpful to him eventually. Then, how to become a truthful person, and demolish the wall of falsehood (separating him from the Creator)? Nanak says: one should live with God, Who abides in him, in complete adjustment to His Will, obeying His Commands, which are ingrained in him (all are capable of listening to His Commands), in this way the wall of falsehood between him and God is thus demolished, and he becomes a Truthful Person.
(NOTE: Pauri 1, last Verse of JUP is the substance of the whole text of JUP, nay the WHOLE OF GURU GRANTH SAHIB. ON THIS THEME ALONE ALL THE COMPOSITIONS REVOLVE.)

hukmI hovin Awkwr hukmu n kihAw jweI ]
hukmI hovin jIA hukim imlY vifAweI ]
hukmI auqmu nIcu hukim iliK duK suK pweIAih ]
ieknw hukmI bKsIs ieik hukmI sdw BvweIAih ]
hukmY AMdir sBu ko bwhir hukm n koie ]
nwnk hukmY jy buJY q haumY khY n koie ] 2 ]
hukmi hovan aakar, hukam na kehia jaei.
hukmi hovan jie, hukam milai vadaaei.
hukmi ootam neech, hukame likh dukh sukh paeiye.
eikna hukmi bakhsis, eik hukmi sada bhavaeiye.
hukmai andar sabh ko, bahir hukam na koai.
nanak hukmai jai bujhai, ta homai kehai na koai. (2)
According to the Will of God, all creatures get their respective forms. His Commands are inexplicable. According to His Command, the beings are created. By His Commands some are exalted. By His Commands, some are given nobility and some ignominy. By His Command the creatures receive pain and pleasure. Some by His Command receive His Grace, and some by His Command are whirled around in cycles of births and deaths. All are subject to His Will, and no one is exception. Nanak says: When man realizes His Will and adjusts accordingly, then his egoism die of itself (the curtain of falsehood is thus torn off). (2)
(Note: From the above description, it will be noted that God alone is the Doer, none else. All happens what He Wills.)

gwvY ko qwxu hovY iksY qwxu ]
gwvY ko dwiq jwxY nIswxu ]
gwvY ko gux vifAweIAw cwr ]
gwvY ko ividAw ivKmu vIcwru ]
gwvY ko swij kry qnu Kyh ]
gwvY ko jIA lY iPir dyh ]
gwvY  ko jwpY idsY dUir ]
gwvY ko vyKY hwdrw hdUir ]
kQnw kQI n AwvY qoit ]
kiQ kiQ kQI kotI koit koit ]
dydw dy lYdy Qik pwih ]
jugw jugMqir KwhI Kwih ]
hukmI hukmu clwey rwhu ]
nwnk ivgsY vyprvwhu ] 3 ]
gavai ko tan hovai kisai tan.
gavai ko dat janai nisan.
gavai ko gun vadaaieiya char.
gavai ko vidiya vikham vichar.
gavai ko saj karai tan kheh.
gavai ko jie lai phir deh.
gavai ko, japai disai doore.
gavai ko vaikhai hadra hadoor.
kathna kathi na aavai tote.
kath kath kathi, koti kot kot.
dainda dai, laindai thak paeh.
juga jugantar kha hi khaeh.
hukmi hukam chalai rahe. nanak vigsai vaiparvah. (3)
Those who are blessed with the strength, they alone sing of His Might. There are those who sing of His Blessings, as marks of His Grace. Some sing of His noblest Qualities and beautiful Exalted States. (char - here means beautiful, not four). Some persons with the aid of education sing of God's most difficult intricate knowledge (through Shastras and other philosophical accounts). Some sing that He creates and then eliminates the creatures reducing them to dust. Some sing that God takes away the life, to restore it again. Some sing that God appear to be far off, while some sing that He is nearest of near and seen everywhere present. There is no end to giving discourse on Him. Millions upon millions discourse endlessly of Him. The Giver continues to give His Bounties, but the recipients grow weary of receiving them. All creatures ever since have been getting everything from Him for their sustenance. He is the Ordainer. The Universe is managed through His Ordinance. Nanak says: The Lord is ever in Bliss. Ever fulfilled. (3)

swcw swihbu swcu nwie BwiKAw Bwau Apwru ]
AwKih mMgih dyih dyih dwiq kry dwqwru ]
Pyir ik AgY rKIAY ijqu idsY drbwru ]
muhO ik bolxu bolIAY ijqu suix Dry ipAwru ]
AMimRq vylw scu nwau vifAweI ivcwru ]
krmI AwvY kpVw ndrI moKu duAwru ]
nwnk eyvY jwxIAY sBu Awpy sicAwru ] 4 ]
sacha sahib sach naeh, bhakhia bhao apar.
aakheh mungeh deh deh, dati karai datar.
phair keh agai rakhiai, jit disai darbar.
moho keh bolan boliai jit sun dhrai piyar.
amrit vaila sach nao vadiaaei vichar.
karmi aavai kupra nadrimokh doar.
nanak eaivai janiai subh aapai sachiar. (4)
God is Eternal and so is His Law Eternal. HIS LANGUAGE IS LOVE. He is Infinite Being. The creatures ask for things for fulfillment of their needs. The Great Giver gives His gifts. (When He is ever giving His gifts to us), then what we can offer Him in our gratitude, so that we are able to have a glimpse of His Court? What words should we utter, on hearing which He may love us? In the ambrosial hour of the dawn, we should meditate on His Name, in that His excellence and Virtuous Qualities. This Love of His Name is His Gift (Bestowal of Dress of Honor), and is awarded to us in His Mercy. In this way one is Emancipated (freedom from entanglement of varied distracting forces leading to evil) from falsehood, and attains to His nearness, which is also by His Grace. Nanak says: in this way man gets the understanding that the Lord in His Full Capacity is present everywhere. (4)
(Note: There is the vast of difference in translation of Pauri 4 given above, and all other translations. Firstly, the Word "sach" does not mean true or holy, it means "an Eternal Reality". Secondly, word "naeh" does not mean Name, but "Law", thirdly, word "karam" does not mean "deeds" here, but "Mercy or Grace", fourthly, word "or cloth or dress" does not mean human birth, but the "Robe of Honor or Gift". In Pauri 27, Majh ki Var, page 150, Sri Guru Granth Sahib, it is stated "sachi sifat salah kapra paiya" - "God blessed me with the Gift of His True Praises". It can safely be said that all other translations do not lead us to the Basic Sikh Teaching, as given in Pauri 1.)

QwipAw n jwie kIqw n hoie ]
Awpy Awip inrMjnu soie ]
ijin syivAw iqin pwieAw mwnu ]
nwnk gwvIAY guxI inDwnu ]
gwvIAY suxIAY min rKIAY Bwau ]
duKu prhir suKu Gir lY jwie ]
gurmuiK nwdM gurmuiK vydM gurmuiK rihAw smweI ]
guru eIsru guru gorKu brmw guru pwrbqI mweI ]
jy hau jwxw AwKw nwhI khxw kQnu n jweI ]
gurw iek dyih buJweI ]
sBnw jIAw kw ieku dwqw so mY ivsir n jweI ] 5 ]
thapiya na jaeh, keeta na hoeh.
aapai aap narinjan soeh.
jin sevia tini paiya manh.
nanak gaviai guni nidhanh.
gavviai sunai mun rkhiai bhao.
dukh parhar sukh ghar lai jaeh.
gurmukh nadung gurmukh vaidung.
gurmukh rehia smaei.
gur eisar gur gorakh brma, gur parbti maei.
jai ho jana aakha nahi, kehna kathan na jahi
gura eik daieh bujhaei,
sabna jia ka eik data so mai visre na jaei. (5)
God is Not affected by Maya, as He is Self Existent. Neither He can be created, nor He can be made (an idol) by any one. Those who contemplate Him, they are honored. Let us sing and hear His Eulogies of Virtues, and thus create love for Him. In this way one eliminates all sorrows from his mind, and creates happiness in its place. One attains all this knowledge by reflecting his mind on His Light in him (called Guru or The Divine Teacher). The Word emanating from His Light (Sat Guru - True Teacher) and the Knowledge thus attained, make us aware that He is present everywhere. He is Siva, Vishnu, Brahma and the goddesses Parbati, Lakshmi and Saraswati. (there is no one beside Him). Even if I realize His true Greatness, but how can I utter it? The Guru (His Light in me), has enlightened me that there is only One Beneficent Lord of All. May I never forget Him. (5)
(Note: Please read this Pauri in the context of Mool Mantra, that God is All Pervading Infinite Personality, the Creator of all, and has no limitations. Another very important thing the Guru mentions in this Pauri is, that God although abides in every thing He created, yet He remains totally DETACHED, Not Affected by the created things. He abides in all, just as fragrance is in flowers, reflection of a person is in water or mirror.)

qIriQ nwvw jy iqsu Bwvw ivxu Bwxy ik nwie krI ]
jyqI isriT aupweI vyKw ivxu krmw ik imlY leI ]
miq ivic rqn jvwhr mwixk jy iek gur kI isK suxI ]
gurw iek dyih buJweI ]
sBnw jIAw kw ieku dwqw so mY ivsir n jweI ] 6 ]
tirath nava jai tis bhava. vin bhanai keh naeh kari
jaiti sirthi opaei vaikha vin karma keh milai laei
mati vich ratan jvahar manik, jai eik gur ki sikh suni.
gura eik daieh bujhaei.
sabna jia ka eik data so mai visar na jaei. (6)
I will go to the sacred places for a bath, only if by doing so I can please God. If, He is not pleased, then what use is to take bath there? When I look at God's creation, I see that each of the creatures gets what He gives him, nothing less and nothing more. If one were to listen to a Word of Wisdom of the Guru (God's Light in man), then his mind would be enriched with gems, jewels and rubies like thoughts. Even if I realize His true Greatness, but how can I utter it? The Guru (His Light in me), has enlightened me, that there is One Beneficent Lord of all. May I never forget Him. (6)
(Note: Please read this Pauri in the context of first and the last verses of Pauri 1, that by merely taking bath in sacred waters, the mind cannot be purified. The second thing on which emphasis has been laid in this Pauri is that all the Real Wealth of Man God has put within man himself, attained by His Grace. Such a wealth cannot be purchased, with any amount of the material wealth.)

jy jug cwry Awrjw hor dsUxI hoie ]
nvw KMfw ivic jwxIAY nwil clY sBu koie ]
cMgw nwau rKwie kY jsu kIriq jig lyie ]
jy iqsu ndir n AwveI q vwq n puCY ky ]
kItw AMdir kItu kir dosI dosu Dry ]
nwnk inrguix guxu kry guxvMiqAw guxu dy ]
qyhw koie n suJeI ij iqsu guxu koie kry ] 7 ]
jai jug charai aarja, hor dsooni hoeh
nva khunda vich janiai, nal chalai sabh sbh koeh.
chunga nio rakhaeh kai, jus kirat jug laieh.
jai tis nadar na aavei, ta vat na puchai kai.
keeta aundar keet kar, dosi dos dharai
nanak nirgun gun karai gunvantiya gun dai.
tehha koeh na sujhei jeh tis gun koeh karai. (7)
If any one were to live as long as for four ages, and even ten times that, and he be known in all the corners of earth and command the universal following. He may become so famous that he is praised by all the mankind. If, however, he is not approved by Him and is deprived of His Grace, then he will be like the most worthless of men, not cared for by any one, as the lowest of the most insignificant worms. God holds him as a culprit or the evil doer. Nanak says: God grants virtues to the virtueless ones; also more virtues to the virtuous. One cannot think of any one, who can show any goodness to Him. (7)

suixAY isD pIr suir nwQ ]
suixAY Driq Dvl Awkws ]
suixAY dIp loA pwqwl ]
suixAY poih n skY kwlu ]
nwnk Bgqw sdw ivgwsu ]
suixAY dUK pwp kw nwsu ] 8 ]
suniai sidh pir sur nath,
suniai dharat dhaval aakas.
suniai deep loeh patal
suniai poeh na sakai kal.
nanak bhagta sada vigas
suniai dookh pap ka nas. (8)
Nanak says: those, who meditate on God's Name, are ever seen in Bliss; because by hearing His Praises, all their sufferings and sins are annulled. It is, as a result of, hearing His Name and imbibing it within one's mind in love, an ordinary person attains to the status of a Sidh (a perfect person), Pir (religious guide), god, Nath (a true yogi). By hearing His Word, man becomes immune to death (Moral Death). He also gets the understanding of the reality that this earth and sky are supported by God, Who exists everywhere in all the realms, worlds, and also netherlands. (8)

suixAY eIsru brmw ieMdu ]
suixAY muiK swlwhx mMdu ]
suixAY jog jugiq qin Byd ]
suixAY swsq isimRiq vyd ]
nwnk Bgqw  sdw ivgwsu ]
suixAY dUK pwp kw nwsu ] 9 ]
suniai eisur brma eind,
sunai mukh salahn mund.
suniai jog jugat tan bhaid,
suniai sast simirti vaid.
nanak bhgata sada vigas,
suniai dookh pap ka nas. (9),
Nanak says: those, who meditate on God's Name, are ever seen in Bliss; because by hearing His Praises, all their sufferings and sins are annulled. By hearing and absorbing in himself the Name of God, a person attains to the status of Shiva (god of Justice), Brahma (god of Creation), Indira (god of Rain), and even evil ones also begin to praise the Lord. By hearing the Lord's Name, man also begins to understand the ways of uniting with Him and the body's secrets, knowledge of four Vedas, six Shastras (schools of philosophy and twenty seven ceremonial treatises (code of conduct). (9)

suixAY squ sMqoKu igAwnu ]
suixAY ATsiT kw iesnwnu ]
suixAY piV piV pwvih mwnu ]
suixAY lwgY shij iDAwnu ]
nwnk Bgqw sdw ivgwsu ]
suixAY dUK pwp kw nwsu ] 10 ]
suniai sati santokh gian,
suniai athsath ka eisnan.
suniai parh parh paveh manh,
suniai lagai sehaj dhian.
nanak bhagta sada vigas,
suniai dookh pap ka nas. (10).
Nanak says: those, who meditate on God's Name, are ever seen in Bliss; beause by hearing His Praises, all their sufferings and sins are annulled. By absorbing in God's Name, it creates within oneself the spirit of giving himself, contentment, and the Divine Knowledge, which is the real ablution at sixty eight pilgrim stations. The devotees receive the honor by attaching themselves to God's Name, which others try to attain the same by their constantly reading books. By attaching themselves to His Name, their mind is fixed in poised meditation. (10).
(Note: This translation is in accordance with the application of rules of grammar, and is quite different from all others. The word "sati" does not mean truth or reality here, but the spirit of giving oneself or to donate.)

suixAY srw guxw ky gwh ]
suixAY syK pIr pwiqswh ]
suixAY AMDy pwvih rwhu ]
suixAY hwQ hovY Asgwhu ]
nwnk Bgqw sdw ivgwsu ]
suixAY dUK pwp kw nwsu ] 11 ]
suniai sra guna kai gah,
suniai saikh pir patsah.
suniai andhai paveh rah,
suniai hath hoveh asgah.
nanak bhagata sada vigas,
suniai dookh pap ka nas. (11)
Nanak says: those, who meditate on God's Name, are ever seen in bliss; because by hearing His Praises, all their sufferings and sins are annulled. By absorption in God's Name, creates a deep knowledge of spiritual truths in persons, who attain to the status of a Shaikh, Pir or Monarch, even blind (the ignorant ones) find their way, and come to know of the reality and the depth of the human problem and the solution thereto. (11)

mMny kI giq khI n jwie ]
jy ko khY ipCY pCuqwie ]
kwgid klm n ilKxhwru ]
mMny kw bih krin vIcwru ]
AYsw nwmu inrMjnu hoie ]
jy ko mMin jwxY min koie ] 12 ]
munai ki gati gati kehi na jaeh
jeh ko kehai pichai pachtaeh.
kagad kalm na likhanhar
munai ka beh karn vichar.
aisa nam nerunjan hoeh
jai ko mune janai mune koeh. (12)
Words cannot describe the person of faith. O, none can describe! No amounts of paper and pen and also the scribes are sufficient to give the state of mind of the devotee. The Lord though present in each of the creatures, yet He is Not affected by the created things, remains Aloof. Such is the Immaculate Name of the Lord, which can be realized through single minded devotion. (12)

mMnY suriq hovY min buiD ]
mMnY sgl Bvx kI suiD ]
mMnY muih cotw nw Kwie ]
mMnY jm kY swiQ n jwie ]
AYsw nwmu inrMjnu hoie ]
jy ko mMin jwxY min koie ] 13 ]
munai surte hovai mune budhe
munai sagal bhavn ki sudeh
munai muhe chota na khaeh
munai jam kai sathe na jaeh
aisa nam nirunjan hoeh
jai ko mune janai mune koeh. (13)
Consequent to the devotion of the person to His Name, he becomes enlightened one, awake to the disastrous effect of varied distracting forces. He thus is saved from the disgrace and sufferings caused by indulgence in evil deeds( for satisfaction of sensual pleasures) and is not subjected to the Yama's (Death Angel's) terror. The Lord though present in each of the creatures, yet He is Not affected by the created things, remains Aloof. Such is the Immaculate Name of the Lord, which can be realized through single minded devotion. (13)

mMnY mwrig Twk n pwie ]
mMnY piq isau prgtu jwie ]
mMnY mgu n clY pMQu ]
mMnY Drm syqI snbMDu ]
AYsw nwmu inrMjnu hoie ]
jy ko mMin jwxY min koie ] 14 ]
munai marg thak na paiye
munai pat sio pargat jaeh.
munai mug chalai punth
munai dharam saiti sanbundhe
aisa nam nirunjan hoeh
jai ko mune janai mune koeh. (14)
Man of faith does not meet with any obstruction in his way. He departs with honor and fame to the Abode of God. He does not involve himself in various sectarian rituals, but establishes relation with True Religion only. The Lord though present in each of the creatures, yet He is not affected by the created things, remains aloof. Such is the Immaculate Name of the lord, which can be realized through single minded devotion. (14)

mMnY pwvih moKu duAwru ]
mMnY prvwrY swDwru ]
mMnY qrY qwry guru isK ]
mMnY nwnk Bvih n iBK ]
AYsw nwmu inrMjnu hoie ]
jy ko mMin jwxY min koie ] 15 ]
munai pavai mokh doar
munai parvarai sadhar.
munai tarai tarai gursikh
munai nanak bhaveh na bhikh.
aisa nam niranjan hoeh
jai ko mune janai mune koeh. (15)
The one who practiced faith, finds his liberation. He even causes his relations to be similarly liberated. It is devotion to God, through which both the Teacher and the disciple are ferried across and liberated. Nanak says: the Man of Faith has not to wander about and beg for favor of any mortal. The Lord though present in each of the creatures, yet He is Not affected by the created things, remains Aloof. Such is the Immaculate Name of the Lord, which can be realized through single minded devotion. (15)

pMc prvwx pMc prDwnu ]
pMcy pwvih drgih mwnu ]
pMcy sohih dir rwjwnu ]
pMcw kw guru eyku iDAwnu ]
panch parvan, pach pardhan,
pancheh paveh dargeh maun.
pachai soheh dar rajan,
pancha ka gur eik dhiane.
The Divine Consciousness thus evolved, or the Men of Divine Consciousness are approved by God, and treated as Most Exalted Ones. Such Men are honored in God's Court. Such persons look gorgeous at His Royal Door. They always reflect their mind on the Guru (His Light in them).
(The word "panch" is a Sanskrit word, means - The Divine Consciousness or The Moral Consciousness. It does not mean "Five".)

jy ko khY krY ivcwru ]
krqy kY krxY nwhI sumwru ]
jai ko kehai, karai vichar
kartai kai karnai nahi sumar.
(This does not mean that a Blessed man would know the Extant of His Creation). There is no end to His Creation. (It is exaggeratedly too Vast and limitless to comprehend ) If any one would dare to explore the Extant of the Creation, he may try. (This, however, is Not the aim of life.)

DOlu Drmu dieAw kw pUqu ]
sMqoKu Qwip riKAw ijin sUiq ]
jy ko bUJY hovY sicAwru ]
DvlY aupir kyqw Bwru ]
DrqI horu prY horu horu ]
iqs qy Bwru qlY kvxu joru ]
dhol dharam dehiya ka poot.
santokh thap rakhiya jin soot.
jai ko bujhai hovai sachiar
dhavlai oopar kaita bhar.
dharti hor parai hor hor
tis tai bhar talai kavan jor.
God's established Law is the Dharma or the mythical Bull. (It is God's Potential, which is keeping the Earth at its place and to be productive). This Dharma is the off-spring of the Compassion. (It means that God, out of His Mercy, He created Earth and it is through the Dharma or the Law, it is being sustained.) The Dharma through contentment creates Harmony. Whosoever understands this, his mind will be illumined by His Light. Otherwise, just imagine! the extent of load the Bull is said to be carrying. There are the worlds over worlds, both below this world and also beyond it. Then, who is there to support this structure from the underworld? It is God, Who is the Support.

jIA jwiq rMgw ky nwv ]
sBnw iliKAw vuVI klwm ]
eyhu lyKw iliK jwxY koie ]
lyKw iliKAw kyqw hoie ]
kyqw qwxu suAwilhu rUpu ]
kyqI dwiq jwxY kOxu kUqu ]
kIqw pswau eyko kvwau ]
iqs qy hoey lK drIAwau ]
jee jati runga kai nav
sabhna likhia vori klam.
eh laikha likh janai koeh
laikha likhia kaita hoeh.
kaita tan soalio roop
kaiti dati janai kon koot.
kita psao eiko kvao
tis tai hoai lakh driao.
There are varied kinds of living beings created by Him. Their features, colors, kinds and forms have been inscribed by the ever flowing pen of God. But rarely any one understands this reality (means no one can make an estimate the extant of His Creation). If one were to write the account, it cannot even be estimated as to how big it will be. God is infinitely Powerful, Handsome and the Sustainer of all the Creation. Who can estimate all this? He uttered ONE WORD, and with It, the Whole of the Creation came into Being with hundreds of thousand of rivers flowing therein.

kudriq kvx khw vIcwru ]
vwirAw n jwvw eyk vwr ]
jo quDu BwvY sweI BlI kwr ]
qU sdw slwmiq inrMkwr ] 16 ]
kudrat kavan kaha vichar
varia na java aik var
jo tudh bhavai saei bhali kar
tu sada slamat nirankar. (16)
Who am I (I am nothing - do not own any power - everywhere it is His Potential, which is working) to describe the Extant of His Creation. I feel unworthy to be a sacrifice even once to Him. God is Formless, Immutable and Eternal (Supreme Being). Whatever He Wills, that is best (for us all). (16)
(Note: The emphasis is to live with God, accept His Will, it will surely prove Most Beneficial to us. The Lord, is the Creator of us all, is the Most Loving Parent. We are all His children, part and parcel of Him. How can He be unkind to us? The trial and tribulations under which we are made to pass at times, is also His Compassion, to purify us, exalt us and to bring us near Him. The above description is also the amplification of the last verse of Pauri 1.)

AsMK jp AsMK Bwau ]
AsMK pUjw AsMK qp qwau ]
AsMK grMQ muiK vyd pwT ]
AsMK jog min rhih  audws ]
AsMK Bgq gux igAwn vIcwr ]
AsMK sqI AsMK dwqwr ]
AsMK sUr muh BK swr ]
AsMK moin ilv lwie qwr ]
kudriq kvx khw ivcwru ]
vwirAw n jwvw eyk vwr ]
jo quDu BwvY sweI BlI kwr ]
qU sdw slwmiq inrMkwr ] 17 ]
asunkh jup, asunkh bhao,
asunkh pooja, asunkh tap tao.
asunkh granth mukh vaid pathe,
asunkh jog mune reheh oodas.
asunkh bhagat gun gian vichar,
asunkh sati asunkh datar.
asunkh soor moh bhakh sar,
asunkh mone liv laeh tar.
kudrit kavan kaha vichar,
varia na java aik var
jo tudh bhavai saei bhali kar,
tu sada slamat nirunkar. (17)
In His Creation, there are the countless engaged in His meditation, countless devoted to Him in love, countless are those who worship Him and countless are those engaged in austerities and penances. There are the countless ones who recite religious books and the Vedic texts. There are the countless jogis, who live a detached life, mind turned away from the world. There are the countless of his devotees, who delve on His Virtues and seek knowledge of Him. Also there are countless, who are pious and countless men of mercy, who serve others. There are the countless warriors, who face the brunt of fighting, there are also the countless who do not speak and maintain total silence and remain self absorbed. Who am I (I am nothing - do not own any power - everywhere it is His potential, which is Working) to describe the Extant of his Creation. I feel unworthy to be a sacrifice even once to Him. God is Formless, Immutable and Eternal (Supreme Being). Whatever He Wills, that is best (for us all). (17)

AsMK mUrK AMD Gor ]
AsMK cor hrwmKor ]
AsMK Amr kir jwih jor ]
AsMK glvF hiqAw kmwih ]
AsMK pwpI pwpu kir jwih ]
AsMK kUiVAwr kUVy iPrwih ]
AsMK mlyC mlu BiK Kwih ]
AsMK inMdk isir krih Bwru ]
nwnku nIcu khY ivcwru ]
vwirAw n jwvw eyk vwr ]
jo quDu BwvY sweI BlI kwr ]
qU sdw slwmiq inrMkwr ] 18 ]
asunkh moorakh andh ghor,
asunkh chor haram khor.
asunkh amar kar jaeh jor,
asunkh galwadh hatia kamaeh
asunkh papi pap kar jaeh,
asunkh kooriar koorai pharaeh
asunkh mlaich mul bhakh khaeh,
asunks nindak sireh kareh bhar.
nanak neech kehai vichar,
varia na javan aik var
jo tudh bhavai saei bhali kar,
tu sada salamat nirunkar. (18)
There are the countless fools, nay totally blind to the reality. There are countless thieves and the usurpers There are countless who in their life dominate others and force their way on them till they depart from this world. There are the countless who cut others' throats and commit murders. There are the countless ones, who commit sins and go on committing more sins. There are the countless of the liars, who spread falsehood. There are the dirty wretches, who partake filth as their food. There are the countless slanderers, who take on them the load of sins. Nanak, the sinner gives this account for consideration. He feels that he is unworthy to be a sacrifice even once to Him. God is Formless, Immutable and Eternal (Supreme Being). Whatever He wills, that is best (for us all). (18)
(Note: Please note the change in the concluding verses. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji does not like to take the Self Righteous Role, in labeling any one as a sinner. He in all humility states that he the sinner, has only described what is obvious. He describes himself no better than others, who do all those things.)

AsMK nwv AsMK Qwv ]
AgMm AgMm AsMK loA ]
AsMK khih isir Bwru hoie ]
AKrI nwmu AKrI swlwh ]
AKrI igAwnu gIq gux gwh ]
AKrI ilKxu bolxu bwix ]
AKrw isir sMjogu vKwix ]
ijin eyih ilKy iqsu isir nwih ]
ijv Purmwey iqv iqv pwih ]
jyqw kIqw qyqw nwau ]
ivxu nwvY nwhI ko Qwau ]
kudriq kvx khw vIcwru ]
vwirAw n jwvw eyk vwr ]
jo quDu BwvY sweI BlI kwr ]
qU sdw slwmiq inrMkwr ] 19 ]
asunkh nav asunkh thav,
agunm agunm asunkh lohe
asunkh keheh sir bhar hoeh,
akhri nam akhri salah
akhri gian geet gun gah,
akhri likhan bolan ban.
akhra sir sunjog vkhan,
jin aih likhai tin sir naeh.
jivai pharmaai tiv tivpaeh,
jita keeta taita nao.
vin navai nahi ko thao,
kudrat kavan kaha vichar
variya na java aik var,
jo tudh bhavai saei bhali kar
tu sada slamat nirunkar (19)
In His creation, there are countless kinds of things, each of which has been given a name and there are the countless locations where they are found. There are the countless places, which are inaccessible to human reach. Those person, who express God's Creation, they feel guilty of describing insufficiently that they cannot express adequately His Expanse by uttering "Countless". Although words are inadequate to express His Expanse and Greatness, yet He can be remembered through words and Praised also through words only. It is through words His Knowledge is expressed and the songs are composed. With letters we write words and also speak them. The Creator writes the destiny of a creature in letters. God, Who scribed the destiny, Himself is not subject to any destiny. As He ordains, the creatures lead life accordingly. The Universe is created by God. It is His very Form ( Whatever you see it is God's Form - Guru Amar Das, Rag Ramkali, Anand, Pauri 36 also refers). There is no place, where He is not present (He is present every where). Who am I (I am nothing - do not own any power - every where it is His Potential, which is working) to describe the Extant of his Creation. I feel unworthy to be a sacrifice even once to him. God is Formless, Immutable and Eternal (Supreme Being), whatever He Wills, that is best (for us all). (19)

BrIAY hQu pYru qnu dyh ]
pwxI DoqY auqrsu Kyh ]
mUq plIqI kpVu hoie ]
dy swbUxu leIAY Ehu Doie ]
bhariai hath pair tan deh,
pani dhotai ootaras kheh.
moot pliti kpar hoeh,
dai saboon leiai ooh dhoeh
When one's hands, feet and body get soiled, they can be washed clean with water. When the clothes get polluted with urine, they can be washed clean with soap.

BrIAY miq pwpw kY sMig ]
Ehu DopY nwvY kY rMig ]
puMnI pwpI AwKxu nwih ]
kir kir krxw iliK lY jwhu ]
Awpy bIij Awpy hI Kwhu ]
nwnk hukmI Awvhu jwhu ] 20 ]
bhariai mut papa kai sung,
ohe dhopai navai kai rung.
puni papi aakhan nahi,
kar kar karna likhe lai jaho.
aapai bije aapai hi khaho,
nanak hukmi aavo jaho. (20)
If mind gets polluted by committing sins, it can be cleansed by love of God's Name. The virtues and vicious are not merely the words said, but are the reality. Whatever action one does, its effect is engraved in the mind, which is carried forward. Whatever one sows, he himself reaps its effect, thus comes and goes (repeated births and deaths) as Ordained by Him. (20)

qIrQu qpu dieAw dqu dwnu ]
jy ko pwvY iql kw mwnu ]
suixAw mMinAw min kIqw Bwau ]
AMqrgiq qIriQ mil nwau ]
tirath tap deiya dut dan,
jai ki pavai til ka man.
sunia munia mun kita bhao
auntar gati tirath mul nao.
If one practices making pilgrimage of sacred places, making Austerities, Compassion and alms giving, he may at the most receive some paltry honor. (These practices do more harm to him, rather any good, as he begins to feel moral pride that he is superior than others. In this illusion he commits many sins.) Whoever hears, believes and loves God's Name, obtains salvation by thoroughly washing his mind clean with God's Love. The pilgrim station for him is within himself, where God has emerged.

siB gux qyry mY nwhI koie ]
ivxu gux kIqy Bgiq n hoie ]
suAsiq AwiQ bwxI brmwau ]
siq suhwxu sdw min cwau ]
sabh gun tairai, mai nahi koeh,
vin gun keetai bhagat na hoeh.
soast aath bani barmao
suteh sohaan sada mune chao.
O Lord! If you do Not create Your virtues in me, I will Not be able to devote myself to You. On my own I am Not capable fixing my mind on You. Lord, it is all Your Greatness and Blessings that You attach me with You. O Lord, You be ever Victorious! You are the Great Illusion (Maya), the Brahma (The Creator), and WORD, the Cause of All the Creation. You are the Eternal and Immutable, All the Beauty, Ever Blissful. (You are the Creator of the Universe, and You only know when You made it).

kvxu su vylw vKqu kvxu kvx iQiq kvxu vwru ]
kvix is ruqI mwhu kvxu ijqu hoAw Awkwru ]
vyl n pweIAw pMfqI ij hovY lyKu purwxu ]
vKqu n pwieE kwdIAw ij ilKin lyKu kurwxu ]
iQiq vwru nw jogI jwxY ruiq mwhu nw koeI ]
jw krqw isrTI kau swjy Awpy jwxY soeI ]
kavan so vaila, vakhat kavan, kavan thith, kavan var,
kavan se ruti, maha kavan, jit hoa akar.
vail na paeiya punditi, jeh hovai laikh puran.
vakhat na paeio kadia, jeh likhan laikh koran.
thith var na jogi janai, ruti maho na koei.
ja karta sirthi ko sajai, aapai janai soei.
What was the time, moment, lunar day, week day, season, and the month, when the world came into existence? The Pundits did not know of the time and other details of the creation of the world, otherwise they would have written another Puran. The Quazis also could not know it, otherwise they would have included it in the Koran (when they collected the scripts for writing of Koran). Yogis do not know the lunar day, or the week day, when the world was created. No, none can say what was the lunar day and the month. The Creator Himself only knows, when the world was created.

ikv kir AwKw ikv  swlwhI ikau vrnI ikv jwxw ]
nwnk AwKix sBu ko AwKY iek dU ieku isAwxw ]
vfw swihbu vfI nweI kIqw jw kw hovY ]
nwnk jy ko AwpO jwxY AgY gieAw n sohY ] 21 ]
kiv kar aakha kiv salahi, kio varni kiv jana
nanak aakhan sabh ko aakhai, eik doo eik siana
vada sahib vadi naei kita ja ka hovai
nanak jai ko aapai janai agaigehia na sohai. (21)
O Lord, how should I utter, how to Praise, how to describe and how to know about You (I have no such power)? Nanak says: every one considers himself wiser than others to describe You (but cannot do so). The Lord is Great, and so are His Ways. WHATEVER IS TAKING PLACE IN THE COSMOS, IS HIS DOING. (NONE ELSE IS THE DOER, CREATURES ARE MERELY HIS TOOLS). If any one thinks himself to be something and tries to explore His Extant, he will lose all respect in God's Court. (21)
(Note: The above grammatical translation widely differs from all other translations.)

pwqwlw pwqwl lK Awgwsw Awgws ]
EVk EVk Bwil Qky vyd khin iek vwq ]
shs ATwrh khin kqybw AsulU ieku Dwqu ]
lyKw hoie q ilKIAY lyKY hoie ivxwsu ]
nwnk vfw AwKIAY Awpy jwxY Awpu ] 22 ]
patala patal lakh, aagasa agas,
orhak orhak bhal thakai baid kehan eik vat.
sehas athareh kehan ktaiba, aslo eik dhat,
laikha hoeh ta likhiai laikhai hoeh vinas.
nanak, vada aakhiai aapai janai aap. (22)
The Vedas unequivocally state that there are the countless worlds (hundreds of thousand) beneath the Earth, and there are also countless worlds above it. Many (Vedic Rishis) had been exploring to find the limits of the Creation, who became weary of it (without any success). According to the Semitic Scriptures, there are eighteen thousand (18,000) worlds created by God. Such an account (and the exploration of Rishis to find His limitations) was unnecessary. One may work to assess the account, if it is workable. When His Creation is beyond any one's comprehension and is extaggeringly Infinite, it is fruitless to indulge in such exercises. The explorers thus waste away their lives. (This tantamount to our disrespect to Him). Nanak says: call Him Great. He only knows of Himself. (He is Unfathomable and beyond anyone's comprehension). (22)

swlwhI swlwih eyqI suriq n pweIAw ]
ndIAw AqY vwh pvih smuMid n jwxIAih ]
smuMd swh sulqwn igrhw syqI mwlu Dnu ]
kIVI quil n hovnI jy iqsu mnhu n vIsrih ] 23 ]
salahi salaeh, aiti surat na paiya,
nadia atai vah, pavai smund na janiaeh.
smund sah sultan, girha saiti mal dhun
kiri tul na hovni, jai tis munho na visreh. (23)
They, who Praise Him, do not get the understanding about the Extent of His Greatness. The rivulets cannot find the Extant of the Ocean, they merge in. Kings of Ocean like Vast Empires, possessing mountains of wealth, in the estimation of a true devotee, cannot be favorably compared even equal to an ant in whose heart dwells the Lord. (23)

AMqu n isPqI khix n AMqu ]
AMqu n krxY dyix n AMqu ]
AMqu n vyKix suxix n AMqu ]
AMqu n jwpY ikAw min mMqu ]
AMqu n jwpY kIqw Awkwru ]
AMqu n jwpY pwrwvwru ]
aunt na sifti kehn na aunt,
aunt na karnai, dain na aunt.
aunt na vaikhan, sunin na aunt,
aunt na japai, kia mune munte.
aunt na japai kita akar,
aunt na japai paravar.
There is no limit to God's Qualities, there is no end to their counting. There is no end to His working, and also to His Giving. By our seeing and hearing we cannot find His limits. The mysteries of His Will are limitless. His Creation is Limitless and so is His Expanse.

AMq kwrix kyqy ibllwih ]
qw ky AMq n pwey jwih ]
eyhu AMqu n jwxY koie ]
bhuqw khIAY bhuqw hoie ]
aunt karan kaitai billaeh,
ta kai aunt na payai jaeh.
aieh aunt na janai koeh,
bohta kehai, bohta hoeh.
There are many people who bitterly repine to find the limitations of God. But they cannot find His limits. No one can find His limits. The more one describes Him, he finds more he has yet to say.

vfw swihbu aUcw Qwau ]
aUcy aupir aUcw nwau ]
eyvfu aUcw hovY koie ]
iqsu aUcy kau jwxY soie ]
jyvfu Awip jwxY Awip Awip ]
nwnk ndrI krmI dwiq ] 24 ]
vada sahib, oocha thao,
oochai oopar oocha nao
ehvad oocha hovao koeh,
tis oochai koh janai soeh.
jaivad aap, janai aap aap,
nanak nadri karmi dati.
He is the Supreme Master, His Place is the Highest His Name is the Highest (Verily God Himself). If any would become as High as He, then only he would know Him. (Means, His Greatness is Unfathomable and Incomprehensible for His creatures to claim equality with Him.) How much Great He is, He Himself only knows Nanak says: The Compassionate Lord by His Grace bestows gifts. (24)

bhuqw krmu iliKAw nw jwie ]
vfw dwqw iqlu n qmwie ]
kyqy mMgih joD Apwr ]
kyiqAw gxq nhI vIcwru ]
kyqy Kip qutih vykwr ]
kyqy lY lY mukru pwih ]
kyqy mUrK KwhI Kwih ]
bohta karm likhiya na jaeh
vada data til na tmaeh.
kaitai mungeh jodh apar
kaitia ganat nehi vichar.
kaitai khup tuteh vaikar
kaitai lai lai mukar paeh
kaitai moorakh khahi khaeh.
Great many are His Bounties, which cannot be described. He is the Great Giver, has no avarice (demands nothing in return). Many of the warriors beg at His Door, and so do all others need no details. Many misuse His Giving and destroy themselves. Many receive His bounties, yet deny them. Many fools are only involved in consuming His bounties without gratitude.

kyiqAw dUK BUK sd mwr ]
eyih iB dwiq qyrI dwqwr ]
bMid KlwsI BwxY hoie ]
horu AwiK n skY koie ]
jy ko Kwieku AwKix pwie ]
Ehu jwxY jyqIAw muih Kwie ]
kaitia dookh bhookh sud mar
aieh bhi dati teri datar
bund khalasi bhanai hoeh
hor aakh na skai koeh.
jai ko khaeik aakhan paeh
ohe janai jaitia moeh khaeh.
There are many who are afflicted with sufferings, privations and perpetual chastisements. This even is Your Gift, O Lord. (Those who come out of this fire, they are blessed to accept His Will cheerfully, thus find His nearness.) Liberation from the bondage of Material involvements (Maya) is by leading the life according to His Will. There is no other way, any one can tell. If any fool would say that there is some other way to be free from the entanglements of material world, then he only knows how many lashes he receive on his face.

Awpy jwxY Awpy dyie ]
AwKih is iB kyeI kyie ]
ijs no bKsy isPiq swlwh ]
nwnk pwiqswhI pwiqswhu ] 25 ]
aapai janai aapai dai
aakheh se bhe kaieh kaeh.
jis nu bakhsai sifit salah
nanak patsahi patsah. (25)
Many Blessed ones say these words also: The Lord Himself knows everything and gives (to the needy ones.) Nanak says: He, to whom, the Lord Blesses His Praises and Remembrance, he in reality is the King of kings. (25)

Amul gux Amul vwpwr ]
Amul vwpwrIey Amul BMfwr ]
Amul Awvih Amul lY jwih ]
Amul Bwie Amulw smwih ]
amul gun, amul vapar
amul vapariai, amul bhundar
amul aaveh, amul lai jaeh
amul bhaeh, amula smaeh
God's Qualities are Invaluable, and so are His dealings. Invaluable are those who deal with them, and Invaluable are the stores of such dealers. Coming of Saints is Invaluable, they spread righteousness and their going back is also Invaluable, as they take with them the Wealth of His Name. Those persons who are completely devoted to God are Invaluable, as they become one with God.

Amulu Drmu Amulu dIbwxu ]
Amulu qulu Amulu prvwxu ]
Amulu bKsIs Amulu nIswxu ]
Amulu krmu Amulu Purmwxu ]
amul dharam, amul diban,
amul tul, amul parvan
amul bakhsis, amul nisan,
amul karam, amul pharman.
Invaluable is Your Divine Law, and Invaluable is Your Court. Invaluable are the scales and the weights (Justice). Invaluable are His Blessings and the marks thereof. Invaluable is His Benevolence and the Commands.

Amulo Amulu AwiKAw n jwie ]
AwiK AwiK rhy ilv lwie ]
amulo amul aakhiya na jaeh,
aakh aakh rehai liv laeh.
God is beyond any one's estimation, as He is beyond Price and is Invaluable. Those who meditate to form an estimation of Him, they become weary.

AwKih vyd pwT purwx ]
AwKih pVy krih viKAwx ]
AwKih brmy AwKih ieMd ]
AwKih gopI qY goivMd ]
aakheh vaid path puran,
aakheh parai kareh vikhaan
aakheh barmai aakheh eind
aakheh gopi tai govind.
Vedas and Purans make an estimation of God. The Learned people give religious discourses. So many of Brahmas, Indras, Gopis and may Krishnas make estimation of God.

AwKih eIsr AwKih isD ]
AwKih kyqy kIqy buD ]
AwKih dwnv AwKih dyv ]
AwKih suir nr muin jn syv ]
aakheh eisar, aakheh sidh
aakheh kaitai kitai budh
aakheh danav, aakheh dev
aakheh sur nar mune jan saiv.
Numerous Shivas and Sidhas (yogis) speak of Him. His Creation, include numerous Buddhas, who also speak of His Infinity. The demons and gods speak alike of Him. The demi-gods, the multitude of ordinary humans and ascetics, and devotees, speak of Him and give their estimation.

kyqy AwKih AwKix pwih ]
kyqy kih kih auiT auiT jwih ]
eyqy kIqy hoir kryih ]
qw AwiK n skih kyeI kyie ]
jyvfu BwvY qyvfu hoie ]
nwnk jwxY swcw soie ]
jy ko AwKY boluivgwVu ]
qw ilKIAY isir gwvwrw gwvwru ] 26 ]
kaitai aakheh, aakhan paeh
katai, keh keh, ooth ooth jaeh.
eitai kitai, hor karaieh
ta, aakhe na sakeh kaiei kaie
jaivud bhavai, taivud hoeh
nanak janai sacha soeh.
jai ko aakhai bol vigar
ta likhiai, sir gavara gavar. (26)
There are the good many people who give their estimation of Him, and also many more are attempting to do the same. Many of those, who have described Him, are leaving this world. Were He to create as many more people, even then no one can make an estimation of Him. Nanak says: The Lord becomes as much Great as He likes (He expands His Expanse). This, the Eternal One, Himself knows. If any prattle says that he can give an estimation of God, he must be regarded as the greatest fool of the fools. (26)

so dru kyhw so Gru kyhw ijqu bih srb smwly ]
vwjy nwd Anyk AsMKw kyqy vwvxhwry ]
kyqy rwg prI isau khIAin kyqy gwvxhwry ]
so dar kaiha, so ghar kaiha, jit beh sarb smalai
vajai nad anaik asunkha, kaitai vavanharai.
kaitai rag pri sio kehian, kaitai gavanharai.
What a Wonderful Portal and the Mansion, from which, O Lord, You support and manage the whole of the Creation! There are the countless harmonies, and numerous minstrels. There are the countless musicians, who play myriad's of tunes in varied measures.

gwvih quhno pauxu pwxI bYsMqru gwvY rwjw Drmu duAwry ]
gwvih icqu gupqu iliK jwxih iliK iliK Drmu vIcwry ]
gwvih eIsru brmw dyvI sohin sdw svwry ]
gwvih ieMd iedwsix bYTy dyviqAw dir nwly ]
gaveh tuhno, paon pani baisuntar, gavai raja dharam doarai.
gaveh chit gupat likh janeh, likh likh dharam vicharai.
gaveh eisar barma devi, sohen sada savarai
gaveh eind eidasan baithai, daivtiya dar nalai.
(O Formless Lord!) Winds, water and fire, sing Your Eulogies. "Dharam Raja"(King of Righteousness or the Divine Chief Justice) sings Your Praises at Your Door. Chitra and Gupta, who keep records of good and evil deeds of humans, which Dharam Raja sees and gives his awards, sing Your Praises. Shiva, Brahma and Devi (Parvati) sing of You, ever appearing neat and pretty. Many Indras on their thrones, along with other gods sing Your laudations.

gwvih isD smwDI AMdir gwvin swD ivcwry ]
gwvin jqI sqI sMqoKI gwvih vIr krwry ]
gaveh sidh smadhi aundar, gavan sadh vicharai
gavan jati sati suntokhi, gaveh vir krarai.
The Sidhas (jogis) in their meditation sing of You., so do the saints. The men of continence, chastity, poise and Indomitable heroes, all sing of You.

gwvin pMifq pVin rKIsr jugu jugu vydw nwly ]
gwvih mohxIAw mnu mohin surgw mC pieAwly ]
gavan pundit parhan rakhisar, jug jug vaida nalai.
gaveh mohnia mun mohan, surga mach pialai.
O Lord! The Pundits and the Mighty Sages read the Four Vedas, and sing Your laudations age after age. The captivating ravishing women of heaven, earth and under-worlds sing Your Praises.

gwvin rqn aupwey qyry ATsiT qIrQ nwly ]
gwvih joD mhwbl sUrw gwvih KwxI cwry ]
gwvih KMf mMfl vrBMfw kir kir rKy Dwry ]
gavan ratan opai terai, ath suth tirath nalai.
gaveh jodh maha bal soora, gaveh khani charai.
gaveh khund mundal varbhunda, kar kar rakhai dharai.
The precious jewels created by You and the sixty eight pilgrim stations, sing of Your Praises. The supremely mighty warriors and the creatures of four sources of creation sing of Your Greatness. The continents, worlds and solar systems, You created and put them at their respective places, sing of You.

syeI quDuno gwvih jo quDu Bwvin rqy qyry Bgq rswly ]
hor kyqy gwvin sy mY iciq n Awvin nwnku ikAw vIcwry ]
soeI soeI sdw scu swihbu swcw swcI nweI ]
hY BI hosI jwie n jwsI rcnw ijin rcweI ]
soei tudh nu gaveh, jo tudh bhavan, ratai terai bhagat rasalai
hor kaitai gavan so mai chit na aavan, nanak kia vicharai.
soei soei sada sach, sahib sacha, sachi naei
hai bhi hosi, jaeh na jasi, rachna jin rachaei.
(O Lord) Only those ones, who are steeped in Your Love, sing Your Praises, with whom you are pleased. Many more sing Your Praises, who are not under my consideration, what can poor Nanak do? The Lord, Who created the Universe is, His Greatness is Real, and He shall ever be. It shall never be, when He will not be.

rMgI rMgI BwqI kir kir ijnsI mwieAw ijin aupweI ]
kir kir vyKY kIqw Awpxw ijv iqs dI vifAweI ]
jo iqsu BwvY soeI krsI hukmu n krxw jweI ]
so pwiqswhu swhw pwiqswihbu nwnk rhxu rjweI ] 27 ]
rungi rungi bhati kar kar jinsi maya jin opaei.
kar kar vaikhai kita aapna, jiv tis di vadaei.
jo tis bhavai soei karsi hukam na karna jaei
so patsah, saha pati sahib, nanak rehn rajaei. (27)
God has created myriad kinds of species, in different colors and orders in the Universe He created. He looks after all what He created and preserves them as He pleases. Whatever it pleases Him, He does. No one can tell Him what should He do. Nanak says: He is the King of Kings. It is best for us to adjust to His Will. (27)
(Note: How is that the natural elements like wind, water, fire and other such things sing His Eulogies? The main theme of the Guru's Teachings is to adjust with the Creator and live according to His Will. All these things created by Him serve as He Wills. To live according to His Will, is truly singing His Eulogies. This Pauri is the amplification of the last verse of Pauri 1.)

(The following Four Pauris are apparently addressed to Yogis, as he uses the terminology of yogis to explain the correct way of life.)

muMdw sMqoKu srmu pqu JolI iDAwn kI krih ibBUiq ]
iKMQw kwlu kuAwrI kwieAw jugiq fMfw prqIiq ]
AweI pMQI sgl jmwqI min jIqY jgu jIqu ]
Awdysu iqsY Awdysu ]
Awid AnIlu Anwid Anwhiq jugu jugu eyko vysu ] 28 ]
munda santokh saram put jholi dhian ki kare bebhoot.
khintha kal koari kaeiya jugat danda partit.
aaei panthi sagal jamati mun jitai jag jeet.
aadais tisai aadais.
adi anil anad anahati jug jug eiko vais. (28)
Let contentment (Obedience to the Will of God) be your ear-rings, dignity of labor (earning for one's livelihood by honest work) be your begging bowl and the pouch, meditation on God be the besmearing your body with ashes, fear of death be your quilt, good conduct be your way of life, and the staff you hold, be the belief in God. Let all Mankind be your aaei sect, and conquest of Mind be the conquest of the world (overcoming of the morbid instinctual forces, which separate man from God). Salutation be to Him, Who is the Source of all life, Immaculate (Unaffected by Maya), Beginningless, Indestructible (Eternal), Ever Immutable (Unchanging and Consistent). (28)

Bugiq igAwnu dieAw BMfwrix Git Git vwjih nwd ]
Awip nwQu nwQI sB jw kI iriD isiD Avrw swd ]
sMjogu ivjogu duie kwr clwvih  lyKy Awvih Bwg ]
Awdysu iqsY Awdysu ]
Awid AnIlu Anwid Anwhiq jugu jugu eyko vysu ] 29 ]
bhugat gian daya bhandaran, ghat ghat vajeh nad.
aap nath, nathi sabh ja ki, ridh sidh avra sad.
sanjog vejog doeh kar chalaveh, laikhai aaveh bhag.
aadais tisai aadais,
aadi anil, anad anahat, jug jug eiko vais. (29)
Let (Divine) Knowledge be your 'choorma' (the food article jogis distribute at a function), Compassion the dispenser, the Divine Word that rings in every one be the blowing of horn. God is the Master, under Whose sway is the all creation. Acquisition of miraculous powers is only a perversion. The Divine Powers of Union and Separation regulate the functioning of all creatures. The creatures receive what He ordains. Salutation be to Him, Who is the Source of all life, Immaculate (Unaffected by Maya), Beginningless, Indestructible (Eternal), Ever Immutable (Unchanging and Consistent). (29)

eykw mweI jugiq ivAweI iqin cyly prvwxu ]
ieku sMswrI ieku BMfwrI ieku lwey dIbwxu ]
aika maei jugat veaaei, tin chailai parvan.
eik sansari, eik bhundari, eik laey diban.
(It is generally believed) That Maya (somehow) conceived and gave birth to Three Sons, (1) Brahma - who creates (2) Vishnu - who controls provisions, distributes the wealth among creatures (3) Shiva - who imparts justice to creatures.

ijv iqsu BwvY iqvY clwvY ijv hovY Purmwxu ]
Ehu vyKY Enw ndir n AwvY bhuqw eyhu ivfwxu ]
Awdysu iqsY Awdysu ]
Awid AnIlu Anwid Anwhiq jugu jugu eyko vysu ] 30 ]
jiv tis bhavai, tivai chalavai, jiv hovai pharman.
oh vakhai ona nadar na aavai, bahota eih vidan.
aadais tisai aadais,
adi anil anad anahat, jug jug aoko vais. (30)
(The real fact is) God Himself does everything. Whatever He likes, He orders and the things happen. He beholds the creation, but the creatures cannot see Him. This is the greatest wonder. Salutation be to Him, Who is the Source of all life, Immaculate (Unaffected by Maya), Beginningless, Indestructible (Eternal), Ever Immutable (Unchanging and Consistent). (30)

Awsxu loie loie BMfwr ]
jo ikCu pwieAw su eykw vwr ]
kir kir vyKY isrjxhwru ]
nwnk scy kI swcI kwr ]
Awdysu iqsY Awdysu ]
Awid AnIlu Anwid Anwhiq jugu jugu eyko vysu ] 31 ]
aasan loeh loeh bhandar
jo kich paeia, so aika var
kar kar vaikhai sirjanhar
nanak sachai ki sachi kar
aadais tisai aadais
adi anil anadi anahat jug jug aiko vais. (31)
In all the spheres of His creation (worlds), He made provisions for the creatures for their subsistence. What ever the source of wealth He provided was once in the beginning alone, that wealth is inexhaustible, created and re- created all the times by the forces of Nature He provides. The Creator creates and then beholds His creations. Nanak says: His dispensation is Justly. Salutation be to Him, Who is the Source of all life, Immaculate (Unaffected by Maya),Beginningless, Indestructible (Eternal), Ever Immutable (Unchanging and Consistent). (31)

iek dU jIBO lK hoih lK hovih lK vIs ]
lKu lKu gyVw AwKIAih eyku nwmu jgdIs ]
eik doh jibhu lakh hoveh, lakh hoveh lakh vees.
lakh lakh gairha aakhiaeh aik nam jagdees.
If from one tongue, it becomes hundred thousand tongues, nay twenty times of this number, and with each tongue one were to repeat the Lord's Name hundred thousand times, (this will only be a false boasting of of an egocentric).
(Note: The words used are "lakh lakh gairha aakhiaeh". The words "gairha aakhiaeh" are not the honorific words, but rather contemptuous, which mean, repeating like a parrot without understanding any sense of the text. Merely, the way of egocentrics to show themselves. The curtain of falsehood in man separating him from the Creator, is not torn in this way, but strengthened.)

eyqu rwih piq pvVIAw cVIAY hoie iekIs ]
suix glw Awkws kI kItw AweI rIs ]
nwnk ndrI pweIAY kUVI kUVY TIs ] 32 ]
ait raeh pati pavrhian, charhiai hoeh eikis
suni gala aakas ki keet aaei rees.
nanak nadri paeiai, koorhi koorhai thees. (32)
For climbing the steps for Meeting with our Beloved Husband (God), the only Way is to become One with Him, by shedding off our egocentricity. By listening to the celestial things, even low as worms like to be celestials. Nanak says: union with the Lord is attained by His Grace. All the boasting (of one's own ingenuity, efforts, etc.) are the claims of a false man. (32)
(NOTE: It is Most Surprising that practically all others have interpreted this Pauri stating that by the said mechanical repetition of God's Name, is the way to meet with Him, despite the concluding clear dictum of the Guru that union with Him is by His Grace and by shedding off our egocentricity. The emphasis is on "Love" not formalism. The following Pauri 33, makes this contention further clear. How any one would justify his different interpretation from the context of Pauri 1, which is the Guiding Factor! All such interpretations are the total negation of the Guru's Teachings!! Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji in Sri Akal Ustat states: "jap kai kiay jo pai payat ajap dev, poodna sdeev tuhi tuhi oochrat hai." (14.84). Poodna is a bird, who always creates humming sound of tuhi tuhi, meaning 'O Thou, O Thou'. "If by only repetition of His Name, one were to attain to Him, then poodna bird should have been united with Him, as it always utters tuhi tuhi." It should also not be confused that the Gurus in their Compositions pray for His Blessings to bestow the boon of His remembrance at every breath of their lives. In those references the Gurus seek His Grace to inculcate love for Him. Man on his own cannot love Him; try he may hard as he likes. It will be all show of his egocentricity and an effort in futility.)

AwKix joru cupY nh joru ]
joru n mMgix dyix n joru ]
joru n jIvix mrix nh joru ]
joru n rwij mwil min soru ]
joru n surqI igAwin vIcwir ]
joru n jugqI CutY sMswru ]
ijsu hiQ joru kir vyKY soie ]
nwnk auqmu nIcu n koie ] 33 ]
aakhan jor chupai na jor
jor na mungun dain na jor.
jor na jiwan, marn neh jor.
jor na raj mal mun sor.
jor na surti gian vichar
jor na jugti chutai sunsar
jis hath jor kar vaikhai soeh
nanak uttam nich na koeh. (33)
To speak or to maintain silence is not in one's control. Neither asking nor giving any thing, is in his control. Neither living nor dying is in his control. No one has the capacity to establish his domain and acquire material wealth, which causes unrest in the mind. None can acquire the Divine knowledge by his effort and no one can liberate himself from the worldly entanglements by his own cleverness. Nanak says: on his own, man neither is an exalted one nor a low one. (33)

rwqI ruqI iQqI vwr ]
pvx pwxI AgnI pwqwl ]
iqsu ivic DrqI Qwip rKI Drm swl ]
iqsu ivic jIA jugiq ky rMg ]
iqn ky nwm Anyk Anµq ]
rati ruti thithi var
pavan pani agani patal
tis vich, dharti thap rakhi dharamsal
tis vich ji jugat kai rung.
tin kai nam anaik anunt.
God created the Earth to cause humans to live according to the Law and do righteousness, and with it, He created day and night, seasons, air, fire, water and under-worlds. There are the numerous kinds of creatures and numerous are their names.

krmI krmI hoie vIcwru ]
scw Awip scw drbwru ]
iqQY sohin pMc prvwxu ]
ndrI krim pvY nIswxu ]
kc pkweI EQY pwie ]
nwnk gieAw jwpY jwie ] 34 ]
karmi karmi hoeh vichar
sacha aap, sacha darbar
tithai sohan pach parvan
nadri karam pavai nisan.
kach pakaei, oathai paai,
nanak gehia japai jaeh. (34)
All are adjudged according to their deeds. There is no scope for any error, as God is All Truth, and so is His Court. In His Court, persons of Divine Intellect (Saints) are approved. Also by the Grace of the Merciful Master they bear the mark of honor. False and True Ones are adjudged in God's Court. Nanak says: this truth one comes to know on reaching there. (34)

(Note: From Pauris 34 -37, Sri Guru Nanak Dev describes the Spiritual Progress of a person in the Five Stages.)

Drm KMf kw eyho Drmu ]
igAwn KMf kw AwKhu krmu ]
dharam khund ka ka aiho dharam
gian khund ka aakhho karm
The aforesaid is the field of activity of Realm of Righteousness (Dharam Khund) The field of Activity of Gian Khund (Realm of Knowledge) is described here-under.

kyqy pvx pwxI vYsMqr kyqy kwn mhys ]
kyqy brmy GwViq GVIAih rUp rMg ky vys ]
kaitai pavan pani vaisantar, katai kan mehais
kaitai barmai gharhat gharhieh, roop rung kai vais.
In His creation there are many types of winds, waters, fires and there are many Krishnas and Shivas. Many Brahmas are being created, who have many forms, many colors and raiment.

kyqIAw krm BUmI myr kyqy kyqy DU aupdys ]
kyqy ieMd cMd sUr kyqy kyqy mMfl dys ]
kyqy isD buD nwQ kyqy kyqy dyvI vys ]
kaitia karm bhoomi, mair kaitai, kaitai dhoo updais. kaitai eind chand, soor kaitai, kaitai mundal dais. kaitai sidh budh, nath kaitai, kaitai devi vais.
Many are the earths, many Meru Mountains, many are Dharoo Bhagats and their teachings. Many are Indras, moons, suns, numberless universes and the countries. There are many Siddhas, Buddhas, Naths (Jogis) and many kinds of goddesses.

kyqy dyv dwnv muin kyqy kyqy rqn smuMd ]
kyqIAw KwxI kyqIAw bwxI kyqy pwq nirMd ]
kyqIAw surqI syvk kyqy nwnk AMqu n AMqu ] 35 ]
kaitai dev danav, mune kaitai, kaitai rattan smund.
kaitia khani, kaitia bani, kaitai pat narind.
kaitia surti, sevak kaitai, nanak aunt na aunt. (35)
Numerous are the gods, demons and the sages, and numerous jewels in oceans. There are many sources of creation; many forms of speech and many lines of kings, created by Him. He created, countless men of Divine Knowledge and countless are the servants of God. Nanak says, there is no end to His creation. (35)

igAwn KMf mih igAwnu prcMfu ]
iqQY nwd ibnod kof Anµdu ]
srm KMf kI bwxI rUpu ]
iqQY GwViq GVIAY bhuqu AnUpu ]
gian khan meh gian parchund
tithai nad binod kod anund
saram khund ki bani roop
tithai gharhat ghrhiai, bohat anoop.
In the sphere of Knowledge, knowledge becomes most powerful. In this domain one enjoys the taste of all musical metres and other wonders. The Domain of Effort is full of beauties (by making efforts every day the Mind Development toward its perfection begins). The mind on account of new kind of making efforts develops into a new splendor.

qw kIAw glw kQIAw nw jwih ]
jy ko khY ipCY pCuqwie ]
iqQY GVIAY suriq miq min buiD ]
iqQY GVIAY surw isDw kI suiD ] 36 ]
ta kia gala kathiya na jaeh
jai ko kahai, pichai pachotaeh.
tithai gharhiai, surati mati mun budh
tithai gharhiai, sura sidha ki sudhi. (36)
It is not possible to describe any thing about the state of this domain. The one who does so, he repents afterwards (as he cannot express fully). Under this domain, one's conscience, intellect, mind and thinking are molded and uplifted. Vision of gods and mystics is created. (36)

krm KMf kI bwxI joru ]
iqQY horu n koeI horu ]
iqQY joD mhwbl sUr ]
iqn mih rwmu rihAw BrpUr ]
karam khund ki bani jor
tithe hor na koei hor.
tithe, jodh mahabal soor.
tin meh ram rehia bharpoor.
The Domain of His Grace is the Mightiest state. (It means that with the emergence of the Lord in him, Mightiest Power is created in him, which makes him immune to all the evil forces that exist in the world). In this state the Lord only pervades in him. The persons thus Blessed, possess greatest Moral sense, are the bravest of the braves, for, in them the Lord in His Full Form, abides.

iqQY sIqo sIqw mihmw mwih ]
qw ky rUp n kQny jwih ]
nw Eih mrih n Twgy jwih ]
ijn kY rwmu vsY mn mwih ]
tithai, seeto seeta, mehma maeh
ta kai roop na kathnai jaeh
na oh mareh, na thagai jaeh
jin kai, ram vasai, mun maeh.
The devotees mind ever remains completely fixed in the Lord's Greatness. The beauty of their appearances cannot be described. Such a Person becomes immune to (moral) death, and cannot beguiled (by the powerful effect of Maya), as in his mind abides the Lord.
(NOTE: The words "seeto seeta" cannot be interpreted as Seeta, consort of Raja Sri Ram Chander, as most of the translators have done. The word here stated is "seeto" means sewn, complete oneness with the Lord. To lay emphasis on the word, in the Holy Compositions, we note repetition of the word at a number of places, such as - (1) nanak aunt na aunt - Pauri 35 (2) tithai hor na koei hor - this Pauri (37) (3) jai ko kathai ta aunt na aunt - this Pauri (37).)

iqQY Bgq vsih ky loA ]
krih Anµdu scw min soie ]
tithai bhagat vaseh, kai loh
kareh anund, sacha mune soeh.
In this sphere abide the devotees of many Universes. They ever live in Bliss, as the True Lord abides in their minds.

sc KMif vsY inrMkwru ]
kir kir vyKY ndir inhwl ]
iqQY KMf mMfl vrBMf ]
jy ko kQY q AMq n AMq ]
iqQY loA loA Awkwr ]
ijv ijv hukmu iqvY iqv kwr ]
vyKY ivgsY kir vIcwru ]
nwnk kQnw krVw swru ] 37 ]
sach khund vasai nirunkar
kar kar vaikhai nadar nihal.
tithai khund mundal varbhund
jai ko kathai, tai aunt na aunt.
tithai, loh loh aakar
jiv jiv hukam tivai tiv kar.
vaikhai vigsai, kar vichar
nanak, kathna karha sar. (37)
In the Domain of Truth (oneness with the Lord), the Lord becomes manifest in the devotee. The Lord watches His Creation with Merciful glances of Grace. In this realm, the devotee witnesses countless universes, worlds, and spheres. There are universes upon universes. The creatures act, as He directs them. The Lord beholds His creation and is pleased in contemplating about them. Nanak says: it is too hard, as steel, to describe. (37)

jqu pwhwrw DIrju suinAwru ]
Ahrix miq vydu hQIAwru ]
jut pahara dhiraj suniaar
ahrun mut, vaid hathiaar.
Let purity of conduct be the gold-smith's shop, and patience be the goldsmith, anvil be the intellect, the hammer be the knowledge (by striking intellect with hammer of knowledge, the intellect is molded into moral intellect).
(NOTE: In this Pauri, the simile of a gold-smith's shop has been taken.)

Bau Klw Agin qp qwau ]
BWfw Bwau AMimRqu iqqu Fwil ]
GVIAY sbdu scI tkswl ]
ijn kau ndir krmu iqn kwr ]
nwnk ndrI ndir inhwl ] 38 ]
bhao khala, agan tap tao
bhanda bhao, amrit tit dhal
gharhiai sabad, sachi taksal.
jin ko nadar karam, tin kar
nanak nadri nadar nihal. (38)
Let God's Fear be the bellows, and Fire be the austere living. The pot be the devotion. In this way Nectar is melted. In this True mint, God's WORD is evolved. (It is through this WORD we meet with the Lord). On whom is His Grace, they follow the Way. Nanak says: It is His Grace which fills a devotee with the Bliss. (38)

] sloku ]

pvxu gurU pwxI ipqw mwqw Driq mhqu ]
idvsu rwiq duie dweI dwieAw KylY sgl jgqu ]
pavan guru pani pita, mata dharat mahut
divas rat doeh daei deiya, khailai sagal jagat
Air (Thought or WORD) is the Guru (Teacher), Water (Tolerance and Humility) is the Father and Earth (means of sustenance) is the Mother, Day and Night, are the two Nurses (Pleasure and Pain). The whole world is thus engaged in the Great Play.

cMigAweIAw buirAweIAw vwcY Drmu hdUir ]
krmI Awpo AwpxI ky nyVY ky dUir ]
changaaeia buraaeia vachai dharam hadoor
karmi aapo aapni kai nairhai kai door.
Good and bad deeds performed in life are examined by Lord of Justice (Dharam Raj) in the presence of the Lord. It is our actions, which keep us near or far away from the Lord.

ijnI nwmu iDAwieAw gey mskiq Gwil ]
nwnk qy muK aujly kyqI CutI nwil ] 1 ]
jini nam dhiaiya, geai musakat ghal nanak tai mukh oojlai, kaiti chuti nal. (1)
Nanak says: whosoever medittated on the Name of God, their hard work became fruitful. They are Glorified in the Court of God, and they become instrumental in liberating others too.

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